the U.S. economy is difficult to be rescued, the U.S. military adventurism should be prevented

China Military Report: The United States frequently in recent military exercises in waters around China, but his swagger around in military power on the large contrast, the recent deterioration of the U.S. economy, and by the depth of a radical adjustment difficult. Chinese are prepared to have arranged a series of recent military exercise, military officials also warned that it is hoped that the United States not to engage in military adventures.

Article excerpts are as follows:

Recently the United States frequently in the waters around China to conduct military exercises and activities, to prove safety of China's intentions very clear. As the Chinese military sources said, the United States is still playing the hegemony, unilateralism and gunboat policy, would like to continue to dominate the world and to contain the heart of China, all too clear. Before full of sweet talk that we should strengthen cooperation, launched the "stakeholder" and G2 such gimmicks, in fact, few benefits, but would like to lure China plunged into the trap, not succeed it is exposed ferocious Figure poor dagger.

However, the contrast between their swagger around in military power on a great person, the recent deterioration of the U.S. economy, regardless of employment, the property market, exports and consumption in all key areas, performance has a tendency to decline, GDP growth forecasts for the parties to gradually lowered into a double on the increased by the end of the expected recession, the general estimate that this opportunity has been there for two to three percent.

Side the United States at this time, economists and politicians are rarely good policy on how to ride out the storm, and still arguing about this varies, indeed whack. Academic business of government should extend financial support to the implementation of the second stimulus package, and the Federal Reserve should increase the water distribution, which have a tendency to separate poles.

However, emotions aside, whether or not to the United States had the means to significantly strengthen the monetary or fiscal expansion policy. At the same time, politicians are on whether the funding to support employment, and how to tax increases or tax cuts wrangle. Strain unable to no party, is today a major U.S. economic decision-making ills.

Of course, the plight of the U.S. economy from the long-term accumulation, it has been ill, and by the depth of a radical adjustment difficult. But the U.S. is still playing for time, that reliable live print money, as implemented under the lead of Europe in Germany, warrior arm, scraping the meat to heal completely adjusted to slash its debt finance to reduce the deficit, if we hold on through this robbery, can stand up again after a few years, while the United States with feet of clay in an increasingly mired in delays, and eventually unable to extricate themselves.

In fact the U.S. economy is facing a number of deep crisis. First, the weight is difficult for debt: total debt has more than 14 trillion U.S. dollars which is roughly equivalent to GDP, and also on the rise.

Second, the property market default, repossession ratio of multiple policy support continues to rise, property prices fell again in danger, is responsible for supporting the property market, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and other state-owned enterprises, has stretched a helping hand to the Ministry of Finance Zaishi . Federal Reserve to prop up the market to buy in more than one trillion U.S. dollars by credit-related securities, has been difficult to deal with, so the second time quantitative easing recent operation, also did not want to rush the purchase.

Third, the high level of unemployment. The post-recession recovery has proved to be as some U.S. commentators have said "unusual" slow, or have years of employment can be restored. There are estimates in the official statistics of nearly 15 million unemployed, there are nearly 6 million want to work to find a job because of disappointing those who stopped, and over 8 million part-time and want to switch long-term workers underemployed.

Fourth, aging infrastructure, lack of investment, according to American Society of Civil Engineers estimates that the next five years to spend two thousand billion dollars in infrastructure repairs and expansion, while the stimulus package in the special fund only 80 billion U.S. dollars.

Face of the economic mess, the United States should rigorously enforce the regulation convergence domineering honestly, if The Great Revival of its strength should be saved the day. But the United States does not take this road unexpectedly poor soldiers in the force on the redemption even further, also went to China in front of provocation. This anomaly, but the pirates prevented in the logic of their own not perform well as play rush hit.

The century long history lesson: When in a serious crisis of capitalism will be the outbreak of war. Some western people who have been warning the United States, prevented in an economic downturn and the crisis caused political community, and birth fascist and other extremist. It appears that it has to be prepared, we recently arranged a series of military exercises, military sources also issue "criminals who do not make me I do not, if we are attacked we will certainly counterattack" warning, it is hoped to be a clear point of hegemony, Do not engage in military adventures.

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