U.S. aircraft carriers into the Yellow Sea, China must seize the motives behind the U.S.

China Military Report: BEIJING, Aug. 13 to complete the first phase of electricity in South Korean military exercises, the United States once again announced that the next stage in the Multimodal speech, sending the aircraft carrier George Washington, the composition of formation involved. Latest issue of "Asia Week" published an article "U.S. aircraft carriers into the Yellow Sea, China's how to do," said the United States in Asia and Beijing "competition" was breaking new thinking to an invisible containment to isolate China. China pondering what to make of response, to make the United States must seize the reasons behind the decision.

Article excerpts are as follows:

Sino-US relations are entering a new round of adjustment period, South Korean military exercises and the South China Sea dispute is just the surface of hot spots. No doubt, the new world pattern and cross of reconciliation, to the United States, two big countries unprecedented opportunities for strategic cooperation.

Puzzling is that, after completion of the first phase of US-South Korea military exercises, the United States once again announced that the next phase of the Multimodal speech, the sending nuclear aircraft carrier George Washington, the composition of the formation, and this is equivalent to re-let the subject burn.

Beijing thinking about what response to make before making this decision the United States must seize the reasons behind. The formation of hard-line policy of the United States once again the logic of such points: First, Obama announced the withdrawal from Iraq, the need to rapidly reverse the United States lost the battle of the "military frustration" atmosphere, for which Obama was also under the military hardliners great pressure. To ease or clear the pressure, Obama will certainly make a difference. In addition to strengthening the offensive military operations in Afghanistan in addition, there are two places available for the United States try to be brave, one is Iran. Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff publicly disclosed to the media, the U.S. does attack Iran's program to develop, but still be dominated by diplomatic means.

Another hot spot is the show of force in China's coastal region to form an alliance to contain China, the rise of the web of the sea. If the U.S. protests in China, before giving up a carrier in the Yellow Sea has always been involved in the exercises, simply let the military and its allies have a "yield to the United States-China" image, which is Obama's armed forces commander and the U.S. prestige in the world of military deterrent force The first image will have a severe blow.

Do not forget, the United States by the end of Jiu Yao for the midterm Congressional elections, Obama and solution of domestic economic issues where parties in overseas Rusang Shi "military deterrent" initiative, which will undoubtedly Ji Gong Ji political opponents into "capitulation."

Not only to see the aircraft carrier into the Yellow Sea, the United States is inevitable, but also must be noted that the United States in the region and Beijing to "competition", is breaking tradition with new thinking, strengthen old allies, seeking new allies.

The biggest breakthrough is the U.S. government, together with Britain, France and the United Nations, the first time nuclear explosion in Hiroshima to commemorate the annual event, which is related to the causes of the Pacific war ended, the United States to use nuclear weapons to re-evaluate whether justice major move.

In addition, the U.S. relations with former enemy Vietnam, are deepening, to review ban on Vietnam, the Vietnamese allowed to export civilian nuclear technology.

The big move is clearly strategic focus for the American full shift Dao Zhegequyu lay Ji Chu, Yong Ruan with hardware capabilities to consolidate power, so that the American military strategy of the Pacific's hegemony Xing Shao Le naked, to be China because in the Hai Shang rise. America's soft stance also led to follow the example of Japan, Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan has made comments on the Japanese colonial rule in Korea to apologize, which further strengthen the basis for US-ROK alliance.

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