PLA supersonic 10 times missile the exposured: the aircraft carrier can be vertical Insight

Editor's note: The U.S. "Washington" aircraft carrier to participate in the Sea of Japan from the end of July at the South Korean military exercises, to debut in Vietnam on Aug. 8 near the South China Sea, the future still held despite China's opposition to the Yellow Sea exercises, in a short time, It ran around the Chinese coast and back. During the Cold War to track Soviet submarines in the ocean busy difference is that now the U.S. aircraft carrier more to cruise around the coastline in his country.

United States, "Washington" aircraft carrier to participate in the Sea of Japan from the end of July at the South Korean military exercises, to debut in Vietnam on Aug. 8 near the South China Sea, the future still held despite China's opposition to the Yellow Sea exercises, in a short time, it is around China's coastline and back run. During the Cold War to track Soviet submarines in the ocean busy difference is that now the U.S. aircraft carrier more to cruise around the coastline in his country. Although the United States to swaggering display of military power, but also gave opponents the opportunity to attack.

New strategy to face the "unsinkable aircraft carrier"

According to "Global Times," Battle of the traditional theory, the carrier's opponent was another aircraft carrier. Therefore, potential adversaries the United States is very concerned about the trend of the construction of aircraft carriers.

South Korea, "Chosun Ilbo" 9 that the Chinese military has begun construction of aircraft carriers, "Google Earth satellite images also show that China has built an imitation Russian type aircraft use ski-jump deck for the fighters to practice take-off."

However, an assessment of the 2008 U.S. Navy report that China is not only the construction of aircraft carrier to overcome many technical difficulties, but also accumulate experience and skills to master the aircraft carrier use, the report concludes that China's aircraft carrier in quite a long time is not likely to have a positive challenge U.S. aircraft carrier capability.

But the U.S. Navy pursued in recent years, "from sea to land" development has provided an opportunity for the opponents. U.S. Navy analysis, because 70% of the world's population and economic power are distributed in the range of 150 km along the coast, so coastal areas in the 21st century will be the main battle area.

But rival U.S. carrier approaching the coastline, but must face the land ship "will not sink the aircraft carrier."

The Associated Press earlier said that China is developing "wind-21D" medium-range ballistic missiles, this unprecedented missile fired from land, with an accuracy sufficient to break through 1,500 kilometers outside of the most advanced aircraft carrier in the defense system.

Terminal Penetration alleged that the missile up to 10 times the speed of sound, it is almost vertical angle rushed to large aircraft carrier flight deck, the U.S. Navy anti-missile systems to its existing powerless. Reported that the missile "would subvert the United States in the Pacific region a strong long-term military rule."

Even U.S. intelligence agencies that "wind-21D" anti-ship ballistic missile is not yet ripe, but the U.S. aircraft carrier operations in the coastal areas, also may be subject to aircraft taking off from the land and naval anti-ship missiles launched over conventional saturation attack.

United States, "Defense News" in March 2008 quoted a retired Navy Admiral Leighton Ailikemai Coi saying, "China's anti-ship missiles can drown any number of anti-missile system." Alleged that the PLA equipment, Su -30, F - 10 and the "Flying Leopard" fighter able to mount such a range of hundreds of kilometers of long-range anti-ship missiles.

United States, "Foreign Affairs" magazine on July 1, said China's advanced fighter combat radius of 900 nautical miles, which took off from the land the airport attack wide enough to cover the "first island chain"; in mounting heavy weapons, but also the further expansion of the air refueling operational range.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Navy surface ships are also equipped with a variety of long-range anti-ship missiles, which the "modern" class destroyer SS-N-22 "Sunburn" supersonic anti-ship missiles, the most famous. Its maximum speed of more than two times the speed of sound, enough to hit on the destroyer hit a stage beyond the goal level.

Analysis, although equipped with Aegis warships to protect U.S. aircraft carrier battle group with the capacity of anti-saturation attack, but in recent years, many breakthroughs in the Russian military aircraft from the U.S. aircraft carrier, passing defense, and even Iranian UAV video can be shot near the aircraft carrier, which have proved that the U.S. aircraft carrier protection is not foolproof. While in the air, ships and even on different platforms such as stealth missile boats launched multiple waves of anti-ship missiles under continuous attack, defense power when negligence, aircraft carriers could be hit hard.

Difficult to prepare for the special torpedo

And a "U.S. aircraft carrier defense circles," often associated with weapons, including submarines. U.S. media said the Chinese submarines in 2006 and 2007, twice breaking the U.S. aircraft carrier defense, within range of the torpedo attack surface.

Speculation several times in recent years the Chinese submarine threat, the U.S. media are commonly used in the demonstration of the Chinese submarine threat to U.S. aircraft carriers. In fact, the United States not only worried about China's quiet difficult to detect submarines, but also including China's advanced weapons carrying submarines.

United Kingdom, "Jane's Defense Weekly" claims that the Chinese submarine is equipped with advanced wake homing torpedoes that can track ships sailing in the wake generated by the propeller churning difficult to be disturbed and defensive. Taiwan, "Central News Agency," also reported that the PLA has been Russian-made submarines, "Blizzard" Super cavitation torpedo. This torpedo speed as high as 200, is 4 times the conventional torpedoes, "Western countries do not have to contend with the weapons."

During the Cold War, this super-torpedo to the U.S. Navy helpless. It was said that some people asked the U.S. Navy commander, aircraft carrier battle groups to respond to this torpedo? No choice but to answer the U.S. Navy commander, said: "In between the torpedo and the carrier placed a frigate to explode."

Anti-aircraft carrier, the system behind the confrontation

U.S. pair retired aircraft carrier burst test to prove, to sink a 100 thousand tons level, has improved the protection of aircraft is not easy, but if only to undermine its flight deck, command and communications systems, vital parts, have to let hors de combat much easier.

Once the loss of combat aircraft to it as the core of the entire aircraft carrier battle group of more than 10 ships are likely to withdraw from the battlefield, therefore, it is also a battlefield of "high-value targets." In particular, the U.S. aircraft carrier has become the symbol of supremacy at sea, it could lead to a large number of casualties suffered heavy losses, the impact is sufficient to cause the strategic level.

On this point, the U.S. Navy have a clear understanding of their own. The development of a new generation of U.S. aircraft carrier CVN-21, the Pentagon's head of strategic assessment of the Marshall Division, believes that long-range precision weapons in combat, the U.S. aircraft carrier, but a "high-value targets" adventure will include more than 5,000 officers and men of the aircraft carrier sent to the Theater "unthinkable."

However, the emphasis is on modern warfare against the system. 9 Chinese military experts said Jiang-Ping Liu, separate opponents advanced to the coastline near the aircraft carrier battle groups to some extent out of the weapons, reconnaissance and intelligence systems support the formation of "the individual against each other the whole system" situation, and therefore vulnerable to attack.

However, the U.S. aircraft carrier is unlikely in actual combat alone, it usually will be near the sea and air forces in support, and through the entire U.S. space satellite system and command and control systems linked together. Jiang-Ping Liu said that so strongly supported by a U.S. aircraft carrier battle group, fighting even more than the entire Russian Pacific Fleet.

For example, the U.S. military that "wind-21D" missiles to attack the need satellites, early warning aircraft to provide accurate information platform, the goal orientation. Therefore, the U.S. aircraft carrier to break its attacks, we need to mobilize other U.S. military branches, the use of stealth aircraft and anti-satellite weapons destruction "Dongfeng-21D" missile intelligence support.

Therefore, anti-aircraft carrier, is still behind the confrontation between systems.

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