If China really attacks on the U.S. aircraft carrier, how the U.S. fight against?

A few days ago to see an article, said to be a lieutenant colonel on the United States if China attacked the U.S. aircraft carrier, how will the ways the United States. Including what to say, the U.S. military would not immediately fight back, will be evacuated to Pearl Harbor, waiting for the results of Sino-US negotiations. I saw that crap! True if there is such a lieutenant colonel in the U.S., I think this person is a "people unicycle" sent to U.S. troops in undercover, deliberately refused to yield, full-time Internet users in China provocative war fever, in order to incite American war.

If China attacked the U.S. aircraft carrier, the United States to fight? This question is very interesting. To attack the U.S. aircraft carrier, this issue must be considered.

To consider this issue, there should be two premises:

First, China is an attack on the high seas without a military attack on China's U.S. carrier.

The need to set this premise is that if the U.S. aircraft carrier to launch a military strike against China, or the invasion of China's territorial waters, and we certainly have to categorically counter, there is no need to consider what action the United States later. For example, in our military liberation of Taiwan, the U.S. aircraft carrier to armed intervention, against me crossing force, we also need to consider what consequences? Ready to risk everything away!

The problem is that some people have clamored for attacking U.S. aircraft carrier exercise in the high seas, therefore, must be set for the problem.

Second, the U.S. president is not a war maniacs like Hitler, the U.S. Congress is not filled with a bunch of radical leftists in the United States.

Set this premise is also necessary. If the U.S. president, the U.S. Congress has not a little reason, then, the U.S. military, what decisions they make is possible. To China's nuclear forces, some people still dare to clamor to launch nuclear attacks, the U.S. nuclear force is ten times, they are more emboldened, "the first battle with the nuclear"!

Set up the two premises, we can talk about how to fight the United States. Suppose a years, the Chinese attacks on U.S. aircraft carrier in the Huanghai Gong sea exercises.

U.S. Fleet commander will call in the first U.S. president (in the U.S. ability to fully do the communication).

U.S. President will be issued two orders: first, the rapid evacuation of the Yellow Sea (since here, the U.S. aircraft carrier unfavorable); second, immediate self-defense. Meanwhile, U.S. President will have a direct dial telephone hotline, would probably say, "demanded the immediate cessation of attacks, or to bear all the consequences" to the group.

Hotline on Sino-US communication, the United States Fleet, South Korea received U.S. military defense command, would think that this is "allowed to fire" the authority can find immediately to the goal of China's sea air fire. In their view, to eliminate possible threats is the best self-defense. This will be a high-strength sea and air war, the duration depends on the high-level consensus and also orders the time.

In this process, there is a thorny problem: the United States will not attack the Chinese mainland? If China is to aircraft, surface ships and submarines as a platform to attack, the U.S. will not attack the Chinese mainland, will attack the projection of naval and air platforms. However, if the Chinese to land-based weapons (for example, DF-21D, WS-2D and the like) attacks, it is difficult to say. In fact, the United States do the corresponding preparations, three modified "Ohio"-class nuclear submarine has even infested waters near China, each carrying 154 nuclear submarines, cruise missiles, capable of launching high-intensity land targets in China hit. This question may depend on the United States between President De an idea, if he issued a self-Mingling O'clock, with no additional Jiashang a "forbidden Gong Ji Chinese Bentu", Mei Jun is likely to land Mubiao attack China, as China to Lu based weapons to attack the riposte!

High-level consensus and issued an order, the parties disengagement, the next U.S. response, depends on the results of the warring parties. If the United States is not lost in the fighting, and to China in order to hit, then the U.S. will be following a relatively mild reaction; the United States had with Libya, Iran, sea and air war occurred, both in the U.S. military victory in the end, the United States of its overweight after no retaliation. On the contrary, if the U.S. were hit, there must be a strong response.

Therefore, the United States will declare war on it?

It is said that the United States Congress declared war on the right hand, so that the U.S. Congress is full of radical leftists in the United States is very important.

Will depend on whether the United States declared war or of communication between high-level, Treasure Island of the war, the Soviet Union have both high-level contacts, to avoid a larger war.

In addition, China should avoid the undeclared war. Early American cowboy love face to face duel, not to engage in intrigue, all depends on the speed gun and shooting the first set of prospective outcome. Americans may have a little cowboy spirit, so if a clear tell him "I want to make you" sneaky attacks more easily than the Americans to balance psychological. Korean War, to Vietnam, China is a very clear warning give, therefore, really playing up the scale after the war can be controlled. Therefore, China decides to U.S. aircraft carrier off the red line on a fire, it should be clear and tell the Americans. For example, in the future when our military liberation of Taiwan, you can open, clearly tell the United States, the circumstances under which China will be the first to open fire. American advocates cowboy, admired heroes in China, both acting style, and were to open and aboveboard, and both insist their own style, for the control of the size of the Sino-US war is beneficial.

I feel that the U.S. declaration of war is unlikely, there are examples of the Korean War, where arrayed, only difference is that the battlefield location. U.S. leaders will consider to avoid escalation of the war, if the upgrade can not be avoided, the degree of escalation to be controlled, once the war is one step, and rational leader would not make such a decision.

No declaration of war does not mean that the white bomb bomb, the United States at this time there will be two options, military priorities or political priorities; both military priorities or political priorities, economic sanctions are bound to support measures to freeze the U.S. assets of China, China's comprehensive embargo, and so on. Specific options, as previously mentioned, to see the United States in the first round of fighting in the loss: If you suffered heavy losses, the military must be the priority; If the minor losses will be political priority. Imagine the United States endured a record over his large ears red and swollen face after the first sit down and talk, do not even think such a thing!

If the U.S. aircraft carrier was sunk, and suffered so heavy losses, the U.S. military retaliation is inevitable. Possible measures:

Homing Jian China Sea (including the high seas, territorial sea), and over the military ships, military aircraft;

China's navy and air force to establish no-fly zone no-fly zone, if the Chinese navy and air force into immediate attack;

F-22A fighter into my airspace so provocative flights, hunting or direct combat operations to air wipe my machine;

Full naval blockade on the implementation of China, blocking China's sea lanes, in the fight against China's economic development, the lure of the Chinese Navy played in the opportunity to find annihilate.

In this process, would attack the Chinese mainland is a big problem, this one has three problems:

First, whether the United States naval base in China will be the implementation of surgical against?

The possibility of larger, if the U.S. aircraft carrier was sunk, then the possibility is very great. Such attacks do not like the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor as launching a campaign, and now the United States modified the "Ohio Class" cruise missile submarine contains 154 cruise missiles, if our military preparedness neglect, a nuclear submarine can destroy a fleet of the main army .

Second, the U.S. will attack inland targets?

This is and whether from inland China and to counter the attack. If the Chinese from inland to attack land-based weapons, and to continue in the same way from the inland to the implementation of counter U.S. military retaliation, then the possibility of U.S. attack on China's interior exists. U.S. cruise missiles can be used or B-2 bombers carrying out this attack targets limited to specific military targets, in order to avoid the war out of control. For example, if the Chinese military to DF-21D against a U.S. aircraft carrier, then the U.S. military is likely to B-2 stealth bombers and cruise missile brigade of the army to attack the war.

Third, the U.S. will attack China's outlying islands? Such as the Paracel Islands, Nansha Islands.

Once the United States in conflict, the handling of these islands is very difficult, not to mention the capture to the United States could do after the bargaining, even if not playing around, these islands played as bait to lure the Chinese navy will make us very difficult to do. Early U.S. will not move these islands, military retaliation if the setback, it would have to fight these ideas might Islands.

Whether the United States would attack the Chinese mainland, and the U.S. President's rational degree. The attack on the Chinese inland operations escalation of the war, is difficult to predict whether China will also upgrade the U.S. President dare to take risks, it is difficult to speculate.

Previously stated, since the upgrade can not be avoided, may reduce the requirement to pursue the degree of escalation control. Therefore, I think the United States may take our home, "hit and run" approach - quietly touching up to play the run a while. War, a military retaliation, since China dares to sink U.S. aircraft carriers in the way of contempt for the U.S. hegemony, that the United States would infringe the sovereignty of China with the means to respond; run, is to disengage as quickly as possible, do not give China the chance to fight back, and to avoid escalation of the war.

Therefore, the U.S. military retaliation would be a wide range of early, short-term, high-intensity military operations, then will be local, long-term, low-intensity conflict. China is likely to be more like combat, as a large early-round play, the local small to fight later. Full time a major war, can not control the scale of war, the U.S. economy can not afford. Short period of time the United States may gather five or more aircraft carriers to implement a military strike, a long time to 1-2 aircraft carriers in the waters near me blockades, uninterrupted manufacturing military conflict.

Will end, one can achieve depends on the purpose of U.S. military operations, for example, will eliminate most of the Chinese Navy, or the Chinese military to avoid combat negative to show weakness; 2 depends on both the political negotiations.

Speaking of political settlement, many people feel very relaxed, as if Americans are generally good fool. Wrong! Conditions of Americans, is certainly unacceptable.

Public apology, compensation for astronomical, it is necessary conditions for the Americans, in addition, may request that the military generals and even senior leaders on charges of war crimes to the International Criminal Court, like Milosevic, then treated as ( Americans have engaged in law, then our embassy was bombed, there is no thought of the hand). These requirements can be met, economic sanctions and military action will not stop.

As a result, Sino-US relations will return to the United States before the establishment of diplomatic relations. This results in no benefit to the United States, the United States can not retreat, retreat is not the world hegemony of the United States has; for China, we will return to "prepare, prepare against natural disasters" years. Although the result is a lose-lose, but our wounds will be somewhat greater than the United States.

United States will suffer, then who win-win? Can also be thought, who in win-win China-US war, there is speculation in the Yellow Sea aircraft carrier who crisis, encouraging U.S. war motives.

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