US-Vietnam military exercise provides for China an excellent opportunity to break through the current difficulties.

    China Military Report:
    (A) the intervention of the United States, China's current predicament

Recently, the U.S. action against China frequently, first arms sales to Taiwan and met with the Dalai Lama, forced revaluation of the RMB, and then create "Tian An" incident, and use it as an excuse, in China around the frequent military exercises, but also to nuclear-powered aircraft carrier door open into the Yellow Sea in China, Gyeonggi Province. United States interference in the South China Sea affairs high-profile an attempt to internationalize the South China Sea issue. In order to achieve the objective of containing China, the United States to actively win over China's neighboring countries, the east in South Korea, Japan and other countries to establish military bases; Southeast actively soliciting and Vietnam, the Philippines and other countries, recently, is prepared to conduct joint military exercises with Vietnam, and the United States the most powerful war nuclear-powered aircraft carrier is also preparing for the machine; southwest India, the North win over Mongolia, together with U.S. troops in Afghanistan, the United States has formed a tight encirclement of China, the United States are constantly violating the core interest of China.

Blend in the United States, China plunged into an unprecedented crisis. Japan and South Korea in China's northeast, China's unprecedented military pressure exerted, the South China Sea more complicated, Taiwan independence, � independence, East Turkistan separatists forces rampant. The face of U.S. provocation, the Chinese people angry, and have asked to sink U.S. aircraft carriers.

(B) US-Vietnam military exercise provides a historic opportunity for China

Sink the U.S. aircraft carrier is a provocation against the United States an option, but not the best option. Now, the permanent occupation of Vietnam in order to achieve the purpose of the South China Sea, and actively colluded with the United States, hoping to rely on U.S. forces, while the U.S. need to Vietnam together to contain China, so hit it off. United States joint military exercises with Vietnam was, and also invited to participate in the U.S. nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. For this a serious provocation to China's core interest, if China does not make a difference to those who would violate China's core interests were delighted to see that those who violated China's core interests will be even more brazenly, will safeguard the core interests of China will not cause reversal of the damage. "Extremes meet, the situation improves," the more the military exercises the United States to break the current dilemma for China is also provided an excellent opportunity for China to seize this opportunity before the masters in the United States, the United States to attempt to use a heavy weight of the Vietnamese to fight, This will put the current complex surrounding environment becomes much simpler.

(C) Review of history

History always has a strikingly similar scene, Vietnam embrace self-respect is the history of the United States. After 67 years of the 20th century half of the South Vietnamese authorities continue to erode my occupying Paracel Islands, and other South Sea islands harboring territorial ambitions. January 11, 1974, the PRC Foreign Ministry spokesman issued a statement condemning the South Vietnamese authorities have wantonly violated China's territorial sovereignty, reaffirmed China's Nansha Sea, China and Saudi Arabia and East Sand Islands territorial sovereignty and the Chinese government will never allow South Vietnamese authorities for any violation of Chinese territorial sovereignty. South Vietnamese authorities that has the backing of the United States, despite the Chinese government's solemn warning, even further accelerated the erosion of the island to China.

The face of aggression against South Vietnam's crazy, in accordance with Chairman Mao Zedong ordered the PLA to the invading enemies by hitting a heavy blow to South Vietnam's expansionist authorities to maintain national territorial sovereignty, firmly in control of the Paracel Islands from China. Today, the Vietnamese government has inherited the mantle of the government of South Vietnam that year, continue to erode the South China Sea islands of aggression, the same, are actively lobbying for U.S., hoping to rely on U.S. forces, the permanent occupation of the South China Sea territories.

We can also recall the shelling of Kinmen last century the history of the PLA. That year, Taiwan's Kuomintang in the United States of support, active military provocation in the Taiwan Strait. In this context, Mao Zedong decided to shelling Quemoy, Kinmen garrison sea supply line was cut, the United States and Taiwan formed a joint naval fleet to escort. The face of a joint convoy of US-Taiwan, Mao Zedong ordered the first ships to fire the KMT in Taiwan, not to U.S. warships shelled a United States warship to hear cannons, immediately retreated beyond the range of the PLA artillery.

The genius of Mao Zedong is that neither the United States into the war, the war expansion, another blow to the United States and the arrogance of Taiwan's Kuomintang, smashed the attempts to separate Taiwan from the United States conspiracy. Why not the first attack U.S. warships, if attacked U.S. warships, the United States because the face relationship, inevitably will be involved in the war, the war expansion, the situation becomes more complex. Although the expansion of the Chinese people are not afraid of war, the Chinese people more love for peace, a war of choice. Master's face in the United States, the PLA has to rely on the United States down on weight of the Kuomintang army, take practical action to the United States and Taiwan's Kuomintang army and sends a message around the world, Chinese people are not afraid of U.S. threats, the master of the gunboat in the United States before, according to People's Liberation Army is fighting not errors. First of all, warned the United States, what can you not asylum, but also warned the United States who want to embrace the forces of gravity, the United States can not shelter them, the United States will not sacrifice their own interests to shelter them.

US-Vietnam military exercise today, and then South Vietnam on the Sea of aggression and have a combined fleet Chiang has striking similarities. First of all, today's Vietnam and then South Vietnam and Taiwan, the KMT would like to rely on the U.S. self-respect. Again, then and now, the United States did not do a good job of preparing full-scale war on China, but hopes to keep running dogs who cause trouble to China, to contain China's rise, he does not want to get involved. At that time, Mao Zedong, the President of South Vietnam against aggression and Chiang Sai Sha combined fleet of wisdom in dealing with the plight of today's China is still around reference.

(D) in the U.S. aircraft carrier in front of combat in Vietnam, the advantages of this strategy

1, beat the United States. U.S. aircraft carrier in the front against the Vietnamese, this can play in other moments can not be achieved. This has the advantage, first of all to beat the United States, the United States surface, China will not succumb to U.S. military pressure, in the United States under the protection of war machine, China is still dares to fight against those who challenge China's core interests. U.S. attempts to interfere in China's peripheral things in order to contain China's rise is futile.

2, will not pull U.S. intervention. Some people may worry that this will lead to U.S. intervention, this concern is unnecessary. First, the U.S. has failed to launch a war against China to prepare for, but hopes to create trouble in neighboring China, encroachment on China's interests to contain China's rise, as full control of China to prepare for the future, and the United States if China does not directly conflict with the U.S. does not seek to provoke war with China directly. Second, the United States bogged down in Iraq, Afghanistan, the quagmire of the war, shortage of troops. Third, the U.S. has failed to clear the way to a showdown with China completely, such as North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, in particular, to contain Russia. The United States worry that the outbreak of the Sino-US war, the rise of other international anti-American forces seized the opportunity, more will make Russia play off. The interests of the United States can not afford to Vietnam, disrupting its long-term strategic plan. This has moved from the war and fight to defend America and Chiang Sea Fleet by the fact that the joint inspection.

Russia's war in Georgia in 2008 also reflects the mentality of the United States.

Georgia is the United States and other Western countries, an important base to contain Russia, Georgia is eager to move closer to the United States and other Western countries, the United States active for Georgia to join NATO. Georgia thought that, with the backing of the United States, not to have fallen on the Russian polar bear looked down, hoping to fight, solve the problem of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, but wrong about the situation in Georgia, in Russia face of strong attacks, the United States and other Western countries do not have any substantive representation. Shortly after the war, the United States and other Western countries and Russia quickly to normalize relations in all aspects, even more than in the past. In American eyes, Vietnam is far from par, and Georgia, and Georgia and the United States and other Western countries, is quasi-alliance, is to contain Russia's an important piece, but also the implementation of the United States and other Western countries, a model of Western values, relative Vietnam for the United States did not like that important.

Relative sink the U.S. aircraft carrier, so can Sino-US full-scale war broke out. If China attacked the U.S. aircraft carrier, the United States is the world's number one military power, because face relations, the United States could declare war on China overall. The outbreak of war between the two big countries, will very cruel, that the expense of more people's lives, economic development will also be a great economic damage. Of course, China is not afraid of war, but it is necessary for the conduct of war, peace and development is always the first choice, of course, peace and development must not sacrifice long-term development of China's core interest expense.

In China, the United States around the collusion of many violations of China's core interests of the person, such as Korea, Japan, Malaysia and the Philippines. Relative Korea, Japan, the United States and Vietnam did not alliance, compared to Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam is infringing on China's core interests of the most active one, destroyed the lead of wolves, other wolves will quit. If China against South Korea, Japan, the United States as Japan and South Korea alliance, the United States may have been abducted into the war, and relatively Vietnam, are not a factor. So to combat in Vietnam, is the first choice for breaking the impasse before us.

3, against the Vietnamese occupation of the South China Sea scheme, the Chinese real sense of the exercise of sovereignty over the South China Sea islands. Similarly, the Vietnamese can understand the fact, relied on self-respect is not the role of the United States, the United States will not sacrifice their own strategic interests to shelter them, and only sit down before peace talks can maximize the benefits in Vietnam.

4, will not affect Sino-US relations and China's economic development. Against Vietnam, some people worry that the effect of the Sino-US relations, thus affecting the Chinese economy. United States and other Western countries, economic relations with Vietnam and China, far less than important, not the United States and other Western countries, pressure on the Chinese economy. China recovered Xisha year, has not affected the Sino-US relations, Sino-US relations began to ease still gradually warming up, in December 1975, President Ford was invited to visit China on Dec. 16, 1978, the two countries issued the Sino-US "Establishment of Diplomatic Relations", January 1, 1979, the two countries established diplomatic relations with Taiwan, the United States announced sever the so-called "diplomatic relations" and the withdrawal of a U.S. military during the year to terminate the U.S. Taiwan "Mutual Defense Treaty." Russia against Georgia, the fact that you can prove it, Besides, Vietnam to the United States and other Western countries, far less important in Georgia. Is possible with the deterioration of economic relations between ASEAN, which is temporary, controllable, because the Chinese economy and ASEAN countries right Yilai great, Li Kai of China, the ASEAN economies Jiuhuishoudao Hentai the Ying Xiang.

5, warning other attempts to collude violation of China's core interests of the United States, countries such as Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia, colluded with the U.S. forces, betray the interests of Taiwan independence, Chinese, Tibetan separatist, Xinjiang independence elements. China, in the presence of their American masters face a harsh crackdown on the U.S. I, so that they can destroy the illusion of the United States, although China is not directly against them, but they will learn from it, can make them understand the gravity is relying on the United States useless, the United States would not shelter them, also can not shelter them, can make peace around China, national security, you can also lay the foundation for peaceful reunification with Taiwan.

6, China's armed forces can effectively exercise. China's army has not fought 30 years, and now, the Chinese army, participated in the war little soldiers and commanders, and not through war, the army is very difficult to win a temper possible future full-scale war broke out, on paper is not possible to produce military strategist, and lasting peace to China, due to launch a limited war to training soldiers and commanders, test it war command system, is necessary.

U.S. aircraft carrier only to China's neighboring countries Zhuangzhuang Dan fills if these countries are encouraged, will be more blatant violation of China's core interests. If China is breaking up the courage they have been encouraged, destroyed the illusion that they rely on the U.S. weight will make the U.S. strategy of containing China will be seriously affected. Now, one out of the plight of the Chinese excellent opportunity before us, can seize the opportunity to test the level of Chinese wisdom.

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