U.S. military command has almost been take away by Chinese missile

According to the United States, "Union of Concerned Scientists," reported that since the 90s from the 20th century, China's various uses of the tactical missile development and production has made rapid development in the international market impact also achieved good results.

China's foreign exports Eagle series anti-ship missile has a larger warhead, mainly for attacks such as cruisers, amphibious assault ships, aircraft carriers and other large surface ships. These missiles close to the target, the maneuver can be done, there their stealth capabilities, penetration ability. China YJ -81 90 missiles became famous in the 20th century, was Iran, Pakistan and other countries have adopted. Iran's air force attack even Ying hung in US-made missile -81 F-4E fighter-bombers, has become to contain the activities of U.S. warships in the Persian Gulf weapon.

It was reported that during the 2003 Iraq war, Iraq U.S. warplanes bombed a clever dodge, burning his boats to use the mobile launch vehicles, suddenly the U.S. military command in Kuwait launched YJ -6 shore-ship missiles. Although the parameters of input error, the missile destroyed a U.S. military headquarters just a few tents and radar antenna, but still the U.S. 3rd Mechanized Infantry Division commander cold sweats.

Anti-ship missiles, compared with China's Red Arrow -8 anti-tank missile is a popular commodity in the international market. These missiles, Brazil, Pakistan, a lot of live firing tests, expensive to conduct such large-scale missile firing test, which is unique in the world.

A high price in return confirmed, China's Red Arrow -8 anti-tank missile is highly reliable, powerful, world-class.

Pakistan Army has purchased more than 3,000 pieces of relief that the missile as a strategic reserve, it was imitation, and to his "revision" of the Red Arrow missile was renamed the Green Arrow. According to reports, it has been in the 500 meters external to the missile to hit T-72 main battle tanks, "decapitated", shows its great power.

Chinese tanks equipped with Pakistani forces

According to Pakistan's "national defense issue," reported that the face of increasingly large-scale Indian army, the only "quality win excellent" dress up the Pakistan Army had to accelerate the pace of new tanks, while China provided 85 Ⅱ AP has become the main battle tanks, Pakistan One of the core of Army modernization.

85 Ⅱ AP all-welded conventional tank turret, this turret can be controlled by the computer to move the gun with the line of sight. The tank is equipped with a 125 mm smoothbore gun's equipped with a tungsten alloy in 2000 m distance away from the 460 mm thick enough to puncture armor, power and the U.S. military used depleted uranium M1A2 tanks par. This means that it can puncture the world almost all active-duty armored main battle tanks. 85 Ⅱ AP tanks have an "eye fast chips," the ability of its digital fire control system so that the movement of 2,000 meters can accurately hit moving targets from the outside, it takes less than 6 seconds, 85 Ⅱ AP turret front armor The bullet-proof capacity greater than 600 mm, the Indian army is equipped with most of the tanks were unable to use conventional ammunition to its breakdown.

Pakistan army that, 85 Ⅱ AP main battle tanks in the fire, fire control systems, night fighting capabilities and protective performance are superior to Indian's T-72 tanks, the T-72 mobility with roughly the same, its overall performance in the T- 72 above. It has the latest counter Indian T-90S tanks to capacity, and tactics in the context of the implementation of a variety of complex combat missions, and 85 Ⅱ AP less than the price of main battle tank tank T90S 1 / 3. India armored tanks for 85 Ⅱ AP will not get rid of its short-term piece of heart disease.

U.S. kowtow to the Chinese artillery

According to the U.S. "mercenaries" magazine, Kuwait, the U.S. Army to start off with a number of joint exercises, so the U.S. military offensive, the "KLA little brother" every time we use ultra long-range artillery to suppress and disrupt their attacks, in particular, is on the battlefield in Iraq have gained M109 self-propelled guns, tend to be the KLA cannon group H was "not a mouth." Gengrang the U.S. military can not accept is that the KLA's weapon was not manufactured in Russia or Europe, but China's defense industry's masterpiece - PLZ-45 artillery.

In 1997, Kuwait tender to purchase equipment, two battalions of artillery, the United States forced the KLA to buy only their M109A6 artillery, but the KLA arsenal has long been the U.S. piles of goods, based on consideration of scattered sources of weapons, Kuwait for the first time the United States say "no", for including China PLZ-45 artillery guns, including six new tender. At that time the trial court in the Chinese artillery, a presiding judge of the U.S. experts would like to get closer observation of PLZ-45 self-propelled artillery of power, he carried the film equipment to stay about 30 kilometers from the region, they would never so far away, because in his recollection, the U.S. M109A6 artillery hit very hard for 30 kilometers. Ultimately to carry him out of Kuwait, the soldiers are busy divvying up the danger zone, until when the Chinese artillery roar, the expert through a telescope and found that the shells landed across the sky about 39 km target area, he could not help but for their own behavior was scared.

China's 155-mm artillery shells also has very powerful features, the U.S. 155-mm grenades filled with TNT explosives, the amount of 6 kg, 8.6 kg in China is high B-type explosives, fragments can produce more and higher number of fragments flying speed, explosive power of about 3 times the U.S. grenades. It is because of the excellent performance of Chinese artillery, Kuwait not only the contract to China, also in 2001 purchased an additional 27 PLZ-45 self-propelled artillery. Now, Kuwaiti artillery in the Persian Gulf region's most air forces, as PLZ-45 self-propelled artillery guns have the ability to vanquish the U.S. military.

China's foreign trade of firearms like the Americans

According to the U.S. "top gun" magazines, the Soviet AK-47 series specifications rifle has been the civilian gun market in the United States, "famed", many countries have come up with its own replica of trying to "piece of the action." But the "top gun" magazine as an expert vision that both the design accuracy, reliability, structural movement, or the guns look, feel and so on, Chinese products are the best, even the Russian manufacturers can not match.

China has been developed based on AK-47 56-style rifles of foreign trade to manufacture glass fiber butt, not only to reduce the guns weight, but also with the tastes of modern American gun enthusiasts. Las Vegas at the annual Association of American civil firearms competitions, with a Chinese-made Type 56 rifles will be new light, because it is a symbol of status and taste.

In addition, China has also invested to the U.S. market, a care-free 86 rifles, rifle AK-47 rifle with a large number of components, but the internal structure are quite different. It abolished the butt, even left-handed skilled hands can operate. Americans did not expect the Chinese AK-47 rifles will develop to this level, once sought after crazy, but the rifle is a limited market they hoped to accomplish by a small number.

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