Why China mobilized the 500 long-range rocket launchers in the Yellow Sea military exercises?

According to China Central Television reported on 27, Nanjing Military Region in the Yellow Sea near artillery units conducted large-scale live ammunition exercises, such large-scale long-range rocket fire against the exercise is the first time.

This made the exercise of a new long-range rockets, long-range firepower of the PLA ground forces are an important part of the exercise system based on the information capacity of long-range artillery fire against a comprehensive inspection.

Participate in the exercise is the latest PHL03 rocket rocket range is 150 km.

Can call such a large-scale exercise, Liang liege lord's approval is not impossible. South Korea yesterday to see some news that the mobilization of long-range artillery division of the PLA is almost four divisions. Total number of artillery should be 500.

The exercise time point of view, exactly correspond to the US-ROK military exercises away.

From the geographical point of view the exercise as well have been at daggers drawn the Yellow Sea, in the Multimodal speech can show that China's bottom line, not to be infringement of the Yellow Sea!

People's Liberation Army and the US-ROK military exercise against the implication is very strong.

Even starting from Lianyungang (this is already the most by the Yellow Sea coast in the place), 150 km are also close to the Yellow Sea median line, and personal speculation, if it is dense, then fired, in this context, warships are still less likely to escape .


1, the marine cluster rockets can target shooting practice covered a large area.

2, can be rockets and laying mines, blocking the enemy at sea Jian Qun.

Inexpensive volume is enough!

3. Told the U.S. imperialism, shells not long-term perspective, you can not run.

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