UFO appeared over more Air Force Bases in China in 1998

The fall of 1998, UFO suddenly appeared over the number of Air Force Bases in China. As the situation got off the green signal flare, a J-6 aircraft afterburner immediately trailing cone flying into the night sky with flames roaring, Liu Ming, deputy head of the flight the pilot and flight commander Hu Shaoheng. Soon they found a flier: round profile, curved top. The two pilots of the fighter suddenly augmented in order to occupy the height advantage, the aircraft jumped inverted, and referrals to whether to shoot down ... ...

The end of September 1998, accompanied by several reporters to the Badan Jaran Desert Academy of the Air Force test site a visit.

October 5, a reporter at the airport interview. 8 pm or so, reporters rushed to the runway, the research and testing has begun, a fighter aircraft is taxiing on the runway. A bright moon, Olga Bay pale pinkish purple color landing lights, lights flashing at the active figure ... ... lays out a moving picture.

In the shadows flickering on the runway, Zhao Xu generals spoke to reporters he and many colleagues on the runway a common experience witnessed UFO (unidentified flying object) events. Zhao Xu I graduated from Beijing Institute of Aeronautics, is a famous expert unmanned aircraft, the Air Force Major General professional and technical, and other witnesses have similar qualifications and technical expertise, they personally witnessed this should be solid and reliable.

Two months ago, the evening of August 6, the same night as the Mid-Autumn Festival, leading scientific research and experiments. The plane ready to take off from the runway south to north, at this moment, suddenly the first one on the north from the runway about two huge fireball fall from the sky. "At that time people feel the presence of the two groups over the fire will burn, and have subconsciously avoid." Zhao Xu stay calm and immediately call the person up off the platform tower shooting. When the camera man stumbled down, and the two fireball into the sky. The two big fireball Jidao beam of radiation from the inside out, no sound, came and went without a trace.

1999 Spring Festival, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, introduced to several media on the origin of bony fish, a new discovery, after the dinosaur expert Zhaoxi into told me about a few years ago the dinosaurs in the Gobi Desert in Xinjiang fossil study, he and his dinosaur experts, have personally witnessed a UFO event together. When he was coming out from the tent, one looked up and saw a distant cliff above a large bright object is moving, the flame lit up the half the sky.

He stared, for a moment before responding mind the "UFO" concept. He turned around and brought the gun from the tent, also cried out for others to watch. At this time the Board put aside the tent witnessed a rare scene. I asked Zhao Xi Jin, you shoot it? He replied, no. He ruled out the possibility of any known flying objects, because they "did not so much energy."

Many sightings have supported this view, the Gobi desert is prone areas UFO events, one as sparsely populated, and second, because the visibility is good. So, are there any other reasons?

>>> Cangzhou Air Force Airport

Air UFO hide and seek with the FT-6

Returned to Beijing from Badan Jaran Desert, the press attention around the world to collect a bit on that UFO's materials, which are the before and after August 1998.

At 11:00 on October 19th, 1998 or so, Cangzhou, Hebei Air Force found a UFO over the airport. At that time the radar report: an entity of air moving over at the airport, is rapidly to the northeast direction. At the same time, the airport ground staff found a bright spot in the skies above his head, began like the stars, one red and one white, two stars in the spinning. Flying objects may be due to reduced height, bigger profile looks like a short stalk of the mushroom, the lower part seem to have a lot of light, of which a large, has been irradiated to the ground.

Air traffic control authorities quickly confirmed that there is no civil aircraft through the airport over the Air Force another night training has been a half hour ago. "It may be alien aircraft" combat troops immediately into the first class.

23:30, radar, flying objects have been reported, and hover over to the Qing County, Hebei, where a high degree of 1,500 meters.

As the situation got off the green flares, an FT-6 aircraft afterburner roaring flames trailing cone flying into the night sky, Liu Ming, deputy head of the flight the pilot and flight commander Hu Shaoheng. They reach the target location of an airplane, according to ground command position, height, and soon found a flier: round profile, curved top, flat bottom, the bottom rows and rows of lights, beam down, the edge of a red light, the whole shaped like a huge straw hat!

Night near the command command pilot flying objects. Flying objects at a distance of about 4,000 meters, it suddenly increased. Pilot flying immediately climb, rising 3,000 meters when the aircraft when the aircraft came to the flying objects are just above. This shows the aircraft flying objects overhead rise faster than the plane. Paralysis of the pilot decided to look at the flying objects, change the direction of flight dropped altitude, and flying objects apart. Interestingly, the flying objects actually seemed very intelligent comes along. Two fighter pilots suddenly seize the afterburner in order to occupy the height advantage, the aircraft jumped inverted, the aircraft to level flight when they found that flying objects have been higher than their 2000 meters. Continue to pursue the pilot to fly a plane flying objects, flying objects, deputy head of the ring set into the sight, opened the trigger insurance, and referrals to whether to shoot down. Commander asked them not to worry, first see what it is.

Although the aircraft has increased the throttle, or not close to an aircraft, the aircraft up to 12,000 meters, the UFO has an altitude of 20,000 meters. An alarm signal when the aircraft fuel, catching down the fuel running out. Stock of the situation was returning ground command command aircraft, ground radar to track and monitor. When ready to launch two new fighters to capture the flying objects, it has disappeared from the radar screen.

>> "" Is the cup like cover "

Several pilots approaching UFO

This is the UFO incident in 1998 has suffered the more typical and credible one. According to local statistics from related departments, the UFO that night witnessed a mass of about 160 thousand.

Early March 1999, full of exotic tropical palm trees, has conducted the military aircraft commander to track UFO's Lee was talking about a detail impressed me: the two are superb flying skills of pilots UFOs are several approximation found in the lower part of this dish is a round green light UFO sightings, including a red light, it's just below the beam down two out of irradiation. Surprisingly, this two bright beam of light is not as we normally see the light beam, as has been according to the distance and spread, but as two light-emitting entities, sticking out from the bottom after the UFO will end on a certain length. At least today, so have not got control of the human light technology.

I asked Lee commander, what is the shape UFO, he reached picked the cup on the coffee table cover, "is like that."

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