Look! What have the Americans spend Chinese money for on earth?

At present, a peacefulness in China, but you have not noticed: wolf, has been to China's doorstep. We must always guard against ah, the Chinese use the expense of the ecological environment and the life of the U.S. dollar failed to be implemented, people spend the money we arm ourselves and turn to our doorstep challenge.

First, Americans spend how much money the Chinese people?

At least 10 trillion yuan. China only invest in Fannie and Freddie funds for the two companies over 370 billion U.S. dollars, equivalent to 2.5 trillion yuan; If then the equivalent of more than 10 trillion yuan of bonds converted into U.S. equities, through legal procedures, " reasonable and legal "to be presented to the United States, that number has more. The United States is just the open flow of wealth, through the financial derivatives market "over the counter" is unknown financial underground passage, the flow of how much the wealth of the United States, although we can not know, but from the financial crisis in Merrill Lynch and other financial behemoths crashing down because, we can infer that it would be a more soul-stirring numbers! "Naked officials" did not bring in paying the money into account.

Just go down the drain 2.5 trillion invested a million in a village, you can make 25,000 villages in China to achieve the overall well-off, where the verge of bankruptcy to agriculture to support them and take the ecological cycle of agricultural road, breaking away from chemical fertilizers and pesticides , herbicide, plastic sheeting, transgenic, additives, also the 25 000 villages and beautiful ecological environment, the state can produce excellent health, environment, healthy food, do not listen to those people Cheat Government: increasing food production is only genetically modified. In fact, the lack of Chinese farmers is money! Food comes from farmers, not those kinds of agricultural experts, nor what Monsanto species. Chinese farmers do not want the land, also for the money!

Second, is the United States also prepared to further our money?

Including Mr Greenspan, has a number of U.S. politicians say China, the United States do not have to repay the money borrowed. China's bond issue in the United States will face a significant loss, a big if. Will typically go down the drain. China is a U.S. military power, spent a lot of money, which is in fact the United States lent encouragement and support this war machine.

Chinese officials before the media said that China is very concerned about their safety of the assets in the United States, Americans answered: is safe. So everyone says is safe, and this is entirely self-deceiving mind, self-deception.

The United States continue to put pressure on China to revalue its currency. Although the surface resistance in China, in fact, the appreciation of the yuan continues, but rate of appreciation is not to satisfy the United States. With the appreciation of the renminbi, the U.S. national debt in our hands constantly shrinking, Americans have said they would not also Chinese money, Chinese money, even if the United States, they do not know what year and what month wait? Chinese money is essentially "beating a dog with a meat bunbr, never return!" This is a great national blood, we can stop their wounds it?

If 100 years ago, the Western powers in China and Japan to pay war reparations, was forced to, then this time we give people their money voluntarily, and the year to avoid losing much more.

Third, with the Chinese people's money to build weapons of war in the doorway of provocation

X-37B demonstrated that the United States over the past two decades the outcome of aerospace technology development, has become a pioneer in launching the war in space, suggesting a "space weaponization" program has been launched. As nuclear proliferation has entered the fast period, curbing nuclear proliferation has been possible. Reality shows for decades of nuclear proliferation has been quietly engaged in, has never been reversed. With the increasing number of nuclear states, nuclear weapons in countries the role of national security will gradually decrease, the United States will therefore pay more attention to "non-nuclear deterrence." Quick-strike capability with global space plane, the United States a new "killer." X-37B is said to be within 2 hours all the targets to combat global.

Recently, the U.S. aircraft carrier to the Sea of Japan, Washington drove military exercise, but also to China's Yellow Sea and South Korea joint military exercises, an open provocation to China's sovereignty.

U.S. man-made X-37B and aircraft carrier money, is by the Chinese people, they are not ready yet, and fighting a war can be accounted repudiate.

Fourth, money from the Chinese people defeated the country's agriculture and soybean

China's soybean industry across the United States to abnormalities of transgenic soybean cheap, cheap to avoid the local Chinese in lower production costs. U.S. genetically modified soybeans Why so cheap? U.S. government grants only, where grant money to? China's 10 trillion yuan in the hands of others, first with a repeat. 100% of the soybean market and other Chinese Americans account for all the time, China can buy less expensive soybean? The answer is no, unless you do not eat tofu.

2008, China imported 37,440,000 tons of soybean, is the domestic production of 2.4 times, 49.3% of total world imports. 2009, imports increased to 42.55 million tons, resulting in the backlog of 5 million tons of soybean treasury. More intensified in 2010, imports of soybean continuous refresh on record, only 6 months to import 6.3 million tons, total imports during the first half of the 25.9 million tons, up 17.2%. This trend will import this year, more than 50 million tons of soybean 超过! As imports of genetically modified soybean prices down, CIF dropped from 3,400 yuan per ton is about 3,800 yuan, 3,740 yuan per ton and the domestic soybean price compared to purchasing and storage , domestic soybean crush on higher raw material costs businesses hundreds of dollars.

Side is the high cost of raw materials, side impact of low soybean meal, double the attack of the domestic soybean crushers left to die. Heilongjiang now 68 almost all of the above-scale oil extraction enterprises stop production.

The miserable situation of Chinese soybean farmers the contrary, China's soybean industry, the blood loss was "fat" U.S. farmers, U.S. agricultural giant Monsanto also brought profits rolling. Monsanto in 2009 Xinhua reported, due to genetically modified soybean and corn seeds greatly increased sales revenue, setting a record high; gross profit reached 2.521 billion U.S. dollars, up 14%. 2010 With the significant increase in imports, Monsanto's revenue will further increase!

5, using Chinese money to maintain their high consumption

The United States has a high consumption and high debt model of coexistence, its international balance of payments current account deficit accounted for 65% of the world, why is the United States has always been "not bad money," then? Some people say that China is a poor country, the United States the rich countries, but China is in the "borrow money" to the United States, how could this happen? be such a strange thing happens happens, they consume, due to the Chinese people's money, and do not appreciate, death has never been my heart not died. U.S. holds less than 5% of the world's population but consumes 20% of the earth's oil, while China also like them to spend more, will need four planet (the two figures are multiplied by 4). Very simple, Americans do not want the Chinese people had a good day on their way, they will find ways to contain China's development, or even resort to extreme measures, such as the extinction of the Earth "junk" population.

Sixth, the United States with Chinese people to help the United States defeated China

CAST to a report in 2008, since 1985, Tsinghua University, 80% of high-tech graduates to the United States, Peking University, the proportion was 76%. Students studying abroad is a good thing, but the problem is that most science and engineering Ph.D. repeat walk "in the U.S. looking for work - to obtain a visa - apply for a green card - for naturalization as American" road. 2008 U.S. "Science" magazine put Tsinghua University, Beijing University as "a most fertile American doctoral training base." Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in the "2007 Global Politics and Security" in recognition of: the number of China's loss of top talent in the world at the top.

Moved in 1979 after the reform and opening up about 6 million overseas Chinese. According to the U.S. "National Science Council" statistics, about 35% of current U.S. science and engineering PhD from the foreign born, and these foreign born, 22% from China.

In 2004 the United States will send Mars rover, Rover's chief engineer Landing System Jun Li Wei, director with the planned flight Chenzhe Hui are Chinese-born Chinese; But in China, currently only in the phase of the moon exploration vehicle.

Currently, the number of overseas Chinese students still have amazing, more than 100 million mark. As of 2008, mainland China deployed a total of 1.4 million students, but only 39 million people in return.

United States, the famous management theorist Tom. Peters said this to say: "Silicon Valley is a big secret cleverly stealing third world human resources. Perhaps the locals are in Silicon Valley have left, but gradually moved into the Indians and Chinese, their role is not just simply pick up the slack. "

7, guard against traitors comprador comeback

Rare Earth suggests that it is very rare strategic materials. After a crazy without planning and illegal mining, the scarcity of its resources has been in 20 years China will be adopted without rare earth. After the Gulf War, only to witness the people, the modern high-tech weapons of the powerful. The rare earth high-tech weapons can not be separated.

When the sale of Rare Earth in China, when desperate, the United States closed the country's rare earth mines. The United States received a large number of low prices of strategic commodities earth. It is no exaggeration to say: China's military power the United States, made an indelible contribution to the very great. Once an armed confrontation between China, then China's accurate and powerful striking force which the Chinese people themselves are a significant contribution to the credit of China's rare earth.

Who cheap sold the rare-earth Americans ? So that they develop deadly weapons against China?

Transgenic technology in the world suffered non-sealing interception, the Chinese experts are busy introducing genetically modified the technology into the staples, so that Americans continue to earn the money the Chinese people will be left to health risks and ecological disaster in China. 170 years, China's comprador traitors is to help the British in this way will get the Chinese opium, until out of hand.

Those who will be the first to become a traitor? Are friends of the: first one is the "bare officers", these people hold in the country is certain resources and power, they have the power in the country, in the United States assets and loved ones, their most affordable worsening of relations between China and the United States can not, of course, such people can easily become a traitor.

Second, is likely to be the person who took funds from overseas. The so-called domestic economic think tank, having received funding from abroad has been put off after a very unfavorable to the study of China, for example, two years ago the Institute issued a "Cancel China, 18 million mu of arable land red line" of the report , there are some people in the domestic non-GM crops is still preached, all people to heart, as these objective are together, you can deny these objective facts behind the type of transaction without any traitors exist?

Third, the Chinese Internet, there are a number of obvious manipulation of the so-called intellectuals in the United States, that "five cents a party." In this issue, the "patriotic", "nationalism" have different views to those who hate evil, but also have a great suspicion, only that they will put the "Patriot" as "thieves." "Patriotic guilt" is not a traitor thinking what is it? (From China Military Report )

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