Aliens have visited nuclear sites long ago, the U.S. Air Force has been lying

    Retired U.S. military officers is scheduled for 7 27 in Washington held a news conference, publish an "explosive" message.

That is, the aliens did visit several military bases in the United States and Britain, and even nuclear weapons "like a tiger!"

Witness claims

Robert Salas American officers in the United States Malmstrom Air Force Base in service. This Air Force Base in Montana, is a nuclear missile base.

Salas accept the Fox News interview that during his military service had "witnessed" UFO visits base.

Occurred in the March 16, 1967, "I was on duty, and an object flying over, hovering just above the base."

Xia Lesi Heart officer claimed to have had a similar experience. He said that 30 years ago in his Suffolk near Ipswich Air Force Base in the Waters saw a disc-shaped objects. The object of several beam injection, point it at the base.

Before long, the Heart to hear the military radio said that aliens landed in the nuclear weapons storage area.

The Waters is a British air base at one of the few military bases and equipment of nuclear weapons.
Fault encountered bomb

Salas said the UFO in the Malmstrom Air Force Base over the emergence of this more nuclear missiles at the base of the failure.

"10 'militia' nuclear missile malfunction. A week later, another base also occurred in the same situation," Salas said, "no matter where they come from, (obviously) very interested in our missiles. I personally believe that They are not from the earth. "

This seven retired officers intend to announce at a news conference more than 120 retired military personnel of the testimony. These statements involve various nuclear weapons base hit UFO incident, which occurred most recently in 2003.

"It's hard to believe for some people, but all the sightings that UFOs have been monitoring our nuclear weapons for a long time, and sometimes sabotage," Heart said.

Alleged that the military lied

Salas and Heart says, "top" command them never to disclose the UFO incidents.

However, they intend to build a press conference to pressure the U.S. and British governments to enable them to face the aliens had visited Earth in this "fact."

Salas said: "We can prove that the U.S. Air Force aircraft in about unknown nuclear sites to visit on matters of national security has been lying."

Heart said: "I believe that the U.S. and British security services in the past and are now trying to play down the British air base of the Waters (UFO) events. They spread false information, well placed to exploit these tactics."

These retired officers intend to announce at a news conference on the U.S. government declassified files of some of these events. According to their argument, these files can be confirmed as early as 1948, the UFO activity.

"The story is just the tip of the iceberg," Salas said.

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