the U.S. implementes once more the policy of gunboat diplomacy, trying to kill three birds with one stone

China Military Report: U.S. military recently insists on sending the aircraft carrier into the Yellow Sea bent, and the surrounding waters around China, a series of strategic plans, the reasons for the recent actions frequently can be attributed to "the U.S. had a cow"

In order to counter the Soviet Union and the United States have been calculated to win over China's anti-terrorism, but now, it will regard China as a challenger to its global hegemony. Although China has never threatened the U.S. national interest, but it is still hoped that China surpassed the United States does not want Chinese people to live a good life, "its imperial dreams not wake up, still stuck in the several centuries ago. It did not realize that Now is the era of the democratization of international relations. "

Peng Guangqian then concluded, the United States a replay of "gunboat diplomacy", using the historical problems of China's neighboring countries, exploit any tiny opening, swaggering around with impunity in China, the purpose is to "kill three birds." First, it hopes to use force to scare China and China have differences with the United States the issue of "circulars." Second, it wants control of China's neighboring countries such as Japan, Korea and Vietnam, so that they are the only relevant issue is the United States. Third, it wanted to penetrate into the deeper forces in Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia, the consolidation of the hegemonic system in the Asia Pacific region.

La Ruya Island on the United States, these Asian countries, General Peng is with the "asking for trouble and was eventually bitten by a wolf," the words to evaluate. He said: "They want to drag the United States come to balance China's influence growing but will eventually pay the price." As for the "price" is what the general said Peng, Japan and South Korea are not a normal country, they are not military command, always obey the United States, the United States receive a "protection fee", is bent on price.

In response to the question of how China, Peng General stressed the "train well in Internal Strength" importance. He said: "The Chinese do not say, as long as you can respond with action." And this action, including a strong own strength, diplomatic strategy to "not listen to scare", and to improve the ability to cope with uncertain events.

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