China displayed the integrated cockpit systems of the next generation fighter

On display at the Zhuhai Air Show the next generation of Chinese Air Force fighter planes cockpit systems

Chinese Air Force next-generation fighter cockpit systems

Helmet aiming device supporting the use of the next cockpit systems

On this Zhuhai Airshow, the Chinese science and technology sector showed a considerable level of modernization capabilities, modernization of the next generation of fighter cockpit system demo. As the system uses the base look exactly like the appearance of some new models, so the network has been rumored that the system is developed for a new fighter cockpit systems. Experts explained that this site, this system is a new generation of fighter cockpit cockpit systems, not specifically the face of the so-called fourth generation and fifth generation fighter development. It can be applied to the next generation of fighter aircraft in active service or use. The appearance of only take such an expectation. Meanwhile experts also said that the system configuration has a helmet sight, the "rise of targeting."

From the intuitive point of view, this modern cockpit systems the most significant feature is that it has a large central display screen. Within this screen is divided into left and right in accordance with the screen display two content areas, according to experts, who introduced the upper left of the display as the aircraft's radar scanning area and the target selector, and equipped with scale display. The lower part of the contents of the scope of the attack / goal, playing the kind of choice, Beitan volume changes, firing shells position and other functions. Experts explained that the right of the display is a 3D large-scale electronic map. Lower in the central display console also has a small display to show the aircraft altitude and other specific data.

The right side of the central control area in the upper part of a digital clock display, the lower is the control function of electronic keyboard area, exhibits all the Chinese characters used in the keyboard. Upper left shows the aircraft's own position, including on-board fuel and temperature. Also in the package level indicator display area near the top of the left side, there are equilibrium states of aircraft displays.

The left and right control table, the left is the throttle control lever on the right is the combat and other related control handle. Layout and other control buttons are modern cockpit systems consistent with the known.

In addition the presence of experts has developed a special display helmet sight system. The helmet according to experts said sight, with the rise of targeted and many other features. At the same time in the interview also learned that the helmet targeting system was developed in the attachment of the next generation of modern aircraft cockpit systems to perform different combat missions, it also has some differences and changes. It tends to be more specialized use. Experts have explained that such equipment to perform air combat missions in fighter, the Ministry of driving stage of the "level indicator" can be canceled. As long as the driver can directly use the helmet sight together with other cockpit systems can either complete the combat mission. When the required equipment to perform the task of ground attack aircraft against use of time, or need the level of the monitor.

This expert explained that this is because the main features of air operations is to require a reflection of the pilots and the entire system can reach the fastest speed in the shortest possible time that select and attack targets. Which mainly depends on the precision guided air to air missiles to achieve their own. For in ground combat situations, you need precision targeting system has better ability to be able to hit the best results. The horizontal display provides the ability to precisely target the high than the HMD, so the task of implementation models still need to configure the level of the monitor.

When asked if the implementation of multi-mission fighter how to configure the time, which experts explained that it will be based on matching models and each of the different needs of the users themselves to determine. Level indicates the existence in parallel with the helmet targeting. Enhance the accuracy level of the monitor can be used as the effect of targeting to use.

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