The U.S. has invested heavily in research and development arms to counter China

US-China Economic and Security Review Commission released a set at 17, the report said China's non-nuclear missile forces "to fight to" the United States in Korea and Japan six major Air Force bases in the 5, forcing the U.S. military base to stop running. According LONDON Nov. 12 news: 10 days, according to Reuters reports, the Pentagon said 10 days, Lockheed Martin will be in the next two and half years, the development of new long-range anti-ship missiles, anti-ship missiles to counter China . Reported that Lockheed Martin from the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency received contracts worth 57.7 billion U.S. dollars, the Board is responsible for the development of new long-range anti-ship missiles, the project is to develop and validate a can "is rather far distance "to attack other ships at the ship-based weapons. Reported that China is developing aircraft carriers and the United States may be at risk of other vessels to the anti-ship ballistic missiles, the Pentagon raised concerns, but the project was initiated in this context.
There are indications that although the large U.S. aircraft carrier battle groups, wantonly show of force around the busy waters of China, China, attempts to use aircraft threat, exercise, "one Air Sea war" aimed at China, however, are really majestic American aircraft carrier, not afraid of the Chinese special Dongfeng missiles against the aircraft carrier killer it? In fact, the full display of its imperial superpower in the "bull B" at the same time, east China's missile threat to the aircraft carrier were shaking, the United States is afraid of China's Dong Feng missiles and other combat aircraft weapon to kill it!
American "Newsweek" published October 4, "China's aircraft carrier killer" article, about China, "Dong Feng 21-D" missile threat to U.S. aircraft carrier, saying that the missile fired from 1,500 km away, near the aircraft carrier before the sudden drop in 2 kilometers per second speed of attack, "so far no reliable response to U.S. technology." Interestingly, the article said that China's "military tension between China and the U.S. this year, particularly in the South China Sea issue on the tit for tat", only to speed up the "aircraft carrier killer" research and development. Another South Korean, "Central Daily" reported on September 27, deployed in Shandong "Dongfeng 21-D", can cover the Korean Peninsula and U.S. bases in Okinawa. If the actual deployment, the U.S. aircraft carrier fleet is hard on the peninsula "emergency" when entering the Korean peninsula around the balance of power will be lost.
More interesting is the recent German defense network professionals in the "Chinese anti-ship missile carrier may make India useless" in the title, reports the sale and repair of Russia in India "Admiral Gorshkov" No. the progress of the aircraft carrier when the expression of joy, but unfortunately neglected the Indian anti-ship ballistic missile programs of China made rapid progress.
The article describes India in this "unfortunate", the touch of a switch, immediately east of that missile deterrence is more an attempt to intimidate the Chinese superpower carrier body:
United States, "Connection" magazine reported in March, Robert Willard, commander of U.S. Pacific Command, told lawmakers that China is "DF-21/CSS-5 (medium-range ballistic missiles), based on the development and testing of a conventional anti-ship ballistic missile, designed to combat aircraft. " The report further noted that since the 20th century, 90 years since the development of the missile is currently in testing stage. Dongfeng missile Due to advanced technology, even the United States may not protect the carrier against the missile strike approach, which actually means that the carrier will become the easy target. Moreover, this view has been supported by U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Gates in April, confirmed that China has strong anti-ship warfare capabilities will allow carriers into no use.

U.S. Secretary of Defense and the Pacific Command's words are under the large crowd to say, do not they are interested in China's ambition to destroy the U.S. power and prestige long it? In any case, it exposed the U.S. a guilty conscience timid? Analysis in accordance with the meaning of this report is not only difficult to threaten India's aircraft carrier in China, is to have a more advanced aircraft of the United States is still more difficult to achieve its threat to China's attempt to rely on aircraft carriers, because U.S. carriers more, and that Chinese missile much? If I understand the interpretation of the Pacific Command, U.S. Secretary of Defense and the words well, it is China's Dongfeng missile carrier will make an attempt to intimidate the Chinese people use heart tremble!

This is the huge impact the financial crisis, the United States has invested heavily in anti-ship ballistic missiles to counter China's real reason!
Dongfeng legendary anti-aircraft missiles, is the Taiwan Strait crisis in 96 years experienced a threat to the U.S. aircraft carrier, the Chinese military has been studying the tactics of playing the biggest aircraft carriers results in recent years, U.S. military intelligence and the research community has been rumored to China in secret in China development of a ballistic missile capable of hitting an aircraft carrier. 2009 China's National Day military parade, military parade on the public emergence of the "DF-21C". Since then the United States, Russia and other countries have shifted the media, more details of the indicators announced, "DF-21C" was described as an effective range of 1,500 kilometers, the accuracy of 10 meters.
Another addition to east China's anti-aircraft missile, the conventional anti-ship killer, has formed a fighting force. National Day military parade in 2009, appeared on the triple mounted anti-ship missiles, China's anti-aircraft carrier "Eagle Strike -62" missile. "Eagle Strike -62" long range anti-ship missiles than the average may be 300 kilometers away from the warships, fighter bombers F, shore launchers fired missiles at a lower altitude, flight path may be changing. The missile hit as long as an aircraft carrier, is likely to lead to fatal consequences. Another conventional anti-ship missile is the introduction of "modern class" ships and "Sunburn" supersonic anti-ship missile missile combat capability has been formed, it is well aware of the U.S. Navy.
To sum up, east China's anti-aircraft missiles, conventional anti-aircraft missiles, it will not be furnished, which will give China an attempt to intimidate the United States using aircraft guilty trembling timid. More because of this, the United States has invested heavily in 57.7 billion U.S. dollars will to counter China's anti-ship ballistic missiles. Only one foot step ahead, China upset the United States hegemony; the United States has invested heavily in China to counter anti-ship ballistic missiles, do all of the world arranged according to the U.S. plan for it?
We are pleased to report that the U.S. military said, China's missile arsenal was upgraded, including a 30% increase in the number of cruise missiles, which "on U.S. military operations in the region poses a major challenge."

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