Game between the major powers is not in military level only, U.S. aircraft carrier from China is a wise choice

Data Figure: U.S. Navy nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, Washington F-18 carrier aircraft

U.S. Hanhuang Hai final gesture of exercise because of China's opposition, a little lower, remains to be seen what the outcome. Chinese are very concerned about the future U.S. fleet will be far away from the waters around China some? Hope is not it.

Yellow Sea, the Pentagon's future decision-making should be a boundary marker. Over the years, the U.S. military reconnaissance in the Chinese coastal waters endlessly, from time to time spotted the submarine in waters around China, to test the safety of China's bottom line. In order to safeguard the overall situation of bilateral relations has been to avoid open confrontation. The United States must not assume that China's social psychology is simply no security cordon, the Chinese people's patience is that you can then press a pressure spring.

Yellow Sea storm greatly enhance the Chinese people's marine alertness, Chinese waters surrounding the future will devote more attention. Meet the 1.3 billion people in the direction of increasing marine security psychological needs, is bound to the basic starting point of China policy. China has no intention and the United States compete in the world sea power, instead of a direct conflict with the United States, but China's basic security needs can not be violated. If the U.S. military provocation to arouse more and more Chinese people's resentment, then hate the United States can not expect a U.S. national public opinion, there will be more cooperation with the United States, the social dynamics.

China is not a weak country, the United States should not have to, as a small country like China to cope with. If the Pentagon wants back the clock 100 years, that no matter what the United States, China will swallow, will yield, it will be the largest U.S. military strategy of contemporary ignorance.

In recent weeks, the United States in Hawaii, Singapore and other multinational organizations to conduct marine continuous large-scale joint military exercises, the largest U.S. submarine, also appeared at three major ports in the Asia-Pacific countries, believe that the United States gunboat in the bones or the effectiveness of policies. In fact, long been criticized by U.S. strategists, the Soviet Union 20 years ago led to a "psychological twist," blind confidence in the U.S. that can sell very world from its fleet, other countries will "voice out their discontent," or "outspoken and not daring to move."

Own national targets for increasing the United States violated the basic dignity of the countries. In recent years, Russia, Brazil, India and other emerging countries are strongly opposed to U.S. warships, "the freedom of navigation" of the arrogant approach, because any one of the major powers, to allow his country at their doorstep brandish is downgrading itself.

In fact, the emerging powers is not a provocation to the United States that nothing can be offshore. Great Powers not only in the military levels. Rebuilding the country is slowly emerging big power game, you respect my foot, I return to you ten feet. U.S. military tinkering too much, eventually return for his country in other levels do not match. The U.S. multi-national interests rely on aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines can not be achieved. In other words, hundreds of millions of Americans finally can not eat by gunboats.

China is not without checks and balances on the United States leverage in the offshore challenge. China's national strength as the U.S., but China's development faster, more button and the United States is tightening, China's anti-American power system is changing and more. If the United States repeatedly walking a fine line in China's maritime security is bound to have to fight to fly that day.

The problem is that United States can not do it. The other two can not explore the endurance of each other, the two fleets in particular, can not be vindictive. To this end, China should more clearly set aside their own safety at sea the red line, understanding and respect for the United States. Changes in the Pentagon to use the View of China, this change is a fact, ignore it, suppress it is unwise.

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