The U.S. said that China's arrogant attitude to swagger around in Asia

"Los Angeles Times," September 26 article, the original title: China's growing military influence and the Future of East Asia

Since China has become a global economic power, it began to pose a military power in Asia swagger. This makes China's neighbors - and the U.S. nervous.

South China Sea, the East China Sea to the Yellow Sea, China's disputes with neighboring countries or the existence or friction. Washington caused the alert situation. "Overall, China's military strength has been enhanced," U.S. Pacific Command Commander Willard stressed that some actions "clearly aimed at challenging our freedom of action in the region." The Chinese say that they take action to recover the islands and waters of the sovereignty, also asked the U.S. not nosy.

I just finished and the Pacific to China a 10-day visit, I hear Chinese officials and scholars condemned the U.S. military presence in Asia, words like resurrection of the Cold War. I heard the words: "We believe that the Obama administration is building close relations with other countries against China ..." "Suddenly, the United States behaved aggressively in China."

This sounds more like the Cold War threat of force - even the late 19th century, the military contest. Such an atmosphere, a small country in Southeast Asia which they are trying to understand what it means to their future in the end. Some countries, such as Vietnam and Singapore, has asked the U.S. to maintain large military forces in Asia to counter China's strength. Some observers say Beijing show in the region is the new aggressive posture on foreign policy, the Chinese armed forces to obtain new evidence of influence. A non-diplomatic language, a Chinese diplomat said to me: "The military has its own interests, the more tense the situation, the more they get the budget."

At present, China appears only in the test of its neighbors - as well as the United States, are busy in Washington to see the occasion of Afghanistan lucky enough to get what he can. But the end result could lead to counterproductive foreign policy. As China's belligerence, the United States relationship with Japan and South Korea and Vietnam now has never been better. There are signs that China is softening stance. But in the long run, China's recent tough stance is likely to continue. When the Chinese look at us and see a big country and the weakening of the government into bankruptcy, they are trying to figure out, we spend money in their large and expensive to maintain the coast patrol fleet, which will last long. Address the impact of China's rise - this process will be with us for the loss of military power in the Pacific near-monopoly status, is the art of American management faced a major national challenge.

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