China retired 3000 J-6 fighters will be a nightmare for the U.S. aircraft carrier

No one installed control system, a plane crashed U.S. aircraft carrier, Now that's spectacular!

In fact, nothing added, light aviation kerosene 6 Ye enough with him to drink a pot of

Have modified previous models, remove the cockpit with remote control system

Former seems to be used as a target drone, the installation of a bomb run into the carrier is not impossible

United States exclaimed: China ex-3000 J-6 will be a nightmare for the U.S. aircraft carrier!

Yesterday, Chinese state television announced high-profile retired J-6 message. China's major portal websites have also carried out in the form of special reports. One kind of fighters the last century 50's retired so much press access to official reports to the military observers confused.

Chinese Air Force J-6 is the 20th century, the principal planes of 60-70 years, the performance of the 20th century, has seriously lagged behind the 90's. J-6 is the Soviet Union Mill 19 generic products after J-6 has basically does not undertake combat missions, and a large number of J-6 Series aircraft, such as FT-6 is still the Air Force training and teaching role. China is the highest during the Cold War equipped with the J-6 fighter 3000.

Air Force Research Office of the U.S. National James. Will said that China will not completely abandon the J-6 fighters. J 6 retired high-profile announcement other strategies may be hidden machine users. Will list to China in the last 90 years has been the world's experts in the public papers of aircraft as a cruise missile or a suicide attack against the United States aircraft carrier. U.S. forces have failed to address this. But the Chinese Air Force UAV technology advances in recent years is difficult to guarantee the technical quality of these has not applied to J-6 fighters.

J-6 with superior subsonic flight capability and maneuverability, if using high-tech computer control, the J-6, 3000 will allow the future U.S. Navy aircraft encountered another Kamikaze Mission Impossible! If true, and it would be a nightmare for the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier.

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yeah...the PLA topbrass is a slowpoke thinker,some are still nostalgic with cold-war military style.There's 80% probability China will showdown with US regard to Taiwan issue,China will facing US externally and internally got resistance from Taiwanese pro-independence movement force around Taiwan front.From my prediction if Taiwan issue grow into conflict in small or big scale will turn East Asia into a war zone and then there a chance spread into Southeast Asia and Pacific which in this territorial China will facing Australia as US allies in Pacific and several forces that dislike China economically and military growth in that area.Facing China US will use all it's resource and allies in Asia, so if China didn't want experienced like Soviet in Afghanistan China must reform it's military not for conventional challenge only but kind of large scale asymmetric warfare that have basis on information and communication hegemony over the enemy.Nuke ain't the answer for that China future conflict, it only make everything worsen. Nuke is warmonger and hater toys,they only winning card. China must create some new weapon that have more powerful deterrent meaning than a nuke and fearsome,so fearsome that her enemy lose his taste for war,destroy they latest war technology permanently and disable they manpower physic in to hopeless temporarily. Chinese government must realize and understanding,foreseeing the danger and opportunity that China facing and must have in the future.It's start with changing the government attitude toward it people, not always for controlling they heart and mind, but the government must begin thrive innovative soul inside million Chinese countrymen and more open even to radical approach or extreme idea but have potential future.Chinese large population that have innovation spirit and cultivated idea rather than massive manpower or army will be a deterrent(more powerful than thousand of nuclear warheads),like it or not any country in the world will treat China as they friend rather than potential enemy. But from my view I doubt it'll happen, I see the problem is within China communist party and government official attitude rather than it's people.
From recent action by South Korea-US,China must "share" her economic might and military cooperation with North Korea like China do with Pakistan.Strong financially North Korea with good air force and navy combined with good leadership will be "balancing" country for China. China will very unhappy if US defeated North Korea,create US base in North Korean soil,China will pinned down.
60-40 deal was victory for one-side, but 50-50 deal was work very well for fiend or foe, although it's though!

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