Full of the ugly face: the U.S. military's response surprised the Chinese military

Between the two sides of a soldier in a squabble.

Agreed to establish a hotline in the high-level after the U.S. armed forces began to discuss the implementation of aspects of specific issues. Kim was one of the Chinese side, the Americans did a little polite, straightforward to take the U.S. side to strengthen mutual trust, should reduce the investigation of China's aircraft warship. But the Americans righteousness, that you have a Chinese yard, front yard is a public road, and can not say the yard is your road does not go the right people. China's immediate response, you raised up to walk? You are detecting aircraft, ships lying in the courtyard completely, the straining inwards peep, the whole is a peeping ah. And took a fancy to addiction, and now you have the addiction, and 1:30 will be treated well these faults, and watch less head office right. Slowly governance. Americans are angry is not the answer to Kim, the Chinese military opened eyes, the Americans said: I just have to look to the yard, Yugoslavia, the Middle East is all I ever see, and do not see how do I know the yard is not a fight , is not what happened? Should I decide that I can control, ah, full of super features.

Finally, a question: was asked very tough in the Yellow Sea of China, but still falls far short of American military power, will not appear bitter battle!

Kim did not go to shows that both sides in terms of strength, but that China has the bottom line, the South China Sea has been announced is the core interests of the strong reaction of the Yellow Sea in China many times, this and confrontation are two different things, express their needs in China, and Americans deal with, is to articulate, so as to avoid conflicts, demands, asking price, threats, these are the means of power game, not confrontation.

But the core interests? Refers to the state would resort to war to defend the interests of the means. (Personal understanding and the anti-secession law, the core interests behind the increase is the increase in power, that China has in the South China Sea and the United States to fight and to win the power. Yellow Sea is also in the future China will gradually set up around the strategy buffer, play is play the outside.)

No. Some people ask the question Cheonan?

Kim stated that the first personal views, the first: the so-called torpedo hit Cheonan, powerful, a makes a small military vessels are not divided into two, the probability is small, or big guys. Second: accident site, 30 meters water depth, the North Korean submarine sounds big, big torpedoes to bring to this region, high risk, highly unlikely. Therefore, the findings of Cheonan South Korea becomes a very far-fetched.

Who do not recognize their own doing, get the biggest beneficiary from whom to analyze, the United States apparently is that by such an event, the Americans extended the joint command, and to increase military presence in Asia reasons. China is still very appropriate response, and that, while Tian, the parties seemed at daggers drawn, but playing in no one's interest, so estimates be unlikely, the parties use the opportunity to cheap fishing only. But the power of preparation, the strength is the foundation of all.

The last question

China's peaceful rise possible? Historically, the rise of great powers are playing out.

Kim said that the history of China's reunification 9 are playing out of the war. The difference is that now the intersection of all the interests of large, it is possible to avoid war, such as the United States forces outside the hospital a great influence, a disadvantage with China bill brewing, these companies want to do business in China will be to lobby affected. There is a very strange thing, is the greatest strategic adversary from the hands to get the greatest strategic interests. Putin's famous saying, do not want to shoot, then it joined the ranks of opponents, but the need to strengthen the power and strength, the stronger the greater the hope for peace, even if the conflict will be localized conflict.

In summary, gold is not taboo talk too much, clear, and can feel the years China has gradually learned the practice of power, the state has a clear national strategy, the various factors affecting the rise of China have been placed on the state considerations range. Chinese are very good at learning, at this stage the rapid development, many problems, even when the development of the problem than not more than, but there is one, national stability, sustainable development, which is the common interest of all Chinese people, the country's stability is important, China's military has sufficient self-protection and regional expansion, so the real danger comes from within, with Jin Yinan, then move mountains in fear, afraid of the shoes in the sand.

The problem is not the answer. Imperialism is so rampant, the answer is to fight on their own strength to the. Of course, the strategy is also very important struggle, is a move to strengthen fishery. Indonesia recently and successfully compete for fishing vessels is one example. Live-fire exercise in the Yellow Sea Rocket is a move in the international political game is very interesting, but ultimately is the power to speak! You have the ability of people facing the door Grilled pepper spray point, the next he would not dare to peep.

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