Satellite photos showed the project of Chinese 094 submarine was canceled or postponed

Chinese 094 submarine which circulated on the Internet

China Military Report: The U.S. IMINT&Analysis website which famous for exposing defense facilities of the countries in the world with GoogleEarth published an article on the 11th, said the latest shooting of Google satellite photographs show two 094-type submarines are quietly parked in Huludao terminal, the screen content 2007, a group of similar photos, which show 094 submarine project may be canceled or suspended and the reason is likely to be subject to the submarine to be equipped with the missile tests of waves -2.

The article said that out of the picture shows two Type 094 submarines, China is likely to announce that in May 2007 a group of photos of the submarine. In which a submarine in the three years does not appear to move, the missile launch tube still on an open state. This situation has on the development of China's 094 submarine project status into question.

U.S. Department of Defense that China may deploy five 094 nuclear submarines. What is certain is, at present China has built three of the submarine, two of them located in Huludao, the third ship was first found in September 2006 Xiaoping Island images. March 2009, this one or the other submarine back to square island, presumably in order to test submarine-based ballistic waves -2. Type 094 submarine has at least one stop in the southern Hainan Island, Sanya is located in the submarine port of call, which may indicate that the fourth ship of the Type 094 submarine has been completed.

However, the article points out, 094 submarine-production work or has stopped, or has been postponed. From 2006 to 2007, from photos of the outside world discovered the existence of three submarines, but in the following three years of the time it actually did not find any trace of the new submarine. This implies a submarine has been on hold up to three years of photos, is to support this contention.

At present, as what causes Type 094 submarine project delay or cancellation is still unknown. However, the waves -2 submarine-launched missile project delay is likely to be one of the reasons for this situation. In the first vessel 094 submarine has been proved that the submarine design and systems availability and performance of the case, the only remaining major reason may be submarine-launched ballistic missiles.

However, the article said, Type 094 submarine program may not be wrong, but may be parked in Huludao just waiting for the submarine crew or equipment arms. Similarly, being "set aside" the submarine may also find problems in the water, waiting for the maintenance of structure or system components. In any case, it seems that China will only be able to deploy four 094 submarines, rather than before the U.S. Department of Defense forecast 5.

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