China began to product "Terminator" helicopter, which can fire air-air missiles

China's Army Aviation helicopter fleet flying low altitude

China's Army Aviation helicopter fleet flying in formation

China began to product armed version of the Russian of M-171 helicopters, which can fire air-ground / air-air missiles

According to global strategic network of 15 reported that a Chinese factory has recently started production of M-171 helicopter. Report, this is not China, the Russian model of illegal copying, but a joint investment between the two countries. M-171 helicopter is basically a cheap transport, but adapted to be armed. The model is named "Terminator" (TheTerminator), came out in 1975 to -17 helicopter research and development of rice based on an export aircraft.

Report, said, "Terminator" helicopter weighs about 12 tons, can carry 4 tons load, 250 km to 590 km per hour sustained flight. The helicopter can tower contains three crew members, but also relocation of about 40 seats, but usually only placed 20. The armed version of the "Terminator" helicopters are armored personnel reinforced the district, capable of reaching the Dang Zidan and shrapnel attack. Usually, it is equipped with machine guns, rockets and bombs, but also fired eight 9M114 missiles or air-air missiles. Front-end on the side of a helicopter equipped with radar, avionics, usually Western products, which make it easily accepted by foreign customers.

It has been reported so far, Russia has exported hundreds of aircraft, "Terminator" helicopter. This machine is solid and cheap, priced at about 4 million to five million U.S. dollars between the more suitable for less affluent countries. The helicopter model aircraft completed early in 1998, since Russia has been trying to find foreign customers.

Two years ago, Russia and China signed an agreement, according to the agreement, China promised to stop the illegal use of Russian military technology. It appears that the new Sino-Russian "military-technical cooperation" agreement, the main role is to prevent China's export of its copies of Russian equipment, and stop competing with the Russian original product.

After signing the agreement, both sides immediately the helicopter made a number of interesting field of view. China and Russia agreed to sell six "snail" anti-submarine helicopters, and agreed to joint manufacturing in China may be the helicopter. Meanwhile, rice -171 aircraft deal to move forward quickly.

In addition, there are suggestions that Russia could be based on the existing Mi-26T (weight 20 tons, can take 80 passengers) joint production of large transport helicopters. Reported that there may be other joint development of the Sino-Russian trade, production and upgrade existing helicopters, the Russian design. The two sides are the basis of mutual benefit to start such cooperation, China can now produce low-cost transport aircraft in the country, its civil and military markets in great demand for such transport.

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