China building aircraft carrier into the countdown, which will be in Changxing Island in Shanghai

Japan's Kyodo News said on August 20, although the Chinese government not to build aircraft carriers for comment, but China plans to build aircraft carrier seems to have entered the countdown stage.

Reported that China's first aircraft carrier to be considered a domestic Shanghai's Changxing Island will be built in China, the construction of aircraft carriers of raw materials has already begun moving into the island.

Changxing Island at the mouth of the Yangtze River from downtown Shanghai by ferry about 30 minutes, "Jiangnan Changxing Street" runs through the center of the island. Along this road lined with 0 to 4 large dock. Changxing Island area of about 160 square kilometers, a population of about 40,000. The island is famous for citrus town, moved here in 2006, Jiangnan Shipyard became a shipbuilding base.

Reported that China will build aircraft carriers in the 3rd dock. The report also claimed that construction of aircraft carriers of raw materials are transported to No. 3 Dock.

The report also pointed out that the entrance next to the dock 3, with a guard, engraved stone in front of "Jiangnan Shipbuilding Group Co., Ltd.," the characters, door stands more than 25 layers of the cylindrical building. 4 dock next to the buildings in residential areas more than 20 residential buildings, the report speculated that it was for a senior apartment living shipyard cadres.

U.S. Defense Department announced Aug. 16 the annual China military power report during the year to begin the construction of China or carrier. However, the Chinese government has not built aircraft carrier to open the message for comment.


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