Reflections on Korea in Cheonan ship dispute: The United States is the winner, South Korea is the loser

"Tian An" incident took place, Lee Myung-bak government launched a comprehensive on the direction of "offensive." Some South Korean media and Internet users to "Tian An" incident in a broader international context, look, come to Korea from the "losers" conclusion.

The public that the Government blindly tough on North Korea will only increase the national unrest, damage to South Korea's national image

The Lee Myung-bak government, so far, 2010 is clearly not smooth. "Tian An" incident, the ruling Grand National Party "6.2" crushing defeat in local elections, the Congress Sejong City Planning that the amendment was voted down - Lee Myung-bak government 5 years in power, "midterm" mediocre results. In response to the negative effects of the incident, Lee had to exchange a senior aide to the presidential Blue House, also had to accept the resignation of Prime Minister Chung and reorganization of the cabinet. In fact, in all events, the "North Korean factor" can affect all aspects of Korean politics, whether domestic or foreign.

Since the Lee Myung-bak government has been relations with the DPRK has been pursuing a hardline policy, "Tian An" incident from occurring is to this policy reached its peak. At present, around the "Tian An" incident in the diplomatic game have concluded, but the South Korea in this diplomatic game of gains and losses, has become a hot topic in Korea.

Reflection of public opinion, "Tian" Gains and Losses

"Tian" was after the incident, Lee Myung-bak government launched a comprehensive on the direction of "offensive", not only to promote the United Nations Security Council sanctions resolution adopted by the positive public relations, but also tried to set the agenda for the Korea-US Multimodal speech, even exercise can not be scheduled China blamed the reasons for holding the head. South Korea made in view of the various "efforts", when the Security Council on July 9 for "Tiananmen" incident of the President Sheng Ming came out, Korea and some had apparently not satisfied.

However, on the South Korean diplomatic support rational point of view there are also many people. Some South Korean media and Internet users to "Tian An" incident in a broader international context, look, come to Korea from the "losers" conclusion.

South Korea, "Chosun Ilbo" in an article that has been the political struggles around the Korean Peninsula is not just a matter between the ROK and the DPRK, its factors behind the power play a crucial role. In fact, "Tian An" incident, the greatest beneficiaries of the United States, South Korea is not a winner. "The United States took the opportunity to re-establish their dominance in East Asia. And South Korea it will eventually find that vigorous exercise, after all, or and 'Tian-ship' events as before.".

South Korean media and the experts also believe that South Korea's political parties should not be to their own political needs, but hurt the relationship between South Korea and other countries, such "runs the risk" approach will only prove that Korea's short-sighted. Korea Institute of National Security Strategy, senior analyst Li Xiuxi (sound) that South Korea needs to avoid political disputes with China, South Korea should be understood, when the U.S. aircraft carrier in the Yellow Sea when the feelings of the Chinese. South Korea, "Central Daily News" 12 Journal also accused the South Korean government did not realize that the author should appease China.

Strong voices gradually easing toward

"Tian An" incident, the ROK-DPRK relations fell to the lowest point in 10 years. In the UN Security Council presidential statement adopted on the 9th of this month, the international community hope the parties concerned as soon as turn the "Tian An" No. this page, toward the Korean Peninsula, to easing the situation. In this context, the six-party talks resume, renewed concern about the outside world.

South Korea, "Chosun Ilbo," 12 published an article "The United States is difficult to ignore China, hopes the resumption of the six-party talks will, which will test MTU policy toward the DPRK, Yin Wei Li Mingbo Bi Xu Guo Nei requested the DPRK to take into account the 'day An' No. apologize for the incident pressure. Korean government stakeholders on the 11th on the restart six-party talks to make two conditions: First, the denuclearization of the DPRK's sincere attitude; second is North Korea 'Tian' No. apologize for the incident. However, the focus is on the former. "

July 13, cruising in the Pacific, "Washington" aircraft carrier.

Inter-Korean relations have experienced several ups and downs, the people asked South Korea has become a strong voice for reconciliation. June 25 is the "Korean War" broke out the 60th anniversary of Korea to commemorate the Korean War held a series of events to commemorate the hard-won peace. Between South and North Korea will no longer be for the outbreak of another war, many Koreans denial. Some of the Korean people that even hard-liners toward another market, the cost of a war that no one obviously can not afford, whether people's mental capacity, or the national power consumption. In addition, from the political perspective, South Korea by the end of November this year to host the Group of 20 summit, the tension is obviously detrimental to Korea's international image.

Currently, Lee Myung-bak government is facing complex domestic political situation. South Korean public opinion, from the "6.2" crushing defeat in local elections the ruling party and the Sejong City Planning rejected the amendment by Congress can be seen that some people on the South Korean Lee Myung-bak, "CEO" type of governance is to have views. South Korean media have once commented, "6.2," the ruling party's crushing defeat in local elections, Lee Myung-bak government shows the bankruptcy of hard-line policy toward the DPRK. Because many South Korean voters that the Government response to North Korea without conditions tough, people will only exacerbate the anxiety, but also detrimental to Korea's economic development. Moreover, even within the ruling party, nor is it a piece of iron, around the "Sejong City" issue and the DPRK foreign, are in dispute.

Analysts pointed out that in order for their half of the power as smoothly as possible, and pave the way for the next presidential election, Lee Myung-bak government badly needs a number of performance highlights, if harnessed, "Tian An" incident, of "crises" as a "machine", resume as soon as possible since the end of 2008, stalled six-party talks on North Korea diplomatic achievements, Lee is clearly conducive to consolidating the ruling position.

"Sunshine policy" to benefit the Korean economy

August 2009 death of former South Korean President Kim Dae-jung, Korea and even the Korean peninsula's peace and made great contributions to national reconciliation. He left the Korean peninsula is the most precious legacy he made in 1998, the DPRK's "Sunshine Policy."

June 2000, Kim Dae-jung and the DPRK top leader Kim Jong Il in Pyongyang held a historic inter-Korean summit, issued a "North-South Joint Declaration." Subsequently, the two sides in accordance with the "Declaration" spirit, has held ministerial-level talks, Defense Minister talks, the Red Cross talks, economic cooperation and military talks, and in August 2000 and in November held a continuous inter-Korean separated family members reunion visits.

The tension on the Korean Peninsula move so unprecedented ease. In the context of political reconciliation, the Korean economy has achieved rapid development. In 2002, when Kim stepped down, the Korean economy-wide annual growth rate of 6%, to attract foreign investment to 60 billion U.S. dollars, for the past 50 years, 2.5 times the consolidated Korea's economy was transformed from a low-level export-oriented economy to changes in high-tech economy.

However, with the development of the times, in Korea on the "Sunshine Policy" has also had a different opinion. Some people think, "sunshine policy" to eliminate military confrontation and the establishment of military mutual trust between North and South, and there is no security and equality to achieve the desired effect. Even some of the more extreme view that the current North Korean nuclear issue rests with the "sunshine policy" that North Korea to abandon its nuclear program through negotiations and in fact is North Korea's nuclear development provides the necessary time and money.

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