To look the disparity in power between the U.S. armed forces from sea power contest!

July 25 speech before the U.S. Japan and South Korea, China has two major military action. The first was today (July 27), the Nanjing Military Region in the Yellow Sea near artillery units conducted large-scale live ammunition exercises. According to reports, this large-scale long-range rocket fire against the exercise is the first time. The second time was June 30 to July 5, the PLA held a large-scale live-fire training in the East China Sea Fleet.

Although the U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said the ROK-US speech to the North Korea issue "strong signal" and "not with any provocation to China means." But, after all, conducted in front of a large-scale Chinese military exercises, the Chinese people will naturally provoke a sensitive nerve. First People's Liberation Army Deputy Chief of General Ma Xiaotian strong rebound, followed by 4 consecutive Chinese Foreign Ministry stated its opposition, as well as private a lot of "sound of angry condemnation."

The second exercise is "Tian ship" incident sending shock waves caused it to frighten the United States by North Korea, wants to garner allies South Korea and Japan, also show off in front of the force of China is indeed killing several birds with one stone. But in my observation, China is this not in the use of "Tian ship" incident, for their own interests too!

South Korea's "Central Daily" see more potential. The newspaper published an editorial on July 8, said China's why the implementation of the ROK-US military exercise well known, it is not over react, can only be seen as "another attempt." South Korea doubts whether China is now in use for military purposes, "Tian ship" incident. China has "the Yellow Sea to Korea and the U.S. prepared to exercise as an opportunity to improve China's military status of suspects."

First of all, it is necessary to point out that the NPC to make an issue such as General Luo Yuan, a "George. Washington" nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in October last year, had already participated in the exercise Han Meihai on reverse osmosis, high-profile appearance in the Yellow Sea over. At that time China did not oppose the media coverage is relatively low key, as well as many people do not know this, was that the U.S. aircraft carrier is the first secondary into the Yellow Sea.

Second point is, no matter how much the exercise component is aimed at China, the two countries in the contest has been staged at sea.

Japan's Kyodo News recently revealed in March this year, the Chinese government for the first time senior officials to the U.S. official position, said the South China Sea is related to China's territorial integrity "core interests." South China Sea still here, not to mention the Yellow Sea?

Past half year, China's tough stance strike outside the Navy no longer secretive. This year in April, the North Sea Fleet, East Sea Fleet and South Sea Fleet, deployed together, in Okinawa, southern Japan, East China Sea, South China Sea, the Bashi Channel and the Nansha Islands sea area around the large-scale military exercises; North Sea Fleet to the South China Sea in the south much earlier exercises .

June 30-July 5, the PLA East China Sea Fleet held a large-scale live-fire training. Although this is only the East China Sea Fleet base in Zhoushan annual routine exercise, but as a result of the ROK-US speech before the foreign media or by over-interpretation.

South Korea, "Chosun Ilbo," that this is made on the US-ROK joint military exercise "strong response." Newspaper even speculated that the U.S. aircraft carrier military exercise, China is likely to test known as the "aircraft carrier killer" anti-ship ballistic missiles.

July 4th, the Japanese Ministry of Defense news release said, have found that a destroyer and a frigate to travel to Okinawa and Miyako Island, between the high seas, heading to the Pacific.

IC schematic diagram for the US-ROK military exercise

According to the U.S. network of global strategy, China's ocean-going training for the Navy's submarine force, from an average of 3.4 times, once to 12 times in 2009.

"Yellow Sea, the U.S. Navy's restricted area will be it?" U.S. "Wall Street Journal," expressed with such a problem in the ocean to the U.S. concerns about China's compromise. The article quoted Strategic and International Studies in Washington scholars Cossa as saying, "We are opening a bad precedent and allow China to expand the definition of its core interests, so the next time we go to the Yellow Sea will be more difficult and more easily lead to disputes. "

Cossa has revealed the U.S. government's worries. In mid-May this year, the U.S. think tank - Centre for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments has released a report entitled "Air and maritime warfare - campaign idea from" the research report.

The report plainly pointed out that China is the only possible in the foreseeable future, will the United States influence and power in the Western Pacific region have significant and sustained delivery threat. "With the national armed forces, especially the People's Liberation Army, continued research and development and wide application of advanced military technology, in the western Pacific that relate to American vital interests of the region, the U.S. military's ability to carry out combat tasks are increasingly being challenged."

The report also said that although Beijing intended to be conciliatory, but as the old military adage said: Since the intent can change overnight, then we should be concerned about their military capabilities rather than intentions.

In fact, more normal. 30 years, the Chinese economy and the world more closely, whether it is cargo transportation, or energy channels, is increasingly dependent on the sea route. In order to guarantee smooth the way to ensure that people are not to strangle the throat, it is necessary to establish a strong navy, marine traffic in China escort.

Force strength is relative, the Chinese navy is strong, the U.S. Navy would have a fear, in the Western Pacific region can not be unimpeded. This outlook, the Americans do with anxiety.

Of course, China's naval power and the United States still a big gap. Not even an aircraft carrier in China, and unlike the United States have military bases everywhere, to complete the global delivery capabilities. Chinese merchant in the last hijacked by Somali pirates, the Chinese chose to use ransom money to people without the use of Naval forces rescue. Not that I do, are simply unable to.

China's economy and politics goodbye inland, toward the ocean, the Chinese navy will also sail. In the long run, this Daoshi certain. However, said Wang Jisi to avoid the "Sino-US relations is the biggest potential conflicts of military collision at sea", the Sino-US political figures need to superb balance of wisdom and means, the ocean also Mouqiu "losing is not friendly" the peaceful coexistence of states.

In China, To this end, both open up new territory, not that bad and a major human conflict, it is extremely difficult. Endless blue sea, on the lure of China is also a trap, not too bold, can not be too cautious.

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