U.S. aircraft carriers into the Yellow Sea, will become live target of the PLA

China Military Report: Recently the United States these actions is the first step in changing U.S. strategy toward China, "even if far from the strategy can be considered strategic change, which results in the win over China's poor, the right again turn to pressure China."

Air Force Command College professor, military theorist, Air Force Major General Qiao Liang in an interview with reporters of the U.S. military in the waters surrounding China's military deployment dynamics.

General Qiao Liang said: "The humiliation of China by the United States want to show the world who is more powerful countries, and encourage those who are equally worried about the rise of China to the Chinese national trouble." Moreover, he thinks there is another purpose of the United States, that since the financial crisis, the rapid decline of the U.S. image, "return to Asia" is the Obama administration to restore the world to the U.S. investment environment, the strength and image of the confidence trick chess.

The United States is an industrial hollowing out of the country, it is, the most powerful weapons in the U.S. dollar, but now the dollar has to rely on China, "feeding" would be more mobile Xing, so it could use the weapons on the military only Xia the.

But let the U.S. aircraft carrier entered the Yellow Sea, really humiliating and even neutralize China? Joe generals expressed doubts: "the eighties, former U.S. Secretary of Defense Weinberger said that once the aircraft carrier is floating in the sea a floating 'live coffin', and now the world's major powers are sinking aircraft carrier capacity. including China.

United States aircraft carrier entered the Yellow Sea, it's every move will be under surveillance in China, but to a training opportunity for the Chinese army and the live targets. Such bravado is laughable. Impossible to achieve the desired effect, would be counter-productive. "

Therefore, the Joe General that the United States is "'containment' of China, the Chinese form 'strategic encirclement'," saying not to worry: "At present, geopolitical and aerospace has been the Internet changed the speed, space has not become a strategy considered the most important issue.

The United States has no longer as a strategic geopolitical point of departure, or the only starting point of the. "He explained, although the neighboring countries have more or less concerns and interests of the Chinese plan, but the U.S. wants these countries put together into a ring of encirclement is not easy.

Even if the formation of a "dew Union", the Chinese have a certain drag and hysteresis effect, but ultimately vulnerable, "U.S. strategists do not believe that the role of encirclement." Besides pulling up such a big one encirclement, the United States could not afford its cost.

Insight into the U.S. in the calculations, the Qiao Liang generals that "China issued a statement is sufficient, no need to continue to protest, the United States just before a show in the world, we do not need the hard right, even no need to panic.'s Largest contempt is silent. "

For those of China, "Dancing with the United States," the neighbor, Joe generals bluntly "naive": "The United States joined hands with them just for their own interests. If one day they really conflict with China, the United States for their Huozhongquli, a helping hand extended it?

U.S. allies betrayed and betraying the precedent there? For these countries, regardless of China as a friend or enemy, but I fear, are neighbors, their development had to rely on China to drive, with China deteriorate and end up is bound to be hostile to China. In the great powers to play with fire, injury must be a small country, "said Joe General.

U.S. Air Force Major General Joe made reference to "Murphy's Law" to evaluate a new round of the United States, "fear of China Trends": "The more you think will happen the more likely the more you will be it when the enemy is more likely to become the enemy . to present the fastest growing economy in the world the best country completely into the opposite side, evidence that the U.S. fully understand China.

Obama and his government are too young, too immature, and neither patient has a lack of good sense, the ruling more than a year, its foreign policy swings magnitude, are far more than Clinton and Bush, that is enough prove it. For a big country, especially the superpowers, the swing is so deadly. "

However, Joe General on the future direction of Sino-US relations remain positive and optimistic attitude: "In any case swing, these are performances of Western politicians, at most performances for eight years. The beginning of each term regardless of when the U.S. government policy toward China is obstinately soft, and finally will return to calm and rational, to reopen dialogue with China.

After all, the world's 1.3 billion people and GDP of the country is the second step the United States is not a hurdle in the past. "He believes that this confrontation is just a process, it may last a year, but never more than in 2034.

"Sino-US confrontation, friction continued longer, the more the world to suffer, the United States would not immune. Because China is not Iran, North Korea, more than Iraq and Afghanistan, to deal with China instead of making art is not work, and eating only will collapse out of your front teeth. "

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