Google Maps exposured the new irrefutable evidence that China building aircraft carrier

Google Maps exposured the new irrefutable evidence that China building  aircraft carrier

According to South Korea, "Chosun Ilbo" reports, in November last year, Taiwan's "National Security Bureau Director" Cai victorious in the "Legislative Yuan" A consultation confirmed that the Chinese military has begun construction of an aircraft carrier. Recently GoogleEarth satellite images also show in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province Yanliang Airport, has established an imitation Russian type aircraft used by the slip jump deck for aircraft take-off practice.

To disclose national defense facilities using GoogleEarth known "image intelligence" (IMINT & Analysis) Web site, recently canceled the photo. Yanliang is the continent's space center, satellite images show the airport a treaty on the new development of 300-meter short track, the end is an upward tilt of the ramps. Web site to point out that in the former Soviet Navy at the naval air training base in the Crimea, there are similar facilities, to enable pilots to practice aircraft carrier of the slide in the deck jumped off.

As the aircraft carrier's flight deck is only 100 meters, general aircraft could not accelerate enough to take off. Therefore, in the U.S. Navy's aircraft carrier, is in the installation of steam catapult; but if the United Kingdom, Russia's aircraft carrier, the use of special effects similar to the way vehicles over the canyon above the aircraft, curling bow to "jump" to the mid-air. This design has the advantage of cheap, simple, disadvantage is that fewer models are available, and the loading capacity is severely hampered.

China has already purchased three former Soviet aircraft carrier, including more than 60,000 tons of "Wa Yage" aircraft carrier, is currently the only active aircraft carrier in Russia, "Kuznetsova Karamazov" was a sister ship. Kuznetsova Zoff No. Su-33 fighter planes of configuration, the "Chinese version of" F-15, has also been successful flight test. A recent study on the U.S. Congress to judge, after the People's Liberation Army in 2015, took over the 60,000-ton aircraft carrier, the number could reach six.

In response, Professor, Institute for Strategic Studies at Tamkang University, Huang Chieh-cheng said that China build an aircraft carrier force, is its policy. However, the U.S. Navy's aircraft carrier battle group can be compared to long-term projection of force around the world, there is still a long distance. Even with the aircraft carrier, it is still insufficient and the United States compete for the Western Pacific sea. However, the first island chain in the Yellow Sea and East China Sea, "declared the site" will significantly increase the intensity; the next meeting in South skeletal , Beijing will certainly enhance the weight of words.

U.S. media speculation that the Chinese army is urgent to build aircraft carrier

According to U.S. media reports, U.S. South Carolina, Professor of International Relations, wrote recently Dontenville Linton, China seems to have entered a third time to build the ships the climax in the 170/171, 054,022,093 / 094 new generation of warships into the military after launching one after another, to new carriers, as represented by 071 surface combat ships will continue to very large to the three already growing Chinese fleet.

According to the Chinese navy to develop the Navy to go step by step plan to establish two modern ocean-going fleet only the last step, and that the establishment of aircraft carrier battle formation. The Chinese navy in 2010, it is very critical year.

After experiencing a financial crisis and the international status of China's comprehensive national power to a new high, China's naval shipbuilding and drying equipment the frequency of changes in circumstances, are now launching a new ship with the experiment and over nature, in obtaining the necessary time and test data, around 2010, a group of Chinese Navy battleship kinds of stereotypes. According to the Chinese practice, often quite unrelated, but has been turned completely different equipment in use the old code, in order to confuse the outside world, it is possible a new class of destroyer is still called "South-class", but in the back with a II or III.

071 board expected to be only the construction of a large vessel, in addition to experimental purposes, this ship also has a "contingency" mean, as long as the use of coastal waters to meet, for example, the East China Sea conflict or potential conflict across the Taiwan Strait. Therefore, the future of the Chinese Navy's amphibious assault ship will be the official hunting is a completely different level, it may have through the deck.

Northern Fleet's core will be the first one 4-6 ton self-built aircraft carrier, for the time being called "the Beijing No." home port will be located in Port Arthur. Typical Northern Fleet task forces may be a compiled class aircraft carrier, 1-2 Beijing new class amphibious assault ship, 8 to 10 improve the level of South-class destroyers or follow-up (of which at least four destroyers and a displacement of 10,000 tons of multi- above, can perform its tasks independently) ,4-6 054,2 ~ 3 093, and other auxiliary vessels 20. And a coastal sub fleet will be much smaller, 1-2 multi-purpose destroyers, two air expulsion / anti-submarine destroyer, 2 054,4 022,2 ships vessels enough to use 039 or 041. Northern Fleet's objective is to 1, control the Yellow Sea and East China Sea, surround and protect the capital and the Bohai Economic Rim; 2, deter the Japanese navy, if necessary, cut off the south channel; 3, watch the Korean Peninsula and prevent emergencies; 4, to contain the United States Navy Seventh Fleet and the Russian Pacific Fleet south. (From China Military Report )

Google Maps exposured the new irrefutable evidence that China building  aircraft carrier

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