The United States is now fully suppress the nuclear power industry in China

May 20 Gulf of Mexico, the British oil company BP oil leak caused an unprecedented environmental disaster, dead fish, ducks become like a duck in the sense of the turtle is dead. However, because this makes the Obama poll leaked to reach a historic low, his support rate began to decline, while his disapproval rating rose to the highest in the point. This makes Obama painful, even according to media reports, more than half of the people on the Obama deal with the Gulf of Mexico oil spill treatment is unsatisfactory, even after endangering his re-election, so the risk is very great .

If you are Barack Obama, met this oil spill, how can you do? Give you faster and better energy policy report card, or how the oil spill hospice? And May 20 of the oil spill, May 24/25 date is the second round of Sino-US strategic economic dialogue, in addition to the new energy last time I said let him extra points, there is nuclear power. Of course nuclear power is also a sense of new energy, but this not the same, this stuff makes me very angry, the data show that in March 2009, China imported from the United States, Westinghouse 4 units, two in Zhejiang 3, two in Haiyang. We are actually playing the nuclear power is "universal card", which is called Canada's equipment Qinshan 3, Russia's equipment is called Tin Wan, France, the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station is the follow-up project, and now called the U.S. Westinghouse AP1000.

According to media reports, the U.S. Westinghouse AP1000 in December 2006 when the winning bid because lower price, lower per kilowatt between 1000 to 1500 U.S. dollars, and we Lines of Plastic State Nuclear Power Technology's chairman believes that China first introduced in late 2006 AP1000 technology is actually saving the cost. Then the actual data is that the international tender in 2006 dollars per kilowatt 1800-1900 reported to a central, rather than say 1000-1500 Lines of Plastic dollars and is responsible for the introduction of nuclear power technology in China has also asked the Chinese government now prepared to more than 2000 U.S. dollars the price of one kilowatt to pick plate, but also comes with a frightening condition: no ceiling.

In addition to our program from 1800 to 1900 U.S. dollars reported to the central to the Government for more than two thousand U.S. dollars to take over, we found that the United States plus the technology still have to more than 4,300 U.S. dollars per kilowatt of R & D investment costs, investment costs, together more than 6000 U.S. dollars . And expensive compared to foreign third-generation AP, we self-designed Qinshan two nuclear power plants, each kilowatt-all add up to just 1,662 U.S. dollars, if the use of AP1000 in addition to more than 2000 U.S. dollars price to take over more than there are more than 4000 U.S. dollars per kilowatt investment money. Therefore, it is 3 times our own building. We have spent 800 billion to introduce AP1000, 8000 亿 hand over people!

In fact, I reported on China's industry has been to skepticism, but nuclear energy, I must be honest to say that China is advanced than the U.S.! We have mastered the fourth-generation technology. The first generation of nuclear energy, second-and third-generation technology is basically the same, this is the fourth generation is completely different!

Why do I why should be a description of this technology and we do, because they are full of complaints full of complaints that we decided not to use him, because his technique is too advanced. This technical difference is that, before the three generations have a common problem is that when you want to cool the reactor, then to insert the control rods. But the United States, Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, the Russian nuclear accident had occurred, the cause? We take the Three Mile Island, for example, after the control rod inserted to melt away, and melt away after the temperature of the uncontrollable, the nuclear explosion at any moment of crisis, so the rod itself is a fundamental first three generations of technology. Three generations of nuclear technology before the control rod is the fundamental, which is why the U.S. nuclear power plants built so hard, because it can not solve the control rod problem. And our country is put forward to solve the problem of technical control rods, control rods do not use steam cooling, called the high temperature steam cooling concept. Direct access to academic journals will find that in 2002, "Nuclear Engineering Nuclear Design" published by Tsinghua University are introduced on the 1 million kilowatts of "modular high temperature gas cooling reactor" is no control rods to reduce the temperature steam cooling means Its editor is an authority on this, He said: This is the first fourth-generation reactor, which not only exists on paper but also in the reality, although only a small reactor designs, all of its parts and design can be used in larger power companies have no problem. So in 2004 the September 30 arrangements in the IAEA, the world's first modular high temperature gas cooling reactor in Beijing, rather than in the United States, for the first time in foreign and security 试验 had. From over 30 countries, more than 60 International Atomic Energy Agency experts in the field to see the situation is not under control rod insertion, how to engage in such a cool topic. This is the first time in history with the world's reactors are running to the exercise of accident, it shows that China's peaceful use of nuclear technology to go in the forefront of the world.

Our research so powerful, but the result was what is it? We had at the second Sino-US economic strategic and economic dialogue meetings, agreed with a U.S. nuclear technology can not keep up our share of this fourth-generation technology. In return, the United States to provide third-generation technology to us. In other words, we have the most advanced technology and Americans to share in return is to the United States have not developed the technology in China thoroughgoing vivo, and the United States to pay the Americans to review the technology now, and finally to 1 800 000 000 000 share of the market and hand over to the Americans.

Finally, I have to do justice to say, I do not blame the government, you think of it, even I know, we engage in nuclear energy staff will not know? Today is my concept of nuclear energy in very simple words will give you a friend to listen, you think of want to see, even I know, we know that nuclear power unit, why bother? Its as if I am not surprised that the head office of nuclear energy technology, because we can not, why can not it, that reason is an extension of the U.S. exchange rate war.

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