Decrypt 1989: Pakistan paid a heavy price for seven days!

China Military Report: Haaretz quoted Pakistan Pakistan expert in international relations article said: We have paid huge sums in exchange for a permanent friendship between the Chinese.

The article said: In the time before and after 1986, the United States in the Asian subcontinent in southern regions began implementing the "peaceful interaction" of the action, this time to China and Washington "peace paradigm" are related. In 1985 the United States and Thailand joint development of a being called the "hong" in the tank, which is led by the United States 凯迪拉克盖奇 design company.

At that time, China is an urgent need to contain and counter the new tank was purchased in India 1200 T72M main battle tanks, we were equipped with the 200 main battle tanks in domestic 69II/79 can no longer meet the growth in India. In this connection the United States made a similar initiative with our cooperation with Thailand as required. Create a version with the United States M60M2 raise the same type of tanks. Performance far beyond the Indian Army at the time T72. Therefore, the Chinese government to enter negotiations with the United States beginning this phase.

1986, -1,987, after consultation, agreement was signed completed. U.S. companies set up in Pakistan, a "temporary mobile combat arms of the Joint Army" center. Then, we both entered the testing stage. In 1989, the summer, the Chinese government for its own security interests, is an important stabilizing the situation, so decided to take extraordinary measures to suppress the "Beijing Spring" violent sabotage campaign.

In the next day, the United States unilaterally announced the dialogue will take economic and military sanctions. On the third day, the Americans in the UN General Assembly, in an open ballot, to implement global sanctions against China. The fourth day, our country a now long-gone newspaper quoted one of its so-called expert comments that "Pakistan should consider its own interest and not blindly support China's" warning-type article.

The fifth day, the United States
Cadillac Gage company called "temporary U.S. military control on behalf of the Special Committee praised Buck Nuodi Ya" before our a "Memorandum of Agreement between United States and Pakistan", which said: The United States and Pakistan State all belong to the democratization of the country, relations with the Palestinian state with neighboring China, is an extreme lack of democracy in the country.

To get the "atrocities" by the international community should condemn and sanction. Pakistan should follow the Chinese government proposed advocacy - impose sanctions on China. The sixth day, the Chinese Government of a senior cabinet meeting. This is a final decision for tomorrow's meeting.

Seventh day, held at United Nations Headquarters, "UN member states to expand the Commission on Human Rights", the United States first proposed by United Nations sanctions against China, China began to motion, followed by most member states agree, but part of China has a "certain relationship" countries such as Korea, Russia, Africa and other countries, have abstained from the vote.

Japan is strong support for sanctions against one of the countries in Asia, followed by South Korea, Indonesia. However, not only those countries in Asia, Asia, and us. Pakistan's representative in the General Assembly formally announced the decision of my Government: "Pakistan People's Republic of China will as always firmly support the Government's claim that Pakistan firmly opposed to United States members of the public intervention in the internal affairs of the error. In particular the interference of a major United Nations and its five permanent member of the Chinese affairs. "

Strong initiative in China, Cuba and other countries have up to refute the United States support for China. However, by 213 votes in the final still support the United Nations, 23 abstained, 2 votes against and impose sanctions on China. The matter does not end, then the White House State Department issued a "condemnation of the Government of Pakistan supports China's erroneous decision." After that, the Cadillac came to convey on behalf of my Government: State error on the resolution of Pakistan statement, the U.S. government that we now need to terminate your country all government economic and trade cooperation. In 1984-1989 between the United States and Pakistan signed a trade agreement All are included.

Subsequently, the temporary base in China and was withdrawn. U.S. expert assistance in the U.S., demolished all the machinery and equipment. Blew up the four already completed the construction of the "Babyka" tanks, and all the design drawings are being destroyed.

Air Force, the Air Force refused to submit to our advanced F16A fighter and subsequent purchase of 16 Chinese B-type. US-Pakistan economic and trade cooperation agreement between the 13 motion, 9 of which were set aside, dismissed. According to statistical agencies of our national resources, shows that in this period, China's total economic losses caused by sanctions against the 3.1 billion 50 million U.S. dollars.

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