The Pentagon issued China's military report that China and U.S. are not destined to be enemies each other

16 pm local time, the Pentagon delayed release 5 months old "China's military and security development report in 2010." Although the Pentagon's annual report to Congress to increase China's "safe development" aspects, played down reports of gunpowder, but the overall content compared with previous years is still "a new name."

The biggest change this year's report is in previous years, the name of the "Military Power" to "the development of China's military and security report", this change is interesting. As the "safe development" concept broader speculation that the Pentagon intends to play down reports the smell of gunpowder. "Washington Times" quoted sources as saying earlier, the contents of the report reduced the military, to stress "soft power" of the global strategy for new thinking.

However, looking full 83-page report, compared with previous years, not much new content, mainly related to the development of the security situation in the Taiwan Strait, China's military buildup, China's military spending, the United States and many other aspects of military ties.

Report that in the past 30 years, China's economy has made great achievements, the pace of China's military modernization and scope have increased over the past decade. Report on China's contribution in the field of international affairs, welcomed. Commended the People's Liberation Army in peacekeeping, humanitarian assistance, disaster relief and to combat piracy and so contributed.

Reported that China's pursuit of other inputs make People's Liberation Army and regional blockades against intervention strategies. The report cites the United States in 2010 "Quadrennial Defense Review," the contents of that "China is the development and deployment of large numbers of medium-range ballistic missiles and cruise missiles, equipped with advanced weapons and new attack submarine, the growing performance of the remote air defense system, electronic and computer network attack against the power of advanced fighter aircraft and space system countermeasures. "The report also mentioned that China has developed plans for aircraft carriers.

Report, in 2009, economic and cultural ties across the Taiwan Straits continued to make significant progress, however, China's military power against the other side of the building increase. Situation across the Taiwan Strait military balance continued to tilt the mainland.

Reports that the Chinese military and security affairs has improved transparency, but how to use its growing military power is still uncertain. China's military and security matters in the limited transparency of the increased uncertainty and misunderstanding and miscalculation could.

The report cites the words of U.S. President Barack Obama, "Sino-US relations can not without disagreement and difficulty, but we are not destined to be enemies." Reported that continuous and reliable U.S. military relations will help achieve this goal, to reduce suspicion, enhance mutual trust and expand cooperation.

Since 2000, the Pentagon submitted to Congress each year the situation of the so-called annual report on Chinese military power. This year's report should be submitted in March 1, but the Pentagon has been issued without delay. "Washington Post" analysis, said China's exchange rate with the U.S. Treasury to postpone the report of the same, obviously this is the U.S. administration to make the overall situation from the United States and the unified plan. The newspaper also disclosed that the White House this year's report presents the views of larger changes that should prevent the release of more "may be undesirable" content.

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