Chang'e II launched in success, China's lunar exploration program unveiled the second phase

With the Chang'e II at 18:59:57 on on October 1 at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center successfully launched, the Chinese lunar exploration project to kick off the second phase.

As a technology leader in engineering two stars, Chang'e II's main task is to achieve Chang'e lunar soft landing III to carry out some key technical test, and to continue scientific explorations and studies of the Moon.

In the sporadic rain in about 25 minutes after takeoff, the rocket to launch satellites into 200 km perigee and an apogee altitude of about 380,000 km of earth-moon transfer orbit. This indicates that China successfully penetrated the direct earth-moon transfer orbit launch technology.

This technology breakthrough paved the Chang'e II a "fast path" Chang'e flying to the moon less time than 7 days.

In addition, the Chang'e II will be on the X-band deep-space monitoring, 100 km lunar orbit capture key technologies for authentication and breakthroughs.

Another 112 hours, the satellite will reach 380,000 kilometers away near the moon. After 3 times in recent months, the brake, the satellite will establish a circular orbit 100 km away from the moon.

Chang'e I work in this track than the low altitude of 100 kilometers, the satellite carrying the payload on the 7, will help Chang'e II to achieve access to the lunar surface three-dimensional images of lunar material composition, detection of lunar soil properties, detecting space in recent months on the environment with 4 major scientific objectives. Among them, the newly developed CCD camera able to image resolution of 120 meters from the Chang'e increased to better than 10 meters.

"The satellite fly faster, more recently from the moon, 'see' a more precise." Lunar exploration chief architect of Wuwei Ren said.

During the orbit, the satellite will be reduced to 15 km altitude, goddess of the moon landing zone III shooting options. The success of the image returned will be the Chang'e II mission an important indicator of success.

Chang'e II mission total of about 900 million yuan investment funds, the satellite is in orbit design life of six months.

The satellite's "fate," said Wu Weiren, sangrakwol, fly farther, or fly back to Earth orbit stars, you need some time in orbit to a decision.

Way to hit the end of the month 494 days before the flight, Chang'e I returned to the ground a total of about 1.37TB of scientific data. Free to share with the world based on these data, the birth of the first full month in China and other scientific achievements map, national scientists published more than 100 papers.

"If China's lunar probe opens deep space exploration, Chang'e II is for 'soft landing' and beyond lay the foundation for deep space exploration activities." Wuwei Ren said.

China's lunar exploration project is divided into three stages. Following the completion of the Chang'e "around" as the goal of a mission, the Chang'e II, III, fourth, will constitute a "down" as the goal of the Phase II project.

Wu Weiren, at present, Chang III and IV prototype being developed, focusing on the "back" of the three works have been completed demonstration program.

"As for the manned lunar landing, there is no specific timetable for China." Wuwei Ren said.

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