Chinaese J-10 and other third-generation fighter planes starting progressive incremental improvement

 China Air Force F-10 fighter squadrons flying performance

At present, F-22, F-35 has become the most powerful air force aircraft of benchmarking and the development of new directions. But the combat soaring F-15 series aircraft may give another answer. According to German "defense expert" website on August 16 reported that U.S. F-15E fighter jets have been equipped with advanced "Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System", the pilot only needs "with the naked eye gaze" can be targets in the sky and attacks. Improved F-15E model --- the ultimate "silent eagle" is "stealth" Sharu market to compete with high-stealth fighters.
The third generation of advanced aircraft to a greater
U.S. Air Force at the same time step into the invisible, the third generation fighters did not ignore the improvements and upgrades, F-15 fighter is one example. According to "defense experts" report, the U.S. Air Force 336 Fighter Squadron F-15E fighters have dress up a rather sci-fi color helmet targeting system. Tracking system in the helmet and goggles effect of display, the pilot eye clinics of the Department, aim weapons and sensors will be able to automatic pilot, the goal peg. 336 Squadron Matus million Wensing further disclosed that "The 'Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System' can be the basic flight parameters and aircraft coming from the other target information directly on the pilot's eyes, you can easily identify ground targets, the effective control of aircraft to support ground operations. "
In addition, the U.S. Air Force F-15C fighters began to dress up APG-63 (V) 3 active electronically scanned radar type, with the intercepting enemy ballistic missile capabilities. Clearly, the U.S. military in the development of high-stealth fighter, while continuing to explore the potential of third generation fighters.
In addition to improved radar and electronic systems and third-generation stealth fighter aircraft shape began to move closer. Boeing launched the F-15 "silent Eagle" fighter on the use of internal weapon bay to reduce the radar echo, although stealth difficult than the F-22, but its positive projection radar has "international style" F-35 rather, that be on a "semi-stealth fighter." Boeing also revealed the company's ability to develop the same version of the F/A-18 stealth fighter. Stealth aircraft can be seen in the wildly popular, while the same three generations of fighters have a strong vitality.
Provide a new choice of stealth progressive
With arms fully built, angular prominent F-22, F-35 fighters compared to the "silent eagle" can only be considered mid-life switch to stealth fighters. Although this half-scornful of the rich and powerful U.S. Air Force stealth fighter, but funds are limited, short period of time can develop stealth fighter's country, and equipment similar to the "silent Eagle" semi-stealth fighters also be regarded as a short cut to enhance the combat effectiveness of the Air Force. According to the United Kingdom, "Flight International" reported that Boeing had received in early July on the F-15 "Eagle silence" of the export license, the future is expected with the Lockheed Martin F-35 as well as Europe's "Typhoon" fighter bidding Korea 2011 F-3X Fighter project. South Korean Air Force in this respect is equipped with F-15 fighters, so "silence Eagle" significant competitive advantage.
Just like China, have developed the third generation fighter capabilities, stealth aircraft by the possibility of outsourcing was very small, while the F-15's development model is worthy of reference. China has produced J -11 J -10 and two types of quasi-three generations of fighters, but in the short term can not reach the level of F-22. Some experts believe that China can adopt a "gradual of stealth" development model, based first in three generations of fighters, from the subsystem to the overall transformation of its partial invisible, the end of "semi-stealth fighters," the transition to "full stealth fighter" . Earlier speculation that the West had already improved model F -10 F-35 inlet with a non-isolated boundary layer design ("Fierce Dragon" fighter also applied the technology) to reduce the radar reflection area. This means that China is developing three generations of fighters, F -10, etc., have started moving to the stealth technology. (International Online - News of the World)

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