Taiwan experts: U.S. aircraft carrier deterrence is no longer the mainland were coming at any time

Taiwan media recently published "The United States aircraft carrier could deter the mainland? "The article, the article pointed out that 14 years ago, the United States," Nimitz "aircraft carriers to the East China Sea, resolving the Taiwan Strait crisis; today, the United States," George Washington "to avoid the aircraft carrier heading for the Yellow Sea, so that a crisis . "East" and "West" trade-offs between, means that the U.S. has been quietly changing the strategic considerations. The following is the "China Times" published an article excerpts:

The article claimed that in March 1996, Taiwan's first presidential election, the PLA conducted a large-scale military exercises and missile tests. Then U.S. President Bill Clinton ordered the "Nimitz" and "Independence" of two aircraft carrier battle group sailed near the Taiwan Strait, constitute the end of this area since the Vietnam War, the largest military deployment since.

The United States was the first use of two aircraft carrier battle groups in the Taiwan Strait, well to defuse the crisis. However, will the last time in this great parade of shock and awe of the PLA? The answer is very likely. From the US-ROK exercise, the U.S. aircraft carriers into the Yellow Sea can not sniff out clues.

Made on the tactical level, since 1996, the PLA criteria for the various operations are all the U.S. aircraft carrier as a thorn in the side. The so-called "Super fight" the first goal that is carriers. Statement on the strategic level, the PLA into the deep ocean, R & D satellite combat capability, and aircraft carrier made from time to time the outgoing message, all the hope out of the U.S. aircraft carrier outside the Taiwan Strait.

The article points out, this trend has made the U.S. heart health awareness. Whether the executive branch or Congress, whether Republican or Democratic Party, from time to time some have questioned whether the United States need to rush to the rescue again to the aircraft carrier across the Taiwan Strait. To take but two cases, one, called President Bush a strategic operator instead, the former Assistant Secretary of Defense Peter Rodman (now deceased) in office, if again the Taiwan Strait crisis, whether deployed aircraft carrier, the U.S. president will have different considerations . Second, the current Chairman of the House International Affairs Committee of the Asia-Pacific group, said if the United States sent aircraft carriers to defend Taiwan, may have to pay a heavy price, not feasible.

On the aircraft carrier combat capability, the PLA and the U.S. are "0 and 12" ratio. In recent years, the parties have different assessments, suggesting that the latest argument is that the PLA will build six aircraft carriers by 2010, the most authoritative statement is the U.S. Pacific commander Admiral Willard said, "China's first aircraft carrier will be year after put into use. "

But even if no aircraft carriers, does not mean that can not effectively deal with aircraft carriers. Like many of the former U.S. Pacific commander to visit Taiwan Blair said, "to deal with submarines, may not be the best use of submarines." One direction of the PLA's efforts continue to add new precision cruise missiles and warships; the other is to modify the concept and criteria, such as fleet air defense as a priority; The third is by strategic considerations to build or update a naval base, for example, on Hainan Island port, the submarine has been more out of hiding; the fourth is the development of asymmetrical fighting capabilities, such as electronic network warfare.

All these efforts, just as the U.S. Seventh Fleet Commander Patrizi said recently, the PLA seeks to "have the ability to deal with the U.S. aircraft carrier", or even one day, "the U.S. military out of the Pacific." Therefore, the U.S. aircraft carrier in 1996, "said come and" absolute strategic initiative, and today no longer exist.

U.S. aircraft carrier, if open to the Yellow Sea, of course, is still the high seas, but that is to the people of the gate. In 2096, the PLA may not speak, even if no one listened to speak; but today the situation is completely different, so the U.S. side had "flexibility."

U.S. Defense Department said the aircraft carrier has been to the Yellow Sea last year, and this time sent out what exercises and equipment, access to which areas of the initiative is still the United States, the aircraft carrier is not into the Yellow Sea, and so on. Words as if "I have money, want to spend on flowers; I had no money, not spend no flowers", is in fact find himself under the stairs.

Article concluded that, from Taiwan's angle, the People's Liberation Army war preparations aimed at deterrence, delay, or even block the United States to Taiwan rush to the rescue. The United States has been Taiwan's largest carrier with mental now seems that the days may have gone up.

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