China develops Beidou navigation system with idea in advance, which can break the U.S. monopoly

Beijing at half past five on the August 1, at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center China sent successfully fifth Beidou navigation satellites into space intended transfer orbit with "Changzheng-III A" carrier rocket.

August 1, a "long march on the 3rd a" carrier rocket will for the first five "Compass" navigation satellite into orbit successfully, this is the launch of this year's first three consecutive "Compass" navigation satellite system network. "Big Dipper" growing family raised widespread concern in the West, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the United States, "Connection" magazine and other media that China's "Compass" with the U.S. GPS system will be competing.

To break the monopoly of satellite navigation

Navigation satellites in succession in place, marking China's "Compass" system to maturity and expanding into network construction has been "fast-track." Ph.D., University of Wollongong, Australia, aerospace experts Morris Jonze In an interview with Australian Broadcasting Corporation interview that China's development of an independent global satellite navigation system, is to get rid of dependence on U.S. technology. Jones said, "We use GPS system has been under the control of the U.S. government, when it comes to the military aspects, such as in war, the United States can Suishizhongzhi its services. For China and other most countries, and uneven development Yi Lai independent system in the United States is important. "

The outside world that China's space industry is developing steadily in the background, "Compass" navigational system is bound to usher in the golden period of development; contrast, the U.S. space program has emerged, "interrupted." Jones pointed out that "the United States is a large-scale compression space projects, not even in the near future astronauts into space, the independent (cause the shuttle retired); and steady development of China is a large number of national space projects, according to current trends, China will be able to challenge U.S. space dominance. "

Have analyzed that, China Fazhan "Compass" navigational system is Manzu first national Jingji, military Ling Yu's needs, of course, for international users 提供 the more choices, to some extent Queshiqidao the Fang Zhi Long Duan satellite navigation market, a country's Zuoyong .

Support the process of military modernization

As satellite navigation technology has been widely used in military field, for tanks, planes, ships, navigation, and for ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and guided bombs directed goals, the Chinese development of a global satellite navigation network, also led to the outside world on the "Big Dipper" guess military purposes.

According to the United States, "Connection" magazine authors speculate, 2012, China will be launched from 8 to 10 "Compass" satellite, to further expand its coverage of the 2020 global coverage. The paper further that the "Big Dipper" global coverage means "China's satellite-guided weapons have the all-weather precision strike capability."

Served as the U.S. Air Force for space and missile warfare officials Brian said, "GPS systems have important military uses, which is to promote the development of China one of the main driving force independent system."

South Korea, "Chosun Ilbo" had even speculated that China's "Compass" satellite navigation system sent from the satellite radio wave, the hit rate and improve the world in the field to collect all sorts of information. Although South Korean media's assumption with "sci-fi style", but also from the side that the "Compass" system potential.

In fact, China's military modernization does not do without the support of satellite navigation systems. In emphasizing digital and information technology of the modern battlefield, both the army of tanks, armored vehicles and artillery, or naval warships and submarines, require the deployment of satellite navigation systems to determine location, to ensure close coordination between the various units, play the best combat.

In addition, long-range, precision strikes are also increasingly dependent on satellite navigation and precision guidance systems. Guess the outside world once China's "East Wind" series of missiles, "Guardian" series of long-range rockets and advanced cruise missiles have been integrated, "Compass" system, which has a high accuracy and strong anti-interference ability. Visible, improve the "Beidou" system construction of China's military modernization has important practical significance.

On the other hand, the progress of China's space technology has led to the outside world on China's space safety. Vuitton said "China is increasingly dependent on space technology, which makes China and the United States also subject to anti-satellite weapons threat." However, insiders pointed out that China's development of space technology without Renhe military intentions, and opposes arms race in space, and have their own "counter-space capabilities", which are to ensure the safety of China's space platform, a favorable factor.

China closely, "the pulse in space"

U.S., EU and Russian satellite navigation project, the China's "Compass" navigation satellite system started late, but rapid development concept was ahead.

"Compass" system reflects the simple to complex, within our capabilities features - first, the "Double Star Position" and "small systems" accumulated experience, technical research, followed by the development of 35 satellites of the "big network", to achieve global coverage . In addition, the "Big Dipper" and did not copy the U.S. GPS, the Russian "GLONASS" mode, reflects Chinese characteristics, such as its unique satellite messaging feature has been in the military exercises and disaster relief undergo a "reality check", practical strong.

To enhance the comprehensive national strength, China has developed a series of practical space program, from manned spaceflight, lunar exploration, to the space station construction, all manifestations of China's "space vision." The condescending "Compass" system is an integral part of the space strategy.

It can be said, "Compass" satellite navigation system is closely linked to the development of "space pulse" of the direct expression. (From China Military Report )

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