Excessive military exercises of China and the U.S., Mutual deterrent warning each other or the arms race?

In recent months, there is no moment of peace the two countries had, from the U.S. military announced that aircraft from the time to get into the Yellow Sea the South China Sea from the Clinton issued since that time, the sovereignty of China began a high density of sea and land military exercise, advanced large-scale submarine weaponry looming trump card unit, the frequent appearance of new fighters, reports on China's military exercises has never been so high profile.

Media and the voice of users is high praise and support, China warned the expression of the strength and tough response to the Chinese to force the United States to act. At first I also think so. But after that, for this point of view I feel somewhat unreliable. United States, not into the Yellow Sea, China has frequently not reached Asia began military exercises, and the U.S. withdrew but chickened Multimodal speech to allies engage in exercise of the Sea of Japan at home, but China still did not stop him high-profile military exercises.

Stands to reason that the United States military exercises canceled the Yellow Sea, is China's great victory. But China's military exercises have not stopped, while the U.S. changes its mind again and again. China and the U.S. do not frighten each other?

For this problem I doubt it, and if mutual deterrent effect achieved if the two countries should corpuscles corpuscles convergence convergence Caidui's. However, the two countries simply do not do so. But continued their military exercises, demonstrated great power military strength.

This approach seems to be another kind of military arms race, he is different from the US-Soviet world hegemony, but a real force to a strength of language in the fight on behalf of. This arms race than in the previous century, the consumption of US-Soviet hegemony more strength and weaken.

Sino-US military exercises over a bit, and whether China or the U.S. should stop worth mentioning that the military exercise, no matter how the outcome is like. To continue military exercises is a loss of the two countries, once the language and expression of this force continued to exist is a failure.

They are in a show of strength, but also prove powerful in. The two countries tried another way to prove to the other party to see a stronger, that is a kind of arms race in the.

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