Scaremongering: small steel balls that can destroy U.S. aircraft carriers!

See this title, you will find me in funny, is not true, see the section of the Iraqi war coverage:

March 27, according to the "Los Angeles Times" reported that the raging dust storms swept through the U.S. aircraft carrier's deck, blocking the aircraft engines, aircraft vent valve, and even the soldiers of the nostrils. Jansa added drops of aircraft hydraulic fluids and aircraft brake lock falling oil, so that aircraft carrier deck to become too smooth, maintenance personnel had to use both hands to clean up.

Violent dust storms make the coalition ground forces in Iraq this week, the action had slowed down the desert region, also affected are the Air Force and Navy operations, and go around blowing wind, and even the sea of ships can not escape it kind of bad weather forced cancellation of many planned attacks.

Depth understanding of carrier knows that, the aircraft carrier's flight deck is very clean, because even if the aircraft carrier deck with a grain of sand, sucked into the engine when the plane took off, to which we can not speculate consequences. Range from the engine were injured, while in plane crash fire. To this end, the U.S. aircraft carrier forces often arranged in dense cross-team carefully cleaning the aircraft carrier deck to prevent any solid particles left in the deck.

Just think, little grains of sand can adversely affect aircraft taking off and landing operations, if not sand, but the ball then? Jet engine fire-breathing inhalation ball immediately scrapped, while in the engine caused the disintegration of aircraft structural damage. This anti-aircraft provided an excellent means. Spherical ball is not mentioned here, but a special appearance.

People's Liberation Army's long-range tactical ballistic missile rocket or ammunition without cartridge explosives, you can install special type ball, this ball with a weak magnetic may be absorbed on the steam catapults on the slide, has a special aerodynamic shape, can not easily be blown away by the weak but susceptible to strong winds pick up, the color black, falls to the ground difficult to detect. Long-range rockets burst in the U.S. fleet over the release of a huge amount of ball, like Hail to the general U.S. carrier deck landing, immediately let the aircraft taking off and landing fire or disintegration. Subsequently, the aircraft carrier landing operations end, sending a large number of staff spend a lot of equipment to clean up the deck, as ball sizes, hard to find, resulting in clean-up difficulties, which would prevent U.S. aircraft carriers to play a role in up to several hours. If you constantly use this attack method, the U.S. aircraft carrier will completely lose its function as a carrier.

This is a wonderful way of asymmetric warfare the PLA, the PLA does not need to use the number of aircraft, the number of missiles launched, only a certain amount of long-range tactical missiles, rocket or aircraft taking off and landing aircraft carriers can be prevented, the destruction of part of the U.S. warplanes. Perhaps coupled with a tactical missile price of 100,000 is a special type ball one-tenth of F18, but it can eliminate much of your enemy on their own goals.

They struggled in this please cents to refute such tactics, if you think it is very funny, then laugh to see who the last laugh.

China is different from Iraq, China has satellite, early warning aircraft, space radar, electronic reconnaissance planes, electronic reconnaissance vessels, submarines and other weapons, regardless of how China can accurately know the location of U.S. aircraft carrier, a major characteristic of China is particularly large number of tactical missile Even if the U.S. military standard 3 missile, also Jiabu Zhu ballistic missile attack, ballistic missiles carrying special type of steel ball in the air burst, forming an area of vast cloud of metal particles bound to fall on the deck aircraft carrier, aircraft carrier landing operations inevitably cause disruption even more serious consequences.

Compared with China, Iraq, described as "everything but nothing," the U.S. imperialists do not always take Iraq to scare the Chinese.

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