So far can not explain: the seven enigma in world's military history

The impression that war given us is nothing but smoke, numerous casualties... However, in the smoke and the casualties, there are many little-known history and is still baffling military mystery, waiting to be opened answers.

1, the outbreak of a nuclear war prehistoric?

Indian ancient epic "Mahabharata" has been recorded took place in the Ganges River in two ancient wars, the war scene was shocking: "heroic Atewatan, launched Ageniya arms ... ... to issue such weapons terrible burning and wind, making the earth was moving, boiling water, enemy soldiers were burned to death instantly, as burning coke in the trunk ... Gurka to the enemy launched a fireball, it has the force of the universe, red hot towering columns of smoke, its brightness like the sun ... 10,000 people and livestock are being burned to death, food, and stained LPS ... "

For thousands of years, people have is that it is "Mahabharata" This author of the world's longest poem, "with a poetic exaggeration." However, when the U.S. military in Japan in 1945, dropped two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, many researchers have suddenly realized that: This poem is simply a description of eyewitness account of the atomic bomb!

Recently, archaeologists discovered a number of the Ganges River has become the scorched earth of the ruins, and rock debris all bonded together. Physics tell people: whether forest fires or volcanic eruptions, which produced the Earth's surface temperature can not be made entirely of rock melting, bonding, only the nuclear explosion to reach this temperature. Even more surprising is that many of the ancient battlefield of ancient stone products actually were all glass, this contemporary nuclear test site to see the "glass rock" exactly the same.

A · former Soviet nuclear physicist in the Ganges River unearthed an ancient Indian remains. After determination found so far surviving the ancient body 50 times higher than normal radioactive residue remains!

2, Han had incorporated the Roman Legion it?

In May 53 BC, Roman general Crassus rate Expeditionary Force Crusade rest of Central Asia countries.

Cavalry to the Roman soldiers rest in peace country into deep desert, suddenly repelled the attack and fought the Roman cavalry a surprise. Crassus was killed in battle, killed his son led his troops to open a way to survive under the east breakthrough. A year later, they mysteriously disappeared in the territory of western China.

In 1955, British military historian German efficiency Jian in his "ancient Chinese city of Rome," a book that: Should this Roman legions were eventually defeated the Han army and incorporated, the Han Chan Tong called them placed in a "plow Hin city" city. In addition, the Australian scholar David also has been confirmed that reached the same conclusion.

March 1983, Chinese and foreign scholars on a newly discovered precious BC 9 years under the guidance of the ancient map, found in the vicinity of Gansu Yongchang Biographical had lived blond hair and blue eyes and high nose foreigners " sites. " However, it is the German efficiency Jian in "the Roman City in Ancient China," a book described as "plow Hin City" do? Han If the incorporation of the Roman legions, and specially set up for them a "SAR", why in China are all in the history books do not have any record?

3, The sudden disappearance of the army why?

December 5, 1945, the United States Air Force Base, Florida, Lieutenant Taylor led a squadron of fighter jets flying to the coast of Florida for flight training mission, and soon, Lieutenant Taylor tower received an emergency call: "We lost ... ... ... ... abnormal seem to have a mysterious power in the guidelines that we ... ... we got into the sea, gone ... ... "

Starting from the next day, for weeks, the U.S. military spent more than 300 aircraft, four warships and several submarines began a blanket search, but not only found no survivors, the aircraft did not even find pieces together and a little bit traces of oil - Lieutenant Taylor and his squadron on the flight that led from the world so miraculously disappeared.

Similarly, other countries have repeatedly caused the disappearance of the military group: 1711, 4000 Spanish troops stationed in the mountains waiting for reinforcements sent with Nepal. However, reinforcements arrived the next morning and found the camp fire is prosperous, horses, guns are all intact, but before the presence of 4,000 soldiers here have all disappeared. 1915, Gallipoli in Turkey, a regiment of the U.S. military is a hill climb, local people saw them into the mountains of clouds, but clouds dissipated, the entire group of officers and men have all disappeared totally, the number of people looking for months, always to no avail.

The disappearance of more than three are recorded in Spain, Turkey and the United States military history.

4, Roosevelt intends to let the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor?

Dec 7, 1941, Sunday, before dawn, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor a sudden maneuver forces, the U.S. Pacific Fleet suffered heavy losses. U.S. President Roosevelt at once both houses of Congress and the nation's military support, decided to Germany, Italy, Japan declared war.

After the war, the United States with reporters Yuehantuolan the "scandal: Inside Pearl Harbor," asserted that President Roosevelt had to be deciphered from the Japanese radio that: the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor will be. But since then the United States are not willing to volume Ruou Ya war, so President Roosevelt deliberately withheld this information deliberately to the Japanese strike first to unify the country's determination to go to war against Japan. Any of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor then fly military commander Yuan Tianjin Xiong in his "attack on Pearl Harbor," a book also holds the same view, because "Roosevelt in the Dec. 7 meeting with Chinese Ambassador Hu said: I have a premonition, 48 hours, the event will occur is not good! "

Well, Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt do to so many of advanced aircraft, warships, and the lives of thousands of soldiers to take the bait to do to "provoke" the American people, so that the United States entered the war it?

5, Hitler why let go 340,000 British and French troops?

May 10, 1940, Hitler launched in Europe, "lightning war", British and French forces defeated in a dozen days, to withdraw to Dunkirk in France called the small triangle. The former is a boundless sea, after a German pursuers, even if the Last Stand, but also escape the destruction of the disaster.

However, on May 24, Hitler, under the one who actually can not understand the command: stop the chase. Because he's the order, British and French forces won the three days of valuable time, fled by boat to Dunkirk.

Why did Hitler become Wengzhongzhibie ordered the freeing of the British and French troops? This became a major war in the history of strange mystery.

Way of saying is: Hitler deliberately let go of the British, will be able to successfully reach a peace agreement with the United Kingdom; another way: the German air force commander Hermann Goering jealous army exploits, Hitler ordered the army to persuade to stop chasing, by the He commanded the Air Force to bomb the British and French troops; there is a saying: Dunkirk in the swamp, Hitler's army tank in order to avoid the loss of only ordered to give up pursuit; final argument is: Hitler the gambler psychology at work, he afraid to win too much, too soon but will lose to chop and change. How it was only about Hitler himself clear.

6, the first Soviet atomic bomb developed?

Military history circles that the United States in July 1945 test of an atomic bomb in human history of the first atomic bomb. However, in recent years, some experts soon according to decrypt the files, that the Soviet Union is the first atomic bomb manufacturer.

In 1938, Stalin was informed that the German atomic bomb is trial, then ordered the atomic bomb in the Siberian wilderness setting experimental base. September 1943, he received a base for urgent telegram: will on September 10 outbreak in an unmanned island, the first atomic bomb. Stalin, Malenkov rate immediately sent to senior officers. Fengyun atomic bomb is very small, only the United States dropped on Hiroshima atomic bomb 1 / 10 equivalent. Physicists 彼德尔萨克 underestimated its power, the blast did not enter the concrete bunker, it would become the first victim of the atomic bomb, the bodies blown to no trace. Later, the Soviet Union had interrupted the development, until it exploded in 1949 a 20,000 tons TNT equivalent of the atomic bomb.

Why did not Stalin was eager to develop the atomic bomb? That nuclear explosions had kept secret the former Soviet Union military why? Is true or just a rumor?

7, why fly to enemy fighters in Iraq Iran?

In 1991, the Gulf War, something strange occurred: 26 January, Iraq has more than 100 advanced combat aircraft and bombers traveled to the previous 8 years fighting the war adversaries - Iran.

The incident has aroused great interest of national military and speculation: that is a common enemy in order to deal with the United States, Iraq and Iran put the past aside, signed a secret agreement to allow Iraqi aircraft flew to Iran from the U.S. military to destroy , and then returned to Iraq after the war; 2 that killed two of Saddam's unprovoked air force commander, a number of Iraqi troops dissatisfaction, preparing a coup, but unexpectedly became public, they flew the Air Force would have fled to Iran, seeking asylum; 3 is U.S. Air Force in Iraq have been hit hard, the great fear, then cut and opened a small difference ... ...

After the incident, has said Iran would return after the war of all aircraft and pilots, but later changed their mind and say that these aircraft will serve as the Iran-Iraq war reparations, not returned. One of the insider and the mystery and is still a mystery. (From China Military Report )

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