The U.S. is brewing October storm, is Chinese army ready?

1, US-ROK military exercises in the Yellow Sea of China not to send aircraft carriers and submarines to participate;

2, White House senior officials to visit China for Economic, hoping to ease relations with China;

3, Kim Jong Il's visit to China, the high profile that Sino-Korean friendship, after the commander of the Shenyang Military Region to visit the DPRK;

4, South Korea will be held at the G20 summit in November;

5, the United States in November will mark the first time since the College Entrance Examination Obama govern;

6, the United States recently announced that the U.S. economic data has gradually improved, the possibility of reducing the economic crisis bottomed out twice, and so on.

No idea the U.S. is like a magician, always playing a game the same, this is not, in provocation repeatedly after China, the Chinese began to become angry and ready to counterattack when the United States all of a sudden, they were soft. Then the United States is really soft it? Of course not, this is only the interests of the United States the plan only. Then the United States in the end you want to do? Hawks and civil indignation in China, when an enemy is ready, when suddenly dispatched senior officials in charge of economic, China is really like ease tensions between the two? Or there is any other? Here we are 11 exposed the United States trick.

First, the U.S. and also the old 1000, monotonous routine

The United States is the old 1000, but also according to the last routine, the way call. Although old, but still quite useful. Similar to the two leaders in the second half of the first half of this year goodbye, but in the second half, the U.S. sent a signal of China's not peace, but a crazy crush. But the United States, this approach is rule-based. Mainly to the United States against China, the two routines: the first is to retreat into the third one; second is crammed.

Strong in China released the information, the United States to see China in the Yellow Sea, to the real thing; and China and the DPRK suddenly gone very near, these can not but arouse the vigilance of the United States. But the guard go guard, if not to China under a step, then the scheduled Sino-US high-level meeting in September, will be aborted. So the U.S. has resorted to the old 1000's stuff, how to cheat how to cheat. Is not it began back into a three-way, to China under a higher level. If China's next, then in September we meet as scheduled; if the Chinese did not, the then U.S. Secretary of State to visit China to dispatch immediately, making particular mention of the Sino-US friendship, the prospects of Sino-US cooperation to cheat the understanding of China's short-lived, and then pleased to meet this woman. And after that?

Began a strategic retreat into the third. Will certainly cause greater rebound to keep the compression to the American policy of strategic space, until there is no room for maneuver. And from opposition to ease, to confrontation, to ease, the time is getting shorter between. Also said that China is facing more and more frequently, especially U.S. foreign policy adjustments. The same as the pendulum from one extreme to the other extreme, back and forth in time is short.

In this way it keeps people in the world, that China's fickle! Outside the United States with the constant accusations and provocations aside, the Chinese face vanished.

Second, the United States temporary weakness, and external causes

And the U.S. short-term weakness, but also has external causes. On the one hand adjustment of U.S. forces in Afghanistan will take some of Shi Jian, An Zhao Obama's own words, the United States for the foreseeable future policy Jiang Wan Quan tend to Asia, including Afghanistan; another aspect 在 上 Northeast Asian security issues, China and the DPRK military Yijing closer and closer, the United States trying to divide China and the DPRK's purpose seems to drift away. But the United States in East Asia, in the East China Sea, the general principle in Nanhai Zi things have not changed; a full range of containing China's direction has not changed.

So in this case, the United States used the old 1000's way, China is clearly a good way to go according to the U.S. default. Because the United States to see China-US friction (mainly the United States of friction in China) this time, a number of elites and experts and scholars have been irrepressible fear of the United States and the fear of losing the United States will. So now the appropriate release some good news - that is to use one of several high-ranking officials to visit China, to this official position has been heavy fighting in China after an experience, by high officials to visit the glory, this way, the coming of peace representation, China will immediately conform.

Again, in October storm - the time has come true

The problem is that U.S. policy toward China was established, as is the spiral as the spring - the loose look, tight twice; another song about, then bear twice. Thus gradually training from the pro-American forces, and the shackles of anti-China. So if the high-level meeting with the schedule in September, then the danger will come in October. Why? Since November, G20 summit to open, and is held in Korea. Since that major economies as China, it is impossible not to join.

More importantly, the 11 mid-term U.S. President Barack Obama menstruation College Entrance Examination, this is likely to lead to, the throne of the next presidential election attribution, it certainly will be between China in October, the outbreak of a larger, more intense conflict. There may be an accidental discharge, ignite the war.

Speaking of war, are interest-oriented politics as a link. The United States now has almost all use the war to an end all the factors. The only lack is the opportunity and time. Therefore, high-level meeting in September, the United States and other Western countries, there is around all the countries around China, will focus on the beginning of the counteroffensive, and the intensity will be far greater than people imagine.

Because they see that China's General Assembly to give up a summit in November, can only swallow in 10, and October, or China's founding day, last year it was a cow, this year, let it to become cattle cattle in China feces, is the true idea of these potential adversaries.

And these are also consistent with many previous place as China.

Finally, China ready?

The past decade, China on international issues, the consensus is achieved, virtually no sign any important documents, there is no significant theoretical foundation to face the changing circumstances at home and abroad. So if the United States in October, to take action against China, then those who reached a consensus, have become useless. That case, China, ready?

Including preparations for war! The United States so far, 10 people from Iraq, the troops withdrew, but returned less than 1 million people, then the rest of the people gone? The answer is: Afghanistan. Obama added this year and last year tens of thousands of more troops in Afghanistan and the original U.S. military, as well as the NATO countries, as well as the composition of the coalition multinational force, now the US-led forces in Afghanistan, has reached 250 000 people. If you count the United States armed security companies and individuals, then no less than 28 million people.

These people in Afghanistan, China - the state, in the end you want to do? Attack Iran it? This is possible, but why take two lines to avoid war against Iran the way, but in the landlocked country? May be many reasons, but the most important is that Afghanistan, it is from China too close.

Is China ready?

In short, U.S. policy is very simple carrot and stick policy. The problem is now the United States has no carrot to China, and there drove a few carrots or borrowed from China; which virtually form a loop, the United States to borrow money from China, and then crack down on China, the Chinese carrots. Of course, these borrowed money is in China; carrot to whom do not know.

If we can not get out of this trap the U.S. default, as demon walls met the same night, one foot deep shallow kick continued trial and error it! Own handle to the United States, can only allowed to be deliberately provocative, plus blackmail gone back to China.

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