PLA's Midcourse Missile Interception is stronger than the U.S.

Sep 27, NASA Glenn Research Center, Senior Research Scientist, Luo Zhengyuan said, in the aerospace field, China is second only to the United States, ranked second in the world can be. The soon to be launched Chang'e II, Temple One, "braggadocio plan" and other aerospace programs, but will greatly enhance China's comprehensive national strength.

It is understood, 28, South China University of Technology will host the first President Professor Luo Mingyu 105 anniversary of the birth of a forum to commemorate the once famous and Qian, "North Qian and south Luo" said the engineering mechanics expert, Dr. Luo Zhengyuan, the son of Luo Mingyu, the first President of South China University of Technology and many other family members returned to Chinese laborers to participate in commemorative activities.

Do better than the U.S. mid-ABM

Luo Zhengyuan aid that, in the aerospace field, previously the Soviet Union and the three major powers, have been transposed for the United States and Russia. "China's current aerospace doing pretty good." He said that China's achievements in recent years through the "Shenzhou", "Chang'e", "Temple", "braggadocio" and other programs to see. From a global point of view, Russia's aerospace industry shortage of funds, the EU is unable to work closely as a nation, while Japan is strong in hardware, but the strength, the spirit of somewhat less original. Therefore, the moment a lot of time, China's aerospace power can be comparable to the United States. "Because China has its own characteristics, such as the middle of the ABM and other than the United States well." Luo said levy assistance.

Independent development of aerospace on the right track

China's aviation and aerospace industries, the basic is an independent development. Luo Zhengyuan aid, said: "In my view, China is going its own way, this Sin to touch a satellite with a kinetic energy, while the U.S. can not. Tongji University, the world's most advanced wind tunnel there." Thus, in some field, higher than the U.S. standard of China, so not to say that the United States must better than China. "Talking about the development of the space station program, Luo Zhengyuan is certain that the current U.S." Mir orbital space station "model of cooperation with Russia to take, and China's" Temple "program, but it is independent of the development, if successful, is very progress.

Little progress in the U.S. manned spacecraft on Mars

China's aerospace industry step by step development, will make interstellar travel possible? Luo Zhengyuan aid affirmed: "The Chinese space capabilities for national pride. We can also go to Mars, to achieve the dream of space travel!" He explained, although the United States for several years now manned spacecraft to Mars program, but did not What leading talent, has made little headway. And China's space industry is in a step by step development. Such as China in the development of space flight, such as aircraft can take off like a normal plane, reaching the height of satellite and then down. If successful, after maturity of the technology from the space travel can be closer.

Longping definitely should get the Nobel Prize

Luo Zhengyuan said: personnel training system in China is not necessarily worse than the United States. He hoped that Chinese scholars should not only communicate with the world, but also on everything has its own views. "Something I saw there is a critical attitude, not what other people see too sacred."

The Nobel science prize need not superstition. Luo Zhengyuan aid, said: "For example, the father of hybrid rice Yuan Longping absolutely should get the Nobel Prize." Nobel Prize selection of basic fairness, but there are some political overtones.

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