A foolish promise: China claimed not to first use nuclear weapons

May 13, 1999, in the five missiles after the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia, the United States Congress, urged lawmakers to tell the truth, President Clinton delivered a secret speech to Congress.

"First, I must declare that I am following the speech, would involve the best interests of our country, of course, top secret. While on the planet, we need not afraid of, but at present we do not want to create any unnecessary trouble." " As we all know, the Cold War, the United States in terms of comprehensive national strength, we have not only failed to rival the world and fully capable of controlling the world. "" What I want to describe the goal of the new strategy will be from now on, the United States become final only human empire. "" We have developed detailed goals: first step: NATO's eastward expansion. "" Gentlemen have seen the war in Kosovo, the original we have him (Russia) lingering fear, now, He almost became a naked beggar. However, I think of you members to clearly understand our eastward expansion, not only to Yeltsin a fool of myself, our aim is to control the expansion of the Eurasian plate, where there is in Southeast Asia We place a headache, is China. "" In short, this road although a bit risky, but basically nothing to stop our enemies. an entirely in the United States under the leadership of the 21st century will come very soon. "( applause)

Next, Clinton's question for lawmakers, will show the U.S. strategic intentions very clear.

A member: Mr. President, protracted war in Kosovo, increasing the cost of a further increase, in the end have to fight long.

Clinton: "Throughout the development of the United States and developed a history of World War II to the rapid development of China's economy has been sufficient to prove that the war in America's interest."

A member: : Kosovo is likely to be the next Korea or Vietnam, let us into the quagmire of the war.

Clinton: "Gulf War has proved to be casualties in the war we almost zero, it is like playing a video game. The difference is that they are with their lives and little to be survival of the family belongings with us gambling. "

A member:  during the Kosovo war in our repeated failures, resulting in more than 1,500 civilian casualties and the Chinese Embassy was bombed, this proves that our war machine is no longer under control or other reasons.

Clinton: I would like to emphasize here that all the bombing targets are the target. Also, I would like to quote the words of Chinese leaders: blowing up military targets, roads, bridges, what can we deep-fried. But the bombing must continue. Repeat it again: this is in U.S. strategic interests.

A member: There is no doubt that the bombing of the Chinese Embassy was the result of a carefully planned, you just admitted this. But I seem to see no place where U.S. interests.

Clinton: In addition to Moscow, the eastward expansion - not only refers to Eastern Europe, in more places farther away, so we are more worried about a country, he is also a nuclear power, that is China. He should have had 10 years ago divided into seven countries, however, still seems unbreakable. While our variety of pressure, his development is still alarmingly high, and so on within the dismemberment of his own unlikely. For a consideration, should let him walk along the old road of the former Soviet Union, that is crazy arms, dragged him into the water it enough. The near future, he will collapse because of economic weakness also told us "no", and become an international beggar.

A member:  It is said that if China's nuclear weapons exploded in the United States effectively, you can destroy the United States several times. To take such a dangerous strategy is not prudent.

Clinton: "Before, we did careful research, analysis of the possibilities. Our conclusion is: First, the" mistaken bombing "could provoke the Chinese, but Chinese leaders will not lead to start the nuclear button."

"Moreover, there are a stupid promise (that is China is not the first to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear countries to use nuclear weapons policy). Secondly, the Chinese people most want to do now is the need for our technology." "Therefore, They do not want to offend is the world's most American. Third, the view of this, all they can do it only to protest. "" Fourth, even if the worst case scenario, they are hands-on, here I have to quote again the words of Zhu Rongji Since the world's most advanced weapons all come from the United States, what we are afraid. "

A member:  So human rights are above sovereignty.

Clinton: I think I finished in front of the U.S. global strategy for the conversation and then ask this question, is politically naive.

A member: objective the development of Sino-US relations on the common interests of both countries, but the bombing of the embassy this event will be a serious setback to Sino-US relations, What has caused large-scale anti-American sentiment. There is no doubt that this also affects their business interests. His Excellency the President is how to think.

Clinton: "In our global strategy, which (China) is a formidable obstacle." "But I can foresee more than we want the Chinese leaders to resume the Sino-US relations." "They are also a few key cards in our hands, such as Taiwan, Tibet, Xinjiang, and so on. No matter what time, if we want to point the article is not difficult to find the topic. "" To the Eurasian Plate to achieve our objective of a comprehensive, still Some trouble spots such as China and India, but our situation is still favorable. In the East, there is Japan and Taiwan, as our unsinkable aircraft carrier, suppressing the formation of the situation in China. "" rules of the game world will be our for, any action must be consistent with the premise that U.S. interests. After that, we have only one enemy: aliens, if they exist, and stronger than us so. "(thunderous applause) (From China Military Report )

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