China is showing three major signs of power, by the way that the West does not like

If China launched the "Shenzhou V" and "Chang'e I" instead of no "Shenzhou VI", "seven gods", "Chang'e II" and even more projects have been included in the plan following up, China is just a space powers , not to mention the identity of a space power. The picture shows the Chang'e II launch simulation map.
Relative to the technical and economic strength, a greater test of power - which is a more convincing sense of power as a symbol - is the ability to use force.

"The New York Times" summarized three faces with with not quite agreeable tone for the new era of China's diplomacy, "bad neighbor" - the evidence is used in rare earth to Japan's territorial disputes "overwhelmed"; "those who seek personal gain" - - in fact, "schmoozer" original meaning in English is much to be vicious, not just after the Chinese translation of the weakening in the appreciation of the RMB exchange rate against the U.S. request "muddle through" means; and "typical realist" - that is similar to international issues, has a different standard of double-dealing.
Aside, "New York Times" to China summed up the three faces from the how far the real China and the United States itself is not often switch between the three faces aside, at least one question remains, "New York Times "to clarify for us ladies and gentlemen: in the end," New York Times "- or, more broadly, the Americans - want to get rid of what the Chinese deputy or which of these faces it?
In fact, the present Western world fuss Foreign Affairs of China and China has three faces is nothing, just because China is showing a strong nation should have the three markers, and is presented in a way that they do not like out.
As the contemporary international system of "power", first, of course, must have a set of national power to highlight the "equipment" or "wrapped" such as aerospace engineering, strategic nuclear weapons, ocean exploration, blue water navy, ultra high-speed computer ... ... among the things on the list at least three things in common: very difficult technically and economically very expensive, very far-reaching impact on people's livelihood.
For power, the set of "wrapped" not only necessary, but all have to constantly wipe. If China launched the "Shenzhou V" and "Chang'e I" instead of "Shenzhou VI", "seven gods", "Chang'e II" and even more projects have been included in the follow-up program, China is just a space powers Bale , not to mention the identity of a space power. Other "suit of armor," probably as well. Large and small countries in the "wrapped" on the difference is there or not, but the difference between power and great power is not only a symbolic level, between the presence or absence.
Have to stand the technology continues to progress and continued investment in the dual pressures of economic "wrapped" is only the first layer symbol, as opposed to technology and economic strength, a greater test of power - and thus also the meaning of power as a sign of a more convincing - is the ability to use force: First, service capabilities, one protection.
The so-called service capabilities, is a regional power able to provide benefits which enhance the ability of both because of the presence of power makes the corresponding rise in the economic development of neighboring countries, the ability, but also help other members solve their own problems. For China, the rapid development of economy is like a huge, magnificent shopping malls, its existence is enough to make the lives of all members of the region even more exciting. The support of other countries - both the flooding assistance to Pakistan, including in China - ASEAN Free Trade Area within the framework of some countries on the Indochina Peninsula additional incentives, the mall is the "social responsibility" of the expression .
Do this step, still not a full power. The most critical is that power should be capable of all the members of the region, including yourself, to provide protection. The so-called protection, that is to stop people to the "mall" disruptive capabilities. Regardless of troublemakers from across the distant ocean, or just a clothing bandwidth across the water, and even shopping malls to individual criminal tenants. This has always been a power in the region should provide the most important public goods, it is not only an honor enjoyed by powerful signs, it is an inescapable obligation of power.
Any power can not rely on others to achieve given the rise of a peaceful environment, not to rely on external forces to maintain stability in their neighboring order. To be emphasized that also is the most important protection as a symbol of power, sometimes to the confrontation reflected. Recent events in the Diaoyu Islands in China's foreign processing, stand firm, should take the initiative, and flexible means is one example. Want to turn swords into plowshares and swords must be in the hands first, and need to show his sword is much higher than those Caixing.
Therefore, comprehensive look at these three signs: no power, everything is out of the question, with the power to provide protection not only to provide services, it is likely to evade responsibility will become the "classic realist," and even degenerate into " lackey ", which eventually led to his services are no buyers; have power, do not provide service only to provide" protection "," protection "becomes obtain" protection money ", leading to protection into a" bad neighbor. " In this regard, a country's external behavior is supposed to be multiple manifestations, which can be accused of multiple sex is not dismissed as a "deputy face more", "New York Times" says that can not.
At least for the Asia-Pacific region, in the end insisted during the Asian financial crisis, monetary stability, promoting the South China Sea consultation between the parties to resolve disputes, uphold the North Korean and Iranian nuclear issue, China is a peaceful solution should be "evil neighbors", "those who seek personal gain", "realism who? " The whole world is counting on to pay the price for their debt problems, egg vigorously naval arms race in the Asia-Pacific countries, China is constantly forced to recognize one of China's provinces to purchase price of U.S. weapons is the "deadbeat", "the troublemakers "" blackmailer "mean?
Power status of the three signs: the power and strength-based service capacity and protection capacity, in fact, that is, to gain strength from the collaborative use of force and then to lead the different levels of use of force. In a sense, "New York Times," China's accusations, just proved that China is on the right track. For any power, its external behavior is inevitably the same time with these three aspects, this is a logical step in the rise of power.

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