U.S. touched successfully the real situation in China, and will soon hit China heavy fist

Korea and the U.S. on July 25 morning at 7, officially launched the Sea of Japan military exercise, in at 17 o'clock on the July 28 end. The People's Liberation Army is on at 15 o'clock on the on the 28th by the Nanjing Military Region and the Jinan Military Region, sea and air forces into two major military exercises, the timing of the ROK-US military exercises performed to the end, the choice of the time shows the official attitude negative, not a pre-emptive and tit for tat struggle, there is a difference branch to meet in order to pacify the aggrieved national patriotic heart of the factors that mixed in there, but the People's Liberation Army to carry out sea and air military exercises, it should be applauded for large increases.

Personally, I think, the Chinese government in dealing with the issue of ROK-US speech, there were some deficiencies and shortcomings:

First of all, by the People's Liberation Army Central Military Commission, Foreign Declaration: People's Liberation Army has never given up the study of Mao Zedong Thought, in the current new international and domestic situation, on a more in-depth study of Mao Zedong Thought, Mao Zedong Thought under the People's Liberation Army is fighting militants invincible, and always will beat back all the invading enemy. Americans in the Korean War failed to bring that history is not only heart aches, but also feel lingering fear, we want to grasp it, such a mentality to U.S. imperialism in Mao Zedong's military thinking of the strong shock and awe, the feeling not to act rashly and chill.

Second, the wording of diplomatic not tough enough, tough enough. China should not blindly oppose the ROK-US protest and speech, should be released so relentlessly to voice strong opposition to U.S. Han Huanghai exercise. For example, China should declare the period of time in the ROK-US Multimodal speech will be in the Yellow Sea coast 12 miles offshore in international waters outside the missile test, the nuclear experiment, the prohibition of navigation of vessels and aircraft of States, such as by nuclear attack China will not be responsible.

Third, China's military options for the time lag Multimodal speech. China should not choose to play the end of the ROK-US to conduct land and air military exercises, should be chosen for large-scale military exercises during the ROK-US speech to the United States that China's military exercises direct supposed enemies of the United States and the United States Army, ROK-US speech directly to the fight against target set for the Chinese, that China still Sha dissembling, simply and directly pick out the purpose of exercise, not better.

Fourth, the Chinese army in the South China Sea and Yellow Sea should be the same time sea and air military exercises. This is to show that such a battle the U.S. determined that China has the ability to address both the capacity of the sea on two fronts, first in the United States imposing and mentally overwhelming.

If China can play in the ROK-US military exercise before and during the struggle to take tit for tat, then China will have demonstrated as a tiger, while the U.S. has become more and more like a paper tiger, can be treated as the official in the performance out on the ROK-US speech missteps and lack of lung power, but the United States become more and more like a tiger, but everywhere in China revealed some characteristics of a donkey, the United States fight back, but also "numerous angry", and brutally kicked after a few, make people feel lost pride and dignity.

Since May 1999 the U.S. bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia to the present, has been ten years, and in this decade, the United States has been thoroughly in China, its fundamental purpose is to split China and destroy China. By bombing its embassy in Yugoslavia, India and other countries to provoke territorial disputes with China, to provoke Japan, Southeast Asia and China's sea waters island disputes and South China collision, openly entered the South China Sea measured levels of escalating arms sales to Taiwan and support at home and abroad ** elements, openly support the Dalai clique to split China, and recently just for the Korea-US joint military exercises, and so on. The United States in China's real situation during the decade can be said to successfully touch the bottom, it is important to grasp the information available that what? I personally think that the following points:

First, Chinese people believe the current level of Mao Zedong Thought. The degree of belief of Mao Zedong Thought, the official folk belief greater than the degree of belief. Mao Zedong Thought is subversive plot to stop U.S. imperialism and the destruction of China's socialist system and a strong barrier to split China, Mao Zedong Thought as long as China is also deeply rooted in the minds of the majority of people, U.S. imperialism and the destruction of China's attempts to dismember conspiracy will not succeed.

Second, there is a lot of Chinese people, Mao Zedong who was also a legacy of the heroic sacrifice of defending the homeland and fighting spirit. It is that of defending the homeland from the Chinese folk heroic spirit, so that U.S. imperialism has been reluctant to take drastic action against China, just select continue to explore the action.

Third, the Chinese government's pro-US forces in size. From the official acts of the U.S. imperialist hegemony, the weakness of a series of protests, China's official pro-US forces have developed to a great deal of power, enough to make the Southern Song Dynasty in China longer follow the perfunctory way.

Thoroughly American view of the above circumstances, in the future, China will adopt the following policies:

First, continue to support a large number of pro-American running dog to go crazy to attack civilian and demonize Mao Zedong, the total destruction of the Chinese people's belief in Mao Zedong Thought, Mao Zedong Thought is not the faith of the United States can do whatever they like in China.

The second is to remain in the economic field officials and lackeys of big train, traitor, and traitors. This point, the U.S. imperialists satisfied, if not the patriotic forces of the powerful folk, the United States had launched the invasion of China or a conspiracy to split China.

Third, will continue to support the forces of Westernization within China to launch color revolutions. We can well imagine the political future of China will be a great turbulence.

Fourth, continue to increase support "Tibetan separatist," "East Turkistan separatists" and other separatist forces. Time in the future, "Tibetan separatist," "East Turkistan separatists" and separatist activities of separatist forces will increase, China will intensify the violence in border areas and frequent.

Five neighboring countries of China, under the provocation in the United States, and China will continue to for the territory, territorial sea and other border disputes, a large-scale friction. The purpose of the United States but with the elements in China's Westernization color revolution.

Some people may say, and the above mentioned issues, the United States has been in operation very early, but I say that the United States will increase its progress in these areas, and its efforts 将 enhanced tremendously.

Now, many people hate to talk about the domestic war, which is unusual wrong. War is the continuation and development of politics is to achieve political ends ways and means of final settlement. War is an integral part of politics. War is the only way to guarantee peace, only focusing on peace, not war to protect, such a peace is short-lived, as the Southern Song court, as the cruel Yuan eventually wear out and die. Ancient Chinese Emperor Tang Taizong Li Shimin Liu Che and well versed in the logic of war and peace. Hun and Han, Turkic, and the Tang Dynasty, are the number one power at a world-class, only if the Han and Tang choose a path of peace to make a living, I am afraid the Chinese would be gone. Han and Tang have chosen to war to protect peace, not only destroyed the Huns and Turkic peoples of the two strong regime, its remnants will be rushed to the far West, only the Han and Tang Dynasties prosperity and strong. Chinese emperor Liu Che and Li Shimin of the great man. After the founding of Mao Zedong, have chosen to war to protect peace, through the Korean War, the Sino-Indian war in southern Tibet, the Sino-Soviet war and a series of wars Treasure Island, shot a peaceful situation in China for decades, and the failure of Mao Zedong to grips U.S. imperialism, and still is a lingering fear, scared be terrified to mention the Korean War. Thus, contrary a strong Chinese dynasties dynasty, there were not chosen to war to protect peace, hand, those who choose the path of peace perfunctory are weak dynasty, ultimately can not escape that fate left in the history of the contributions very small.

Some people worry that if China were to take drastic action, and the United States, accidental discharge, it is entirely not to worry, the U.S. is just a paper tiger, you're strong, and it retreated. The United States gave up a joint military exercise in the Yellow Sea is not a good proof?

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