North Korean secret recording exposured! Chinese people are shocked and very sad!

"Because North Korea to implement military-first politics, so there is no outbreak of the Korean War. South Korea, many people know that North Korea launched the first military and political to the South Korea brought enormous benefits."

"China's interest in us because we help them stop the super power United States."

This is North Korea's Vice Minister of Labor Party Propaganda Department of the second half of 2006 in Pyongyang in a speech for the content of high-level cadres. Recent newspaper sources from inside North Korea obtained the exclusive hands of the then Deputy Minister of Propaganda recordings of a speech file. Second half of 2006 as the North Korean vice minister of propaganda, including Gil Su-am, Kim Taek-seong, Park Min-su, Song Gi-jak, Heo Jae-eok, Kwon Hyeok-bong, Lee Chun-gu, etc., but not yet delivered the speech to confirm who is the hero.

In the speech, the speaker introduced from 2003 to 2006 occurred in the first half of South Korea's political events and international situation, the argument is simply "absurd." As can be seen, the manner in which the North Korean situation and the internal promotion of the international situation. The following is a summary of a speech:

① Songun politics

Vice Minister of Propaganda, said: "If there is no military-first politics, war has erupted over 12 times. And if war breaks out, will last 90 days, the U.S. military have died more than 10 million people, 70% of South Korean citizens will be killed . South Korea's economy for more than 90% will be annihilated. "deputy minister also said:" This is why the South Koreans believe that, thanks to North Korea's military-first politics, South Korea's economy to survive. "

② protest against U.S. base relocation

Deputy Minister said: "(2005) the struggle broke out before the removal of the bronze statue of MacArthur, South Korea, MacArthur is simply mythical figure." But he also said that South Korea had recently changed the view of MacArthur, They said: "MacArthur is a killer monster. Korean War he tried to use nuclear weapons against the Korean nation to commit genocide. If the U.S. did not succeed in Incheon Landing, has been North Korea's reunification on the Korean Peninsula."

Deputy Minister also took place in 2006 against the U.S. military base to Pyeongtaek demonstration, said: "If war breaks out, Seoul will turn into a sea of flames within 30 minutes, because the U.S. military base in Seoul on center, so anti-American sentiment further high, so it was moved to advocate the U.S. military base in places farther away (Pyeongtaek), but the progressive forces in South Korea claim 'should be the U.S. military out of South Korea'. "

③ film "Welcome to Dongmakgol"

Deputy Minister of South Korea in 2005 film, "Welcome to Dongmakgol," said: "This is our army and puppet (South Korea) military and the East Village in Mozambique over the United States with the film." He said: "South Korea's conservative gained complete mess. because of South Korea, unified, democratic forces in the struggle, North-South cooperation progress. we get 2005 50 tons of food and 35 tons of chemical fertilizers. "

④ 2006 Local Government Elections

Deputy Minister said: "May 31, 2006 The local puppet leaders of the elections, the Uri Party failed because Roh Moo-hyun and the Uri party lost popular support." He said: "In the beginning was the popularity of Roh Moo-hyun high support rate of 80%. This is because the Roh Moo-hyun said it would address the Korea-US relations, abolition of "National Security Law", and through the "historical truth Law" straighten history. However, Roh did not stop in 2003 remittances to North Point the prosecutors, and sent troops to Iraq. In addition, 2004 also prevented the death of Kim Il Sung, the 10th anniversary memorial service for a delegation to visit the North, the South Korean people no longer trust Roh Moo-hyun. "North Korea said the" people "is in fact that" anti- U.S. and pro-North. "

⑤ Park Geun-hye was attacked in canvassing activities

Deputy Minister said: "In the local elections, the powers of the mayor of Seoul than a puppet prime minister. Opening up the party before sending a high popularity Justice Minister Kang Kum-sil."

He added: "However, elections were held for 10 days, Park Geun-hye lobbying election, suddenly a strange knife stab Park Geun-hye Han's face, and left a 13 cm long stab wound. Was South Korea that behind the Uri Party, but later learned that this is the United States and self conservative forces farce. "

⑥ Roh Moo-hyun proposed "joint governance"

Vice Minister, said: "(July 2005) Roh Moo-hyun claims 'win-win politics', to the Prime Minister of the Grand National Party will seat can reduce the President of the rights, privileges and transmitted to people by the opposition of conservative forces and so on, this South North Korean nationals are very disappointed. 3 years in power, the Roh Moo-hyun's support dropped to 20%. Kim Dae-jung and Kim Young Sam's support for the ruling three years later, the rate also was 65% and 53%. "

In addition, he also reshuffled his cabinet in early 2006, said: "The Security Council has been China's national security affairs chief of the 48-year-old Lee Jong-Minister of Unification as a puppet. Zi Zhu Qian Shu Pai Lee Jong-in Kim," 6.15 Joint Statement " when accompanied. Therefore, the Roh Moo-hyun Lee Jong-promotion hopes to show his good will to us, and increase their popularity. "

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