AIP submarines equipped, the PLA can not use nuclear submarines under the premise that the vast South China Sea on large-area "water patrol"to active defense posture, to the enemy without fighting the soldiers of the results.

Chinese Yuan-class submarine docked naval naval

A Chinese Yuan-class submarine docked naval naval

Diesel-electric submarine from the date of birth to face the "shortness of breath," the embarrassment, in order to cure the chronic illness, have the power submarine technology R & D "does not rely on air to promote" (AIP) system to extend the submarine's submerged time. According to Taiwan's "United Daily News" quoted a recent Canadian "Chinese Defense Review," the report speculated, China military-industrial sector has been a breakthrough technology in the AIP submarines, and put into application.

AIP submarines has become a trend

When the ordinary conventional submarines rely on diesel to power floating, submerged when the use of electric propulsion, once the power runs to be floating, so easily exposed whereabouts. The AIP system is a long-term power system, long after the submarine submerged equipment, help to improve the concealment and enemy deterrence capability.

At present, Germany, Sweden and Russia already have a mature AIP technology. "Han and defense review" that China's military-industrial sector has also developed its own AIP technology. Reported that the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation can be displayed on the TV screen, "is clearly seen with the AIP submarines into the factory system," said shipbuilding industry and technical personnel, "AIP technology has been in the practical stage." "Chinese and" further stretch of the imagination, seriousness, speculation that China produces the AIP fuel tank is about 7 meters in length, for the installation of the cabin, the ship's hull also need longer. Reported that the installation of a new generation of conventional submarines AIP system, became the Navy's "inevitable." For example, the Chinese Navy's newest type of "meta" class submarine AIP system installed, its endurance and concealment will be increased dramatically.

Although the public performance of the Chinese navy submarine speculation is not necessarily accurate, but the AIP submarine combat system really is a multiplier. China since the mid 50s of last century made the first one made of conventional submarines, after half a century of accumulated technology, have gradually developed a "clear", "Song" and "dollars" and other models. With a solid industrial foundation and rich experience in submarines, I believe AIP submarines for the Chinese navy is not just a dream.

"Regional nuclear submarine" more practical

"Chinese and" that the PLA's conventional submarine AIP system installed, you can say that with a "regional nuclear submarine" function, which in the South China Sea, east coast of Taiwan Strait waters voyage will significantly enhance the ability of activities. Although this argument continues, "Han and the" consistent sensational style, but it does point out the value of AIP submarine applications.

From the perspective of operational use, great physique for ocean-going deployment of nuclear submarines, for the implementation of deep-sea submarine, as one's own strategic nuclear submarine and aircraft carrier escort and other tasks, once into the shallow water into the shallows would face the embarrassment of the dragon. In addition, complex nuclear submarine technology, construction and maintenance cost. Besides the U.S., specifically the development of other countries simply can not be similar to the "Virginia" class that has shallow submarine combat capability. Therefore, France, Russia and China insist on two legs strategy, equipment, nuclear submarines, it is also actively developing advanced conventional submarines.

However, surface ship anti-submarine sonar performance rising, flying anti-submarine aircraft and anti-submarine helicopters, modern naval battle, often surfaced "ventilation" of conventional submarines is facing a severe crisis. How long can the water reservoir is directly related to the viability of the submarine and combat effectiveness.

AIP submarines, Hong States Navy a better choice. For China, the equipment after the AIP submarines, nuclear submarines can not use the premise of this vast South China Sea waters a large area "water patrol" to active defense posture, to the enemy without fighting the effects of the soldiers .

Therefore, a nuclear and conventional submarines equipped with the Navy in terms of developing countries, long-term latent AIP submarine underwater is equally strong.


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