China must go through a "Georgia-style" war!

China Military Report: Response to the crisis, meet the challenge. This year, the U.S. force in our day upon day, from the bilateral economic and trade, pushed to the value of our currency from arms sales to Taiwan pushed to the South China Sea dispute, from preaching the China threat theory to direct disguise, this means more variety, turns battle, turns endlessly. This fully reflects the economic crisis of U.S. imperialism in the badly hit under the shaky, crazy signs of struggling. U.S. imperialism killed my intention, its superpower status in the fall of the occasion of the forthcoming performance even more.

North Korea was poor, so afraid of bombing, to a booming Chinese economy on the carrier's fear is real and urgent work, so, as an economic and political capacity to both the serious decline in the U.S. to bail out only through the present is still dominance military force to pressure China pay the price for its economic crisis. Aircraft carrier to the Yellow Sea today, is continued in recent years the United States unsuccessfully for appreciation the results of a diplomatic means, political means, economic means neither the inevitable result of work. Double strong meet, their territories, they dare Sword who wins!

China has just lowered the yuan's value, which is a silent diplomacy and even military stance meant: you will not let me give military threat, it will be counterproductive. This initiative, more than any sort of diplomatic statements are more powerful at the same time, also shows that the Chinese carrier to the Yellow Sea in order for the representation of the economic issues are no longer back room. There is no back room, means that only forward. "I could not give, if you give, we will continue; If you do not let me, we see bumper!"

Way back in 2008 the war with Georgia, before many years, Russia has repeatedly stumble in the United States set the trap where even former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has told the Russian promise to: "(ABM system) you do not have money, you engage in can not afford, but since we are dealing with. "tease tease the old rival, the Americans very happy smile. Georgia, embraced the United States in the thigh, the most Huan Russia accused. But never lean camel dead than Martha, even poorer than Russia, beheaded a small country like Georgia, or as overkill. Three days and two nights, Sanxialiangxia, the war ended, all the stereotypes. Although the Americans called Huan, could face a huge geographical gap, or can not fulfill its lies. Russia get rid of this insidious in the United States around the most disgusting lackeys, neat, almost without paying any diplomatic, economic, and military costs. Can be said to win in! Americans feel powerless and frustrated, powerless and unable to go to war with Russia, really, it only pocketed bitter.

Today, U.S. imperialism, economic, political double-declining. Only the military has stuck in Iraq and Afghanistan, sending the aircraft carrier threat is ass bravado China, and China has not the courage to face a decisive battle, it is not the strength. Stress the intention is obvious. Stress China on major international affairs, the only follow the leadership, stress the economic crisis in China to the United States pays the bill.

Aircraft carrier to the Yellow Sea, is not to sink in. Because the Yellow Sea, after all, the high seas, the United States would not violate international law, violation is a big country with great power relations in the unspoken rules, that is, only to fight proxy wars, not hands-on features. Should the sinking of its, that our fleet after sailing in any waters, have no way to guarantee that the attacks against Americans. It is for this reason the Americans boldly into the Yellow Sea before.

Aircraft carrier to the Yellow Sea, military means can not be used directly, but use the side of the military means, such as exercises. But these actions, and not to frighten Americans enough. Placing it in the international perspective point of view, China's recent collapse of 30 years, the Americans lost most fragmented allies, who have friendly relations with neighboring countries on the little friendship by the United States are many, the encirclement of China has become more few countries active as anti-China vanguard role as Georgia, like Russia.

China needs a "Georgia-style" war. On the one hand to avoid a premature showdown with the United States, the passive situation, is like the World Cup, the final encounter before the two most powerful best. On the other hand changes in the principal contradiction, the eradication of anti-around pioneer in the United States to other countries and regions illusions as to the strongest warning. Chinese people should not be afraid of the "China threat theory", should be afraid of the "China no threat." China really have a threat, but nobody dared say, for fear of being beaten. It is because China no threat, or not a threat, so people dare to say that, because that was not what happens.

The background of the Georgian-style war, the United States and its opponents both ability and willingness to rival no direct hands-on, and willing to fight proxy wars. This war is characterized by long-term patient was beaten hands-party party location close to both sides, beyond the reach of the Americans. Another point is that this war must be neat, making stirring, not sufficient time to respond to U.S. imperialism. Finally, this war must be thoroughly beaten the national resistance overwhelming emotions, forever cautious.

China has 30 years of no actual combat, variety of domestic self-developed weaponry has not been verified actual combat, command systems, communications systems are not the test of actual combat, combat effectiveness and whether they can adapt to the new era of new warfare mode, which are need a war. If Sino-US final battle is inevitable, at least, we have to come in before the war, engaged in several real swords and spears of the exercises, warm-up Caixing.

China and the U.S., Americans rely on consumer goods in China, the mutual penetration of the two economies have decided to Sino-US relations in the present circumstances, no better where to go, too bad no where to go, there are a lot of flexibility space. A Chinese director of the Georgia-style war, the Americans have no alternative.

As to who is Georgia? The country must and we have the feud, to reality, pose a certain threat to us, we must actively act as anti-vanguard, must not powerful enough to combat, there is not enough to be a strong national spirit, and finally, to be around us, our fingertips and.

Who is this country that in the end? I do not say you mention.

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