China's missiles can break through the most advanced defense system of aircraft carrier

China Military Report: Recently, the Associated Press that the author said that China is developing "wind-21D" medium-range ballistic missiles, such unprecedented missile fired from land, 1,500 km with an accuracy sufficient to break through the most advanced outside carrier's defense system.

Terminal Penetration alleged that the missile up to 10 times the speed of sound, it is almost vertical angle rushed to large aircraft carrier flight deck, the U.S. Navy anti-missile systems to its existing powerless. Reported that the missile "would subvert the United States in the Pacific region a strong long-term military rule."

Even U.S. intelligence agencies that "wind-21D" anti-ship ballistic missile is not yet ripe, but the U.S. aircraft carrier operations in the coastal areas, also may be subject to aircraft taking off from the land and naval anti-ship missiles launched over conventional saturation attack.

United States, "Defense News" in March 2008 quoted a retired Navy Admiral Leighton Ailikemai Coi saying, "China's anti-ship missiles can drown any number of anti-missile system." Alleged that the PLA equipment, Su -30, J -10 and the "Flying Leopard" fighter able to mount such a range of hundreds of kilometers of long-range anti-ship missiles.

United States, "Foreign Affairs" magazine on July 1, said China's advanced fighter combat radius of 900 nautical miles, which took off from the land the airport attack wide enough to cover the "first island chain"; in mounting heavy weapons, but also the further expansion of the air refueling operational range.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Navy surface ships are also equipped with a variety of long-range anti-ship missiles, which the "modern" class destroyer SS-N-22 "Sunburn" supersonic anti-ship missiles, the most famous. Its maximum speed of more than two times the speed of sound, enough to hit on the destroyer hit a stage beyond the goal level.

Analysis, although equipped with Aegis warships to protect U.S. aircraft carrier battle group with the capacity of anti-saturation attack, but in recent years, many breakthroughs in the Russian military aircraft from the U.S. aircraft carrier, passing defense, and even Iranian UAV video can be shot near the aircraft carrier, which have proved that the U.S. aircraft carrier protection is not foolproof. While in the air, ships and even on different platforms such as stealth missile boats launched multiple waves of anti-ship missiles under continuous attack, defense power when negligence, aircraft carriers could be hit hard.

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