The United States did not regard China seriously, revealers of secrets the U.S. military really afraid of a powerful enemy

Sino-US confrontation seems to be the eyes of users immutable fact, but stand on the U.S. perspective, China is really their most powerful enemy? The author's answer is no. The United States as a global hegemon must face the forces from all sides, China can only be said that the authority of the United States in Asia, the challenges of a country has. Growing and strong China on the U.S. political scene has a certain impact does not pose any threat, from China's development in recent years, and the symptoms of the world economy, the complex relationship between China and the changes in the event of continued .

Today, the United States, China is also a strong opponent can not do without a partner. As it is now, the economic complementarity between China, who can not get rid of who the interests of both sides were temporarily tied, but the U.S. military are worried that China's military strength and economic strength in the strong time pose a threat to its hegemony, the United States will continue to exert strong pressure on China. China is not the real enemy of the United States in the eyes.

The United States, a real thorn in the side of being seen as terrorists and should be rising at the same time a small country focus of these small countries are developing nuclear weapons. First, terrorists, said these unnecessary, they are all the world's countries and peoples of the enemy, not only the United States and they are enemies of China.

Emerging small country, the real threat to the United States as a country should be such as Iran, North Korea is developing nuclear weapons. These countries have a concern for its own security, to protect national security, or reasonable they secretly developing nuclear weapons, the U.S. military is not the real fear of their nuclear weapons, but the fear of their use of these weapons, in other words, the Americans fear that nuclear weapons to be used.

Once the operation of nuclear weapons by any country, the world will likely evolve into a nuclear war. Destructive and destructive power of nuclear warheads can be said is known to all, and the number of intercontinental missiles with the development of technology has become more and more distant range, and rumors that the longest range and intercontinental missiles reached 15 thousand kilometers of the This means that countries have nuclear warheads While this reach all parts of the planet where you want to be able to reach all parts of the earth where. The real enemy is the United States fear could lead to confusion to the world order of the State. As a peace-loving country would not provoke any disputes and conflicts for the United States simply does not have any threat.

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