Construction of aircraft carriers: Perhaps the biggest flaw in the history of the PLA!

China to build aircraft carriers in the Changxing Island is an indisputable fact. However, they did not feel out of their own in what is behind this glorious and happy, on the contrary, but for China's future policy and direction of political and economic situation is deeply worrying.

From a military perspective, the carrier is used for a large depth, the high seas rights and interests, if a country's strength and the strength of the extended delivery has not to this extent, it may play negative role. China is now the East China Sea, Yellow Sea and South China Sea dispute with the other state's sovereignty. If from the protection of national interests, the Malacca Strait, the Arabian Sea, the Persian Gulf is where the Chinese navy escort needed, but mainly the East China Sea, Yellow Sea, South China Sea. Yellow Sea is mainly deal with the Korean peninsula, and South Korea's territorial waters dispute against the second. East China Sea is mainly the Diaoyu Islands, the first island chain, and Taiwan. South China Sea is mainly exclusive economic zone, sea lanes and the island chain blockade. But do these tasks in less than an aircraft carrier, because you do not have such a great combat radius. Amphibious assault ships, amphibious landing ships, heavy destroyers, frigates, Su-30MKK/MK2, H-6H is enough. Premature exposure of Chinese military power will make their advance into their own powers surrounded.

Second, China's existing industrial capabilities and military R & D capacity simply can not build aircraft carriers. China with aircraft carrier catapult on the carrier (the'd never done before in many countries) and not come out of special steel products are manufactured, let alone ship engines and avionics radar device. Aircraft carrier is a big problem. Even with J -15, thrust, weapons mounted, off mode is a huge problem. There is a subsidiary of the aircraft carrier fleet, aviation training, fleet air defense, anti-submarine, anti-missile system requires the formation of a very long time. The problem is not resolved in these hastily-made aircraft carrier is outdated.

As we all know, is very money-burning aircraft carrier battle groups. China to spend so much money to develop a carrier battle group, but also to combat the formation of such a long time to develop better and more used to purchase some of China-made amphibious assault ships, amphibious landing ships, and heavy destroyers and convoy ships. Then wait until the maturity of domestic technology, the development of aircraft carrier battle groups in slowly. Otherwise, the construction of air, may become the largest army in the history of failure.

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