Warned the United States: To look China as the biggest enemy will be the world's disaster!

China Military Report: Warned the United States Government: It will be the world's disaster to look China as the biggest enemy!

Please do not regard China as your enemy, this will allow your people and the people of the world may go devastating disaster!

China knows the U.S. you are strong in the Second World War the United States to support the Government of Republic of China the story vividly against the Japanese invaders. Recalling the World War II the United States can be said is the world's hero!

U.S. Army fighting in World War II killed 234,874, 565,861 wounded, 111,426 prisoners, captured 912,161 soldiers were killed or injured.

In the Atlantic region, the U.S. Army fighting killed 174,090, injured 465,115, captured 89,523, captured 728,728 soldiers were killed or injured.

European air offensive campaign, the U.S. Army fighting killed 7,504, injured 2,792, captured 12,993, 23,289 soldiers were killed or injured captured.

Algeria - French Morocco campaign, the U.S. Army fighting killed 479, wounded 696, captured 22, were wounded soldiers captured in 1197.

Anzio campaign, the U.S. Army fighting killed 5,538, injured 14,838, captured 2453, captured 22,829 soldiers were killed or injured.

Ardennes Battle, U.S. Army fighting killed 19,246, injured 60,050, 22,982 captured, captured 102,278 soldiers were killed or injured.

Naples battle, the U.S. Army fighting killed 6,266, injured 14,642, captured in 1984, captured 22,892 soldiers were killed or injured.

Battle of Normandy, the U.S. Army fighting killed 16,293, injured 41,051, captured 5045, captured 62,389 soldiers were killed or injured.

Campaign in northern France, the U.S. Army fighting killed 17,844, injured 47,469, captured 4890, captured 70,203 soldiers were killed or injured.

Central Europe Campaign, the U.S. Army fighting killed 15,009, injured 42,568, captured 3714, captured 61,291 soldiers were killed or injured.

Egypt - Libya Campaign, the U.S. Army fighting killed 997, wounded 429, captured in 1487, captured 2,913 officers and men were killed or injured.

North Apennines Campaign, the U.S. Army fighting killed 8,486, injured 20,945, captured in 3994, captured 33,425 soldiers were killed or injured.

Battle of Po River plain, the U.S. Army fighting killed 1,914, injured 6,220, 372 captured, captured 8,506 officers and men were killed or injured.

Rhineland battle, the U.S. Army fighting killed 50,410, injured 165,965, captured 18,892, captured 235,267 soldiers were killed or injured.

Luomaenuo battle, the U.S. Army fighting killed 11,393, injured 28,124, captured in 5351, captured 44,868 soldiers were killed or injured.

Sicily campaign, the U.S. Army fighting killed 2,572, injured 5,746, 324 captured, captured 8642 men were killed or injured.

Campaign in southern France, the U.S. Army fighting killed 7301, injured 5361, captured 2231, captured 14,893 soldiers were killed or injured.

Tunisia Campaign, the U.S. Army fighting killed 2,838, injured 8,279, captured 2,525 men, captured 13,642 soldiers were killed or injured.

In the Pacific, the U.S. Army fighting killed 55,145, injured 86,952, 16,018 captured, captured 158,115 soldiers were killed or injured.

Battle of the Philippine Islands, the U.S. Army fighting killed 13,847, injured in 1111, captured 14,930 soldiers, 29,888 soldiers were killed or injured captured.

Leyte, Luzon, Southern Philippines campaign, the U.S. Army fighting killed 16,233, injured 44,232, captured 52, captured 60,517 soldiers were killed or injured.

Aerial bombing campaign in Japan, the U.S. Army fighting in 3602 killed, 484 wounded, 338 captured, captured 4,424 officers and men were killed or injured.

Battle of the Aleutian Islands, the U.S. Army fighting killed 818, wounded 858, captured 47, captured 1,723 men were killed or injured.

Battle of the Bismarck Archipelago, the U.S. Army fighting killed 346, wounded 595, captured four, captured 945 officers and men were killed or injured.

Myanmar, India and Burma campaign, the U.S. Army fighting killed 2,797, injured 1,691, 355 captured, captured 4,843 officers and men were killed or injured.

Battle of central Myanmar, the U.S. Army fighting killed 552, injured 309, 72 captured, captured 933 officers and men were killed or injured.

Battle of the Pacific Rim, the U.S. Army fighting killed 517, injured 1074, captured 36, captured 1,627 officers and men were killed or injured.

China's defense battle, fighting the U.S. Army killed 194, wounded 159, captured 22, captured 375 officers and men were killed or injured.

Battle of the Chinese attack, the U.S. Army fighting killed 47, injured four, captured four, captured 55 soldiers were killed or injured.

East India campaign, the U.S. Army fighting killed 461, wounded 110, captured 21, captured 592 officers and men were killed or injured.

Battle of the East region, the U.S. Army fighting killed 434, injured 1,056, were killed or injured officers and men captured in 1490.

Battle of Guadalcanal, the U.S. Army fighting killed 712, injured 710, a total of 1,422 officers and men captured casualties.

New Guinea campaign, the U.S. Army fighting killed 4,684, injured 7,486, captured 38, captured 12,208 soldiers were killed or injured.

North Solomons campaign, the U.S. Army fighting killed 1,774, injured 4,799, captured a total of 6,574 officers and men captured casualties.

Papua campaign, the U.S. Army fighting killed 343, wounded 593, captured 936 officers and men were killed or injured.

Ryukyu Islands campaign, the U.S. Army fighting killed 4,718, injured 15,032, captured 21, 19 771 soldiers were killed or injured captured.

Battle of the Western Pacific, the U.S. Army fighting killed 3,066, injured 6,589, captured 77, captured 9732 men were killed or injured.

Other unknown battle, the U.S. Army fighting killed 5,639, injured 13,794, captured 5885, captured 25,318 soldiers were killed or injured.

U.S. forces battle in Perry S, September 15, 1944 -1 944 11 27.

U.S. Marine 1st Division was killed 1252, injured 5274, casualties in 6526.

81 U.S. Army Infantry Division killed 404, injured 2685, casualties in 3089.

U.S. ground forces killed 1656, injured 7959, casualties in 9615.

U.S. Navy killed 195, injured 505, 700 casualties.

U.S. naval forces killed 195, injured 505, 700 casualties.

U.S. troops were killed in 1851, injured 8464, 10 315 casualties.

Note: Another data is sulfur Island Marine killed in Perry 1272, after the death of a prisoner were killed in 1273.

After World War II, the Soviet Union to their respective interests in the establishment of the so-called North Korean military demarcation line, then pull the fighting in the Korean Peninsula. Although China is a direct combat, behind China, the Soviet Union was the most powerful backing. The United States Although there is strong support from the United Nations, but the ultimate failure of the Soviet Union joint operations in China and Korea. This is also the largest one since the founding of the United States failed! is the history of modern warfare, the United States had to face the most unbearable fact.

During this period the Korean War, the Chinese military to China's territory is not invaded, sent troops to Korea, against the arrogance of the United Nations forces, resulting in a total of U.S. and UN military casualties: 683,079 dead, injured 1,167,737, 1,850,816 people total casualties. Since October 25, 1950 war to July 27, 1953 Armistice, the Chinese People's Volunteers were killed 114 000 people, the hospital where the fighting and non-combat wounded wounded 383,000 more than people, of whom where invalid death in 21 600 to out injured for the second, third wounded caused by duplication of statistical treatment of invalid digital and non-combat deaths and the injured person, so the final battle to determine the total number of casualties attrition 366 000 people. So determine, together with the missing, the entire Korean War, the Chinese People's Volunteers battle losses totaled more than 390,000 people. In addition to combat losses, the hospital has been ill treated in hospital more than 450 000 military and civilian people, of whom more than 13 000 dead patients, plus killed, died of wounds such as a clear treatment of those who died and went missing is estimated to have died in the Korean War War, the Chinese military and civilian deaths due to various reasons, more than the 156,000 or so, this is a huge sacrifice. Korean War annihilating 1.09 million, plus the expense of 760 000 Korean People's Army of the injury, death, missing several, China and the DPRK armed forces pay a total of 628,000 troops more than the cost of the damage.

The United States did in World War II played the role of savior, but behind the development of Querang sad world. The United States after World War II, U.S. military spending has been 60% of world military spending technetium, such a large military expenditure, the tax alone is a national unsustainable. how do? support required to support a puppet government interest / sow discord in the world conflict / other measures to maintain this hegemony.

The face of China: to support Taiwan independence, Tibet and Xinjiang separatist support. Incite civil unrest in China in support of ASEAN countries against China, the Chinese consulate bombing Yugoslavia, the Galaxy case, the aircraft was pushed, the Yellow Sea are all acting as the U.S. military for its own hegemony, establish a false impression of China, the biggest enemy.

As the saying goes: "Grateful" and now the United States like a bitch, like interest only to recognize, do not recognize emotions. You support it more, not turn against the parade. China, as the largest creditor, the United States with just a means to embezzle nearly more than 4000 million of investment, the hearts of anger is also being digested, the recent US-ROK military exercise the Yellow Sea incident, finally let the Chinese people understand this ignoble , ungrateful, do not know the virtue and morality of the world's most reputable non-rogue discipline.

The legal name of human rights everywhere the United States coat, interfering in other country's internal affairs. Riots in Xinjiang, Tibet's vandalism incident, a high-profile meeting with separatist Dalai Lama, not promises continued support for arms sales to Taiwan. Everywhere over the banner name of fairness that he is master of the world's fair. Everywhere so that other countries abide by international law of the sea, their really is not formally part of an organization. The evil face of the United States is really too numerous to record ah! It has to let the Chinese people by U.S. air and provocative events, the Chinese people's lungs can direct air blow!

China's large purchase of its bonds, it does hold the Chinese people's hard-earned money in China, a large number of acquisitions and mergers of Chinese famous enterprises. Areas of China in the world in many ways against their will support the United States, the United States is open to China gunboats offshore, (July 25-28 in the exercise position of the closest measurement from the map of China, Jilin Yanbian map of the river from the Sea of Japan is only 20 km away recently, and Washington aircraft carrier combat radius is 500 km.) or even blatant swagger around! China needs a peaceful environment and time, the rogue does to China as biggest enemy of the people, any exercise is to take China as a target.

United States financial crisis riots everywhere. See more sober leaders of Asian countries, not fooled, they threw away a hideous monster disguised directly directly come forward to make selfish event. ASEAN Forum on high-profile Vietnamese provocation interests of the sovereignty of the South China Sea, resulting in another round of crisis in the beginning of the South China Sea, the Pacific exercises in 14 countries, the Sea of Japan-ROK military exercise, the Yellow Sea South Korean military exercises, and some out of the conflict are to the sword , China. This series of military provocations, also drawn into the world during the Cold War about to begin! Let China awakened!

The July 25, 2010 -28 South Korean large-scale military exercises on the surface, pointing its sword towards the DPRK, in fact, a warning to China!

Do not get the face they say beat, you hit the most taboo up vanity and dignity, and the Chinese Do not break out temper? ? ? Chinese people, Chinese people in anger. . . . . .

For China, the U.S. military both in the Yellow Sea or East China Sea to participate in the exercise, the effect is the same, even if the carrier does not appear in the Yellow Sea, Washington, nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in the East China Sea appears as a huge threat to China, because China Territory is not only important that only Beijing and Tianjin, the South East region is also the gateway to China, and these places are in Washington, within the radius of the carrier's operations, who can guarantee that the United States under the guise of exercise in the name of South Korea and Japan will not suddenly attack on China? so to strengthen prevention strongly opposed to is as it should be!

The exercise is aimed at the US-ROK "Tian An Incident" with the DPRK, but the international community is well aware that China is a South Korean military force formidable barrier against the DPRK, the United States are of course very clear weight of China in Northeast Asia, the US-ROK exercise out with against North Korea, is an implicit speech to the Chinese view, and indirectly to Chinese Qiaoshanzhenhu, warned that China's support for North Korea's policy is real, while the U.S. military has a separate purpose, which is direct action to tell the Chinese Navy, Central China Sea sphere of influence remains the U.S. Navy, the Chinese navy do not expect that a breakthrough!

The first breakthrough in the Chinese Navy is gradually island chain, closer to the second island chain, the U.S. finally sit still, leading the so-called allies in Asia Pacific, Central, exercises, a nuclear aircraft carrier patrolling the standby time of aggressive, multi-nuclear submarines build the Asia-Pacific, All this clearly shows the intention of the U.S. military, that is, curb the pace of extension of the Chinese Navy.

Look at China's recent frequent exercise, made in China for the US-ROK military exercise posture, the face of powerful enemies in China China's military provocation, the people are angry up? ? ?

1: South China Sea Sword

July 27, 2010 the PLA Navy has a certain area of the South China Sea Fleet held three joint war exercises, the East China Sea, North Sea and South China Sea Fleet's main combat ships, such as 171 ships, 116 ships, modern warships in recent years to equip our troops have all participated in the exercise . Since this exercise is the PLA Army, the largest modern naval warfare exercises at sea, not only effectively tested the Navy's modernization drive in recent years, the results of the current complex area also sends an important signal environment. During the exercise, observe the high-level military exercises, and made important instructions.

Sanya Liberation Army Daily Xinhua Zhong Jijun July 27 reported: Yesterday, the Central Military Commission member, Chief of General Staff Chen Bingde to observe the South China Sea Fleet in the naval arms contracts over live ammunition exercise, stressed the need to conscientiously implement the important instructions and the Central Military Commission Chairman Hu deployment requirements, focusing on generating system operational capability, actively promote the transformation of military training. CMC members, Navy Commander Wu Shengli, accompanied by observation.

Chen Bingde pointed out that the central task force to be close to great efforts to strengthen party building. Always the main focus on the overall situation, focus centers on the full completion of the central task of party organizations in the core of leadership in the role of the military into the center of the real party-building tasks, using the results service central task of party building. Vigorously strengthen the building of party organizations learning, highlighting information knowledge learning, enhance information literacy, strengthen construction of military units, command information operations under conditions of practical skills. Focus on practice in learning, learning in practice, the best use of the Gulf of Aden to escort action of this important practice platform, humbly learn from good practices of foreign armies, and actively carry out cooperation and military and diplomatic escort, escort missions in the completion of a high standard at all levels in the comprehensive commander of the organization and command capabilities and forces operational capabilities.

Chen Bingde stressed the need to develop a high degree of attention to changes in situations and tasks, solid preparations for military struggle. Military training is the most substantial preparations for military struggle, the most basic work. We must put military training at a strategic position, focus on generating system operational capability, further promoting the transformation of military training, military training and further grasp the rise of big craze. To further explore the information technology training under the laws of the Navy figure out the real conditions of mechanization to military training from the information objectives, tasks, methods of changing conditions and means to provide scientific guidance to transform military training. To attach great importance to basic technical and tactical training, deepen elements of the system-wide joint training, command information system give full play to the "blood", and enhance combat capability.

Chen Bingde requirements, should focus on improving building quality and efficiency, and actively implement the various reform initiatives. Adhere to the scientific and technological progress should be fighting to improve the quality of their core, the new growth point in fighting on the good job building the new combat forces; An Zhao system requires optimization of the power structure, to the formation and mission of the task force to match system; around the whole package to promote development, prevent the short-board information system weaknesses and constraints on the formation of increased combat capability.

Organized by the South China Sea Fleet of the exercise to combat into the background, highlighting complex conditions, electromagnetic interference real confrontation, so that joint operations throughout the entire process, a complex electromagnetic environment of training a multi-service contract under the long-range precision strike on the sea, air Zhi air operations and complex electromagnetic environment, integrated air and missile defense surface ships and other six subjects, the history of participating in the training element of the Navy-wide, real-launched missiles, and information with a high degree, a training complex electromagnetic environment. Through exercise, physical inspection of the command information system is "get on together," "well in", "good use", "anti-get real" and so on.

Qi Jianguo, assistant chief of staff, commander of the Guangzhou Military Region, Xu Fan Lin, the leading national and headquarters offices, part of the defense industry and leadership to observe the exercise.

B: July 25, 2010 Nanjing Military Region Artillery Yellow Sea live ammunition exercises unprecedented

US-ROK joint military exercise in the beginning of the day, July 25, 2010, the Nanjing Military Region artillery forces launched an unprecedented live ammunition exercises. Reported that large-scale long-range rocket fire that combat exercises in the People's Liberation Army is the first time in history.

CCTV reported the first exercise, the report referred to in the exercise area is located near the Yellow Sea. Military analysts believe that the exercise was to make China-ROK joint military exercise as a reaction, but also reflects a gesture. Exercise is the first large-scale rocket commander's order, the rows of shells roared out from the launch vehicle, with a long smoke, pierced the sky, accurate coverage targets. This is the first round of the Nanjing Military Region artillery fire against the exercise, then exercise forces have practiced single-shot volley, volleyball volley, volley and many even live firing.

According to reports, the exercise using artillery Radar, UAV and other equipment for battlefield intelligence and reconnaissance, effectively increasing battlefield transparency and information exchange, in order to make more accurate long-range combat, the participating forces also live ammunition shooting range in accordance with the environmental characteristics, Expand detected.

Shooting is also the past performance evaluation exercise based on the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, radar, television and optical equipment, battlefield reconnaissance and other means to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the exercise system based on the information capacity of long-range artillery fire against a comprehensive inspection.

According to reports, the exercise area is located near the Yellow Sea, is a live ammunition exercise, such large-scale long-range rocket fire against the exercise is the first time.

It is understood that the long-range rocket was made in the exercise of the new long-range rockets, long-range firepower of the PLA ground forces are an important part. Blue Cloud, said military experts, the participating in the new long-range rocket series marks the 60th anniversary of New China in the last year had a large parade debut.

Exercise frequently that our attitude

US-ROK joint military exercise in the day, the Nanjing Military Region to hold such exercises also aroused strong concern about the outside world. Blue cloud on the analysis of military experts said the exercise may be arranged in a long time ago, but choose to exercise on the 25th day, letting the CCTV so advertised is a manifestation of our country for the joint US-ROK exercise attitude, "come and go, a normal reaction."

Li Jie military experts pointed out that the U.S. aircraft carrier had planned to enter China Multimodal speech but were strongly opposed, then the first US-ROK military exercise held in the Sea of Japan, but U.S. and South Korea still Fangchuhualai, the next step but also to the Yellow Sea for military exercises. Then the Nanjing Military Region of the exercise is another expression of China's "resolute opposition" stance.

Li Jie said the army earlier in the East China Sea for firing exercises, and complete the anti-ship missile attack drill; then held in the Yellow Sea, code-named "war -2,010" marine emergency support exercise; this again a land-based exercises are the expression of a position.

Although the military exercises on land this time, but Lee said, from a regional perspective, the exercise location in the Yellow Sea near the coastal region can be said is. Nanjing Military Region's long-range rocket is showing drill offshore my army combat capability, "If anyone dares to challenge our ability to fight back, but by all means to fight back."

3: Yellow Sea large-scale force delivery training

According to another report, the Jinan Military Region is also July 26, 2010 Air Force began training exercises delivery standardization. Resident in the hinterland of the Jinan Military Region Central Plains armored brigade forward command post and some equipment, on the 27th the way by air transport, emergency vote sent to the Shandong Peninsula in a coastal city, rapidly combat operations. Participate in the exercise of formed units military exercise capacity using the remote delivery of aviation procedures and processes.

4: East China Sea live-fire exercises

No-fly fishing Notice

Part I in 2010 June 30-July 5, daily 0:00 to 18:00, in Taizhou, Zhoushan to the east (latitude 29 degrees 54 minutes east longitude 122 degrees 36 minutes; latitude 29 degrees 54 minutes N 123 degrees 30 minutes; latitude 28 degrees 25 minutes east longitude 123 degrees 30 minutes; latitude 28 degrees 25 minutes east longitude 122 degrees 14 minutes; latitude 28 degrees 50 minutes east longitude 122 degrees 14 minutes) 5:00 connections waters. That is, 191,192,196,197,198,203,204,205 fishing zone for firing practice. Training period, all vessels entering the waters is prohibited, and obey the command of naval vessels to ensure safety.

Notice is hereby!

91,765 People's Liberation Army troops

June 24, 2010

Napoleon had predicted: "China is like a sleeping lion, once awake, the world will be thrilled."

This tells all the provocations by the U.S. and the fact that: The Chinese love peace, cherish the hard-won peaceful environment. But I am of the Chinese people the dignity of the Chinese territory, territorial waters, airspace and will not tolerate any provocation by trampling. This column may also be an accidental discharge exercises, of course, the Chinese soldiers keep a high level of vigilance was waiting in the intruder's presence!

China, the number of column performance, is to tell all the provocation, the aggressor: "Although China does not want war, but war will not be afraid!"

By the Chinese saying goes: "United we win, the Big Dipper is Liang Bai." Warned the United States Government: China as the biggest enemy will be the world's disaster!

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