UFO appeared over Taiyuan and Linfen, Shanxi of China, experts said there is no regularity

Yesterday (the 11th) around 20:40, over there in the northeast of Taiyuan, one large and one small two light, constantly hovering in the air. Many people feel like UFO UFO, call the hotline have Baoliao. And recently, UFO just Jingxian ancient city of Pingyao in Shanxi Province.
20:42, Taiyuan, Qiao is the first call the hotline people reflected in the large slope of Taiyuan City Metro one small space there are two bright objects, "kept circling and regular. At first I thought it was a class of searchlight of the spot, but later found not following the beam, I feel very strange. "is almost the same time, the vicinity of the wall in Taiyuan three members of the public Zhang rebellion, an unknown luminous object circled the air.
Heard the news, reporter rushed to the scene quickly. 20:55 empty streets in Xinghua, 21:01 in the clothing over the city, 9:05 p.m. at the racetrack over, there have been two people see the light in the sky overhead. Reflect the position of all people, most of the sky in the northeast of Taiyuan. When reporters rushed to the Taiyuan Railway Station Square, Station Square found in the clouds above, and does have a large white spot is constantly hovering, at least ten meters in diameter, at first glance at the clouds feels like generating Searchlight of the spot, but no significant beam below. Light is always kept circling, when the time left on the right when nowadays, until 21:10 or so suddenly from the clouds disappear.
Yesterday (11) 23 am, Linfen readers Dew hotline phone call to the newspaper, reflecting his eastern sky in Linfen, also see two luminous body, the clouds kept circling back and forth.
It appears there is no regularity

Citizens see the light in the end is what? October 11 afternoon, a telephone interview with UFO Research Association of Shanxi Province and the Chief Adviser Yangguang Liang Liu Fengjun.
Reporter: In the industry, what the typical characteristics of UFOs it?
Expert: luminous, irregular flight path, such as driving or was in control, unsteadiness, flickering.
Reporter: UFOs and the UFO the same thing?
Expert: UFO's concept is very broad, there are a variety of forms, fan, cone, straw hat-shaped, dish, mushroom and so on. UFO title began in 1947 is widely used, the U.S. businessman Arnold, driving private aircraft witnessed the UFO line-up of 9 forward, he later described "the flyers look like a plate of two together", and later on UFOs have called for the flying saucer. But some people believe that UFOs are extraterrestrial life, specifically refers to the spacecraft, while the UFO is very enriching.
Reporter: Recently, the frequency of UFO sightings occurred in Shanxi is a bit high?
Expert: It reflects much more, but not the common sense to some UFO, some are man-made flying things, such as lanterns, luminous kite, some space debris, some high-altitude aircraft, as well as the optical phenomena.
Reporter: UFO appeared and the weather matter?
Expert: no relationship, but also no laws, and it may occur on sunny days may also be in the rain; may occur during the day may also be in the evening; may occur in remote areas may also occur over the city.
Reporter: Last night some of Taiyuan and Linfen people see UFOs, you can not judge about that?
Expert: just listen to description, hard to say.
Related News:
September 23, two participated in the ancient city of Pingyao, Pingyao International Photography Festival of the students in the ancient city of the Ming and Qing Street, shooting night scenes, I discover an unknown light into the lens, suspected as a UFO (unidentified flying object). Before and after this incident lasted about 40 minutes this afternoon, the two copies of the photo shoot to the newspaper reporter, hoping to unravel the unknown light of truth.
The object was semi-circular shape in the photo, the arc while also pulling out two by the darkening of the light beam, but the object is not visible in the sky using the naked eye, both sustained attention immediately taken, and many times the object photographed clearly image. When the objects are hidden, and also keep moving direction and location. Visitors have looked at the crossing of the photos taken two college students, and then compared the control the sky, are also astonishing.
As the naked eye can not see, they can not motivation, it has also not dare to use telephoto, no longer afraid of looking after the move but not the strange thing, also photographed pictures can not be afraid of comparison, two of them took nearly Yuehua Jian one hundred movies. There was a time where they are looking for pictures of things not seen this, 23:59:58, Sun Jiali transferred to the exposure time of 20 seconds press the shutter, the light appeared again, but this time it became beam down, has moved to the top of the moon. A group of young people passing strangers, and They witness the whole process and leave the phone, one of the girls back They left a phone number, expressed their willingness to support the future course of events.Evening, the reporter called the girl's phone, she said he was indeed passing through the scene and and several companions witnessed by two guys taking pictures of the process, she also carefully read the photos.

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