Chinese scholars: military hawks, and Internet users over-react to the U.S. aircraft carrier

Beijing scholars pointed out that the U.S. aircraft carriers into the Yellow Sea, China expressed concern and opposition should, of course, but do not exaggerate the threat to the U.S. move, but do not have to move as a response to China's aggression over. If the government, as some scholars, the military hawks, as the words full, that death can not stop U.S. aircraft carrier into the Yellow Sea, may make their own embarrassing.

Who did not wish to be named, said the scholars, although the Yellow Sea near the gateway of Beijing and Tianjin, but most of the high seas waters. In fact, the U.S. warships and military aircraft frequently appeared in the Yellow Sea, "Washington" aircraft carrier in October last year, also went to the Yellow Sea. Last month, the U.S. Department of Defense spokesman said the suspension of the U.S. aircraft carrier in the Yellow Sea, but also said that the aircraft carrier does not rule out re-entry into the Yellow Sea, so it does not amount to the recent statement made a "180 degree turn."

He believed that the U.S. hegemony of course, gunboats and unilateralism thinking and action, this is the decision of U.S. power, which the President can not easily change. Of course, China should oppose hegemony, but not simply equivalent to the U.S. hegemony of militarism. Over the past several decades, even when very weak in China, the United States nor China has adopted the so-called "do not listen, I'll use force, use of fists," the military action. Rapid growth in China's national strength is now less likely as the U.S. invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan, as against China. Therefore, China has no need to over-exaggerated the United States aircraft carrier into the Yellow Sea, the man-made "Sino-US military conflict inevitable" tensions.

Hong Kong, "Wen Wei Po" this month on the 8th Asia-Pacific Institute of the CASS researcher quoted upon China that the U.S. aircraft carriers into the Yellow Sea, China can not condone the United States develop a "come and stay away," the habit, but not allow its upgrade to such behavior a topic between the two countries, from China to take this topic blackmail. Among these, especially not the United States and China to build consensus around the country.

The newspaper yesterday quoted Rear Admiral Yang Yi of China said the U.S. move reflects the recent trend of new China policy, want to show the momentum of battle or in the periphery of China that the United States triggered turbulence is still the world's number one superpower. On the one hand the domestic hawks in the comfort, the same time to test the Chinese reaction.

Yang Yi believes that the future if the U.S. aircraft carrier battle group to continue to Multimodal speech, will damage the dignity of China, is China's national security threat. I believe China will continue the strong representations of the same time, reserves the right to take other action.

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