China began to adjustment policies, will put into action?

China Military Report: Hong Kong's "South China Morning Post" on August 12 article, the original question: China is more boldly declared its "core" benefits, but will put into action? 20 years, China has always followed a low-profile foreign policy, adhering to Deng Xiaoping's famous quote, "keeping a low profile." Now, with the growth of wealth and power, China increasingly bold on the world stage, its leader appeared to adjust its previous policy.

Recently, U.S. diplomats around the so-called "core interests" tit for tat war of words took place; the US-ROK joint military exercise held in a high profile, China has also conducted military exercises in the region. This shows that China's diplomacy has gradually leave the style of acting carefully, turn to become more aggressive. Some call "Low" era has ended.

There is no Chinese officials talk about "core national interest" means any specific, but the internal requirements of the PLA to defend the interests of the disputed area is growing.

For a long time, China and neighboring countries to comply with shelve disputed waters and joint development of natural resources policy. Analysts say China is now possible to expand the jurisdiction of the oceans. Why do this? People's Liberation Army Navy, a senior official has said that with the expansion of the national economic interest, the Navy wants to better safeguard the national security of the main channel.

From the outside, even more worrying is that the next will be. Beijing will be more frequent use of the concept to be extended to cover other controversial areas such as human rights, the RMB exchange rate and the problems related to national security? Such issues have recently been raised again and again.

On this concern, mainland scholars not agree. They said the "core national interests" will be limited to the sovereignty and territorial integrity.

St. Antony's College, Oxford University, China analysts have warned that the sharp students increasingly determined to express the core interests of the approach would "lead to a strong negative reaction region, will harm China's peaceful rise." He said: "It is true that China is the largest countries, but not the only big country. Under such circumstances, China's best to pay attention to ... ... every move will lead to a rebound in international politics, and even chain reaction. "

China People's University of Jin that from the historical point of view, any rise in the country with the increase in strength, will promote its own national interests, and China. The world should be used to increase China's global influence. China more prosperous, well developed - but, as to whether Beijing is no longer a low profile and to take safeguard action, is still hard to say.

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