Sink the U.S. aircraft carrier, how dare the Chinese like the United States?

Recently the military has two messages to attract world attention, first, in retaliation for U.S. and South Korea South Korea North Korea sunk, "Tian" ship, held in the Yellow Sea similar to actual large-scale military exercises, the U.S. sent its "George. Washington" aircraft, reaching as far as I am in Beijing Tianjin door and triumphantly. Secondly, China has repeatedly announced that the South China Sea is in my core national interests Secretary of State Hillary held recently in Hanoi, Vietnam, the ASEAN Regional Forum meeting, talked about the South China Sea with the National interests, strongly provoke the Vietnamese and other ASEAN countries and China relations, Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi to my great rhetoric. Today, people have arguments, not with the U.S. to a war, destroy the "George. Washington" aircraft. I also say a few words on this.

First of all, I do not passively dragged into the war to the Korean quagmire. Passage of time, this year's Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il Non today's Hu-Wen Mao nor Stalin year. I hate Kim Jong Il is more, the internal vigorously feudal dictatorship, widespread poverty, external claws, full of provocative, disgrace the face of socialism! North Korea and the United States for the war, it is worth.

However, if I look a global strategy and from the maintenance of core national interest, then the Americans this time, "George. Washington" aircraft carrier to the Yellow Sea, is to send the meat on the chopping block in the big opportunity. To dare to enter the Chinese inland of the United States, "George. Washington" aircraft carrier, Korean experience, "Tian" ship's fate, for China has extraordinary strategic and political significance.

Firstly, the sinking aircraft carrier is equal to peace recover Taiwan. Independence Democratic Progressive Party and other forces has been the island of Taiwan is the United States since Xu contain China "unsinkable aircraft carrier." Destroy the "George. Washington" aircraft carrier, you can make people more aware of Taiwan, the mainland has been good for Taiwan show no use of force measures, is not afraid of U.S. military power, but take into account the feelings of compatriots, it is not the use of force unification. Which the DPP hopes the United States such as Taiwan independence forces to protect Taiwan's statehood hopes, so will be completely shattered. Similarly, Tibetan separatist, East Turkistan separatists forces will this died down.

Second, neighboring countries could immediately quell the many territories, territorial disputes. Over the years the United States to neighboring countries, China's policy of harassment will be invalid. Chinese around the many small countries, especially the South China Sea, Central Asia and other countries, had been earnestly hope to win U.S. support for their Xisha, Nansha Islands, to preserve its extraordinary national interest. Now if the U.S. aircraft carriers were sunk by the Chinese, then what can be expected to confront China? Or not to stir up trouble as well, so as not to find their own discomfort. The so-called War I set the world, these unpleasant noise will immediately ban tim sound.

Third, can greatly enhance China's international prestige. In the past, China has been swallow the bow to the US-led international organizations, often lost even touch the core interests of the national interest. If the United States to force China to move toward war, of course, China's economic construction be subject to significant losses, the same token, the United States might also be significant losses. However, international prestige, the one who dares to fight against the world's sole superpower country, no doubt can greatly enhance its international voice and prestige.

Never afraid of the history of the United States in China (Korean War, to Vietnam), now far from the current strength can be compared, of course, are not afraid. Taking into account the financial position of the United States now, can afford and the rapid rise of China in a war, then it shot up even more afraid.

War does have a lot of unpredictability, high-level decision-making if destroyed, "George. Washington" aircraft. Can have lower, middle and three policy options.

Worst is based on a major war, a nuclear war. Positive result is completely wiped out the U.S. imperialists in the world domineering position, create a harmonious development of the global situation. Negative result is significant in China's economic construction will retreat, coastal cities may be reduced to rubble, trillion dollars in assets frozen.

CSI is a small fight, destroy the "George. Washington," the carrier will come to a stop. I have tried many similar practices, such as the 1962 Indian "self-defense", hit the side of the retracement of the capital New Delhi. Another example of Vietnam in 1979, "self-defense", fighting for a month also retracement of the. The destroyed an aircraft carrier, I believe the U.S. will also consider the consequences, will not be issued Biao wanton act recklessly. After all, not a year went to Japan 3 56 Pearl Harbor to bomb your ship, but your carrier ran to my house to be provocative.

The best policy is "wrong to fight." Because we are also in the vicinity of the fleet targeting low-level exercise, more accidents will always happen, and anti-aircraft missiles accidentally mistaken, "George. Washington" aircraft, we deeply regret and apologize for this, as did the United States missile "mistakenly" I, like Embassy in Belgrade. The next step is to discuss compensation. A "George. Washington" like aircraft carriers, but 20 billion U.S. dollars at current prices. In other words, our country is trillions of U.S. debt held by a mere 2% shrink. Is China's holdings of U.S. debt, now shrink this year alone the number it?

"God to the destroy, they first make mad." The United States is now advancing step by step, high-handedness, in Afghanistan, in Iraq, crazy enough, would like to further abuse, crazy time back in China. U.S. aircraft carrier is to obstruct China's national unity and modernization of the "pawn." In 1950 the U.S. Seventh Fleet aircraft carriers into the Taiwan Strait, brazenly obstructing the reunification of China. March 1996, the United States sent the "Independence", "Nimitz" aircraft carrier battle groups into the Taiwan Strait, the two, as Lee Teng-hui of Taiwan independence called arrogant head. Indeed, this is the Chinese people extremely difficult choices. There is a give-and-size. As a rising economic power the world take three expected two nuclear powers, the give-and-blind patient can only be cowardly incompetent performance! For long-term interests of our nation, if necessary, we have hardships, swallow. Which relate to the core interests of the nation, you must give an inch.

'm Battle before one can talk peace, as long as we achieve "reasonable, beneficial," in both countries is not fully prepared the case occurred a decisive battle that nuclear war is unlikely. Of course, if China in the Yellow Sea, sinking a U.S. aircraft carrier, the Americans would anger the first time abnormal, there is frequent discussion in Congress, a motion passed war funding. However, in countries called on the negotiations and the Chinese also requested the case negotiated, up to the situation is evolving into an American at the negotiating table to try to retrieve the face of the arrogance.

Although Obama boasts to be "the Pacific president," but to portray him as evil killer, will indiscriminately, regardless of recklessly throwing a nuclear bomb, is also wrong. As Marx said, the capitalists are not intentionally bad, but they never led the entire system from the perspective of maximizing the interests of the problem. Therefore, the U.S. capitalists to hand power to Obama, not Obama at every turn to China would launch a nuclear war, not worth the things they will never dry.

There are worries that many Chinese officials, relatives and even leaders in the United States level will be taken hostage. How do? In fact, do very well. Not say anything on the line. Even so, it may whirring chanting anti-China slogans, and their relatives in mainland China that "drawing a line" chanting, we well understand that, understand. Further still, many officials because relatives had committed offenses in the country, corruption, money laundering, hiding the United States, and Americans to deal with them? This is not right, we play into the hands? In fact, unlikely. If the United States in the Iraq war, the United States or the Iraqis have access to legal treatment. As another example, how like bin Laden? Britain's number one deadly enemy, the United States offering a reward of 50 million, has not yet been captured. However, does not affect his son married a British wife aunt did, still full of fat gossip magazine article to make money selling it!

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